Sunday Selfies: Week #490

Today, we do not have just one selfie, we have eight, albeit of just one cat…the large and often in-charge, ginger tabby, Cooper Murphy. He’s here to celebrate his seventh Gotcha Day. So, I have included one photo from each of his years as a Kitties Blue.


Collage with four photos of a ginger tabby cat


Collage with four photos of a ginger tabby cat


We first introduced Cooper Murphy on January 8, 2017, which was week #126 of our Sunday Selfies blog hop.

If you are unfamiliar with the story of how Cooper Murphy became the eighteenth Kitties Blue, I suggest you check out the following posts.







Party Time

Now that we’ve taken care of Cooper Murphy’s backstory, it’s time to don our party hats and celebrate.  First we have birthday cards. One from Dad Tom and me and one from Cooper’s fursibs.


Gotcha day card with a ginger tabby cat in a bow tie and surrounded by balloons


Gotcha Day card with a cartoon ginger tabby cat in a party hat


One cannot expect a kitty to make his own birthday cake, so Coop’s teacher and mentor, our very own Angel Mau, got a day pass from the Rainbow Bridge to fly down and create Coop’s cake. As usual, he did not disappoint.


ginger tabby cat cake


Of course, we have lots of great noms. Anybody who knows Cooper, knows he’s never missed a meal.




Please stay as long as you like. Cooper and all the Kitties B love a good celebration with friends.

Hopping Time

This may be a party, but it is also our Sunday Selfies blog hop, so we really hope you’ll take a moment out of your party time to display your selfie by using the link below.

Thank you so much for joining us today. We appreciate your friendship.






Wordless Wednesday


Two photos of a grey cat and a squirrel staring at each other through a window.


Kizmet will be participating in the Wordless Wednesday blog hop at Comedy Plus. You can do the same by clicking on the WW badge.


If you enjoyed these photos, I think you will like “Kizmet & Squirrel Art.”

Looking Back

Last week, I forgot, once again, to include a link to one of our early posts. I do have one for you today. It’s from October 15, 2012. It’s about Astrid and kitten, Calista Jo, and was written ten days after C.J. became one of the Kitties Blue. The post is entitled, “Rolling, Sliding and Somersaulting.” You can view it by clicking on the link. If you are a subscriber, the link should already be in your e-mail in-box. (It’s worth checking it out if just to see the photo.) Astrid, C.J. and I hope you will leave us a comment on the post if you enjoy it.

Thanks for visiting us. today. Kitties Blue and I will be back tomorrow with a poem and some thankfuls.




Feline & Friendship Friday Birthday

Today we are having a big celebration to mark Sawyer’s firth birthday. Last year at this time, he was on his walkabout and unable to celebrate until he was home safe three weeks later.

I made this collage with Sawyer’s first photo from when he joined the family. It’s in the upper left corner. The others were selected as they represent Sawyer on the dates closest to his birthday as well as one of his first photos after he returned home last year. It’s in the lower left corner. The upper right is the last photo before he went missing.

Probably the happiest birthday Sawyer had was in 2019 when he caught a mouse!


Sawyer's 5th birthday: Collage of seven photos of grey tabby cat as well as birthday graphics.


When Sawyer first started having seizures, they were extremely bad and uncontrollable. We made several trips to the emergency vet in the middle of the night, and we almost lost him at least once. We honestly feared he would not live to see this birthday. Then, of course, when he took off last year, we never expected to see him again. That he was spotted and we got him home was a true miracle.

So today is special. Happy birthday little guy. You mean the world to us, Noelle and all your friends around the world.

Cooper Murphy, of course, made a cake. It looks almost exactly like baby Sawyer.


Sawyer's 5th birthday: grey tabby cat in a decorated box birthday cake.


We’ve also got lots of noms and drinks, so please help yourselves and stay as long as you like.


Sawyer's 5th birthday: collage of various foods

Sawyer's 5th birthday: collage of various drinks


There also are toys to play with and to take home.


Sawyer's 5th birthday: felt fish toys and crocheted mouse toys


Sawyer will be joining both the Feline Friday and Friendship Friday blog hops at Comedy Plus and Create With Joy respectively.

What’s Coming Up

Astrid was supposed to share photos of her anniversary gifts and Kizmet of her birthday gift today, but they will do that sometime next week. Sawyer has a gift waiting from Noelle, and he’ll share that next week as well. Friendly Fill-Ins will be included with our Caturday Art tomorrow. And, of course, we’ll have our usual Sunday Selfies post.

Thanks for joining us today and helping us celebrate.





Yesterday, Cat Scouts had a gathering to remember Scout Angel Timmy and Scout Einstein’s, wonderful dad, Pete Cusack. It was happy and sad, and it made me think of friends I have loved and lost.  That is the inspiration for today’s Spark from Helen Keller.


friends live in heart


My life and I know that of many others was better for having had this generous, kind, compassionate and caring man in it. We will miss him, but cherish the memories forever.

Sparks is the creation of Annie from McGuffy’s Reader. Sparks began as a blog hop, created by our friend. Annie stated when she began Sparks, “I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world.”

In addition to being the representatives for today’s Spark, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy are joining the Awww Mondays blog hop at Comedy Plus.

The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky


Our two little, tabby adventurers will be sharing a new adventure tomorrow over at Friends Furever. They both have their paws crossed you will take a few minutes out of your day to join in the fun.



Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #232

Today is the day we share our completions for the Friendly Fill-Ins blog hop hosted by Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Lorianne (Four-Legged Furballs). If you think it would be fun to join in, check with Ellen’s or Lorianne’s blog on Thursdays for the sentences. The intent is to give us the opportunity to get to know our fellow bloggers better. If you click on the badge at the left, you can enter the hop on Lorianne’s blog.

I used teal italics for my fill-ins. Explanatory information is in parentheses.

1. I keep praying that Sawyer will never have another seizure, but I know it is inevitable. (For the past few weeks, Sawyer had been having one seizure a week. Unfortunately his last two were only four days apart.)

2. I don’t need another kitten or cat, but I want a black kitty again.

3. I would want the names of all our cats to be etched onto my tombstone. (Dad Tom and I already have our cemetary plots and our headstone with all information, except our death dates. For a long time, I have thought I would like to include the cats names around the base.)

4. If I heard something go bump in the night, I would assume it was Sawyer having a seizure and would go running to find him.

Friday Blog Hops

As Sawyer dominated the fill-ins today, he asked to join the Feline Friday blog hop at Comedy Plus and the Friendship Friday blog hop at Create With Joy.


Friday Blog Hops


With Halloween just a day away, I took the opportunity to dress up Sawyer’s photo with a seasonal border.

If you’d like to join Sawyer on either of the hops, click on the appropriate badge below.


Please drop by tomorrow for some Halloween-themed Caturday Art.



Our First Eight Years

This is our 2,310th post and our eighth blogoversary.

When Kitties Blue and I started this adventure, I knew nothing about blogging, had no idea how many cat-centric blogs existed and did not know by striking out on this endeavor I would meet so many like-minded people or make so many wonderful friends.

I am not going to run through a litany of milestones from the past eight years, but I do want to share a few.

Three new kitties joined our household.



Three beloved cats gained their wings.



We began our Sunday Selfies blog hop on August 17, 2014, and have posted it for 310 consecutive weeks. Lisbeth was our first host.



Astrid married Sampson “Sampy” (Kitty Cat Chronicles) at Blog Paws on May 23, 2016.



Mauricio married Allie (Friends Furever) on July 23, 2016 at Cat Scouts.



Along with Friends Furever we began the series, “The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky,” on October 8, 2019, alternating posts each Tuesday between the two blogs. In fact, Periwinkle & Stinky are off on another adventure today over at Friends Furever. These two little tabbies are always getting into some kind of mischief, and they truly enjoy sharing the fun times with our readers. Pop over and read today’s adventure by clicking the above link to Friends Furever.


These are merely a few of the highlights from the past eight years. We hope you have enjoyed this mini-retrospective and continue to visit us as we go forward.

Angel Lily Olivia, Angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer and I appreciate each and everyone who has ever visited or commented. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here. Thank you, friends! You have made all our lives better and more interesting.

Finally, Kitties Blue are joining the Happy Tuesday blog hop at Comedy Plus. You can do the same by clicking on the badge below.



Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Thursday again and time to enter Teddy and Angel Sammy’s poetry challenge. I look forward to doing this every week. If you are not familiar with Thoroughly Poetic Thursday, click on the badge at the left to read more about it. In a nutshell, however, each Thursday the boys post a photo to act as inspiration for a poem to be posted the following week.

This week’s photo as well as my poem are below.



Dreaming of the Future

This reminds me of my favorite holiday locale;
Though, a recent hurricane did not
Spare the island when it made landfall.
I do not know if I will travel there again,
But I do hope to find a way, as my
Memories are growing rather thin.
This would be the time to hideaway,
Alone on the deserted beach,
Where the virus has not come to stay.
The news, the DOW, all left behind.
Just warm breezes and ocean to enjoy
With nothing heavy weighing on my mind.
I believe I will dream of this tonight
And no matter the news when I awake,
I will keep visions of this place in sight
Until all our lives are normal again
With jobs restored, money to spend
And hours and hours to spend with friends.

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 03/18/2020

The island I refer to in my poem is Tortola, BVI, on which Dad Tom and I have spent many vacations. I truly wish we were there now.

Even if you are not interested in writing poetry, make certain you visit Two Spoiled Cats to read Angel Sammy’s poem.He transmits it to Teddy each week from the Rainbow Bridge, and it is always exceptional, as he is a total master of the craft.

Thankful Thursday

It has become a tradition each week to not only write a poem but also to enter the Thankful Thursday blog hop hosted by Brian. Even with the current state of the world and our economy, we can always find something for which to be thankful.

This week we are grateful that Southwest Virginia (where we live) has no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. Like the rest of the country, everything is closed and we are following the CDC’s recommendations, but we feel very fortunate at this point. We also are thankful that, to our knowledge, our friends and family are well. We are concerned for Dad Tom’s nephew who is an emergency room physician in Los Angeles, but we are certain he is taking every precaution to remain safe.

With all the uncertainty about the virus and the economy, Dad Tom and I are extremely grateful for all the laugh-out-loud jokes and memes on Facebook, especially those about home schooling.

Mom is thankful for a special St. Patrick’s Day First Commenter badge from the Tuesday Teaser at Two Spoiled Cats. She is sharing it with three others, including our in-laws at Friends Furever.


Periwinkle & Stinky are over the moon and filled with thanks for those who visited on Tuesday and read their latest adventure. If you missed it, click on their names to visit their post.

Mau and Cooper Murphy are thankful for completing the requirements and passing the quiz necessary to earn their Frogs and Toads Merit Badge at Cat Scouts.

Finally the entire Blue clan, both kitties and humans, are grateful that Sawyer had a 13-day span between his last two seizures.

Everyone please stay safe and healthy.



Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #198

I am joining the Friendly Fill-Ins blog hop hosted by Ellen from 15 And Meowing and Lorianne from Four-Legged Furballs. If you’d like to take part, you can find the sentences to be filled in each Thursday on their blogs. To join the hop, click on the badge at the left. It will take you to Four-legged Furballs.

I got a little help again this week from Sawyer. Both of us have used teal italics for our fill-ins.

1. I won’t pay more than a sale price for anything (unless it is a gift).

2. The last show I watched on television was Project Runway.

3. I recently had the opportunity to have an MRI of my neck. (I had one ten years ago, and I am waiting to find out about the changes.)

4. Sawyer: Every day I don’t have a seizure is cause for celebration.

Flashback & Feline Friday

I enjoy sharing photos with you of past Kitties Blue, and I have shared several of best buddies, MacKenzie and Madison. Both got their wings in 2011.

Today’s photo was taken in June, 2002.



Angels MacKenzie (left) and Madison (right) are hopping over to visit Sandee at Comedy Plus for Feline Friday. If you would like to join them there, click on the badge below.




Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #188

I was unable to think of what I should write for yesterday’s Friendly Fill-Ins, so I am posting them today. I still had a very difficult time with these, and had to ask Sawyer for some help.

Our hosts, Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Lorianne (Four-Legged Furballs), each selected two sentences for participants to complete. If you’d like to play along, click on the badge at the left. That will take you to Lorianne’s blog, where you can enter the link to your post.

The sentences to be completed can be found on both blogs each Thursday.

My fill-ins and Sawyer’s are in teal italics. Any explanatory information is in parentheses.

1. On New Year’s Eve, I watch the ball drop in Times Square on the television from bed, wake Dad Tom up at midnight to give him a kiss, and then I go to sleep.

2. My focus word for 2020 is mindfulness.

3. I cannot think of anything that is the best thing about starting a new year. (Being alive and reasonably sane is all I can ask for any day, week, month or year.)

4.  Sawyer: My personal goals for 2020 include having fewer seizures and getting more treats.

Caturday Art

Creating today’s art was so much easier than those fill-ins. As usual I used Painnt and Picasa.



The photo is of Calista Jo. She’s on Tom’s and my bed, which is where she spends the majority of her time.

I used the Nectarine filter from Painnt with the vivid coloring setting. The mat and frame are from Picasa.

Here’s the original photo.

Calista Jo is joining the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by the lovely Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. If you would like to participate, the internet has dozens of free photo-editing apps.






And if you’d like to hop around with C.J., click on Athena’s badge.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Kitties Blue and I will be standing by tomorrow in the hopes of seeing your bright face and big smile on edition #281 of our Sunday Selfies blog hop. No volunteers yet to host, but I am certain I can bribe one of the gang with a few extra treats. See you then!




Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #187

This Friday’s Fill-Ins again are Christmas-themed. Our hosts, Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Lorianne (Four-Legged Furballs), each selected two sentences for participants to complete. If you’d like to play along, click on the badge at the left. That will take you to Lorianne’s blog, where you can enter the link to your post.

The sentences to be completed can be found on both blogs each Thursday.

My fill-ins are in teal italics. Any explanatory information is in parentheses.

1. My holiday plans include starting physical therapy on December 26.

2. I can’t wait to see Kitties Blue open his/her their gift from me.

3. All I want for Christmas is for Sawyer to never have another seizure.

4. Smiling and saying, “Merry Christmas” to everyone you meet is the best way to spread holiday cheer. (Too many people are stressed and over-tired this time of year. I am no exception. It is important not to take one’s frustration out on family, friends, sales people and strangers.)

Feline Friday Christmas Flashback

Lisbeth was helping me de-decorate in January 2013 when this photo was taken. I shared it for the first time in 2017.



She is popping over to Comedy Plus to join in their Feline Friday blog hop. Click on the badge below to go there.