Caturday Art

I think most of you have met me by now, but if not, my name is Cooper Murphy. I have been living with Kitties Blue for a week, and the lady here said I could “talk” to you today.

I discovered that this place I now call home has other cats living here. I’d seen some through a window, but I wasn’t sure they were real. They are. I have no idea how many others live here, but today I met a calico, a tuxie and two torties. They all seemed okay, except for the tuxie, who was sort of snotty. I think her name is Misty May. That’s what the lady yelled when the tuxie hissed and tried to hit me. I was a gentleman and did not respond.

I heard the others call the lady, Mom, so I guess that is her name. She’s the one I’ve been cuddling with the past few days. I like her and the man too. His name is Dad.

I also had an adventure today in a place called a catio. It was warm today, nothing like that day I came to live here when it was cold and snowy. This catio was a big place where I could not only see the birds and squirrels, but hear and smell them as well. I think I am going to like spending time on the catio.

I think that’s enough talking for now. I am supposed to show you a picture the lady Mom made of me. I don’t really recognize myself. She says that is because this is art. This is yet another thing I know nothing about. But here it is.


Cooper Murphy - Caturday Art


caturdayartbannerMom says we are entering a blog hop hosted by another kitty. Her name is Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. Mom showed me her photo. She is very beautiful! If you want to see her or any of the others entering the blog hop, you can click on her badge. And, if you want, you can make some art too and enter the hop.

Oops, I almost forget…I am supposed to tell you how Mom made the art. First she used the “Oil Slick” effect from Dreamscope. Then she added the bokeh shapes using PicMonkey. She added the “ColorZ” effect and the leaves around the border using piZap and the black border using Picasa. That sounds like a lot of work to me! I think I’m darn cute in my own furs, so I have no idea why my new Mom thought she needed to do this. I guess I have a whole lot of stuff to learn.

Anyhoo, she said she’d take over now and I could say, “good night.” So…

Purrs and paw-pats, Cooper Murphy

I think Cooper Murphy did a great job with his first post, and he was totally calm meeting some of his fursibs today. Dad Tom had predicted Cooper Murphy and Astrid would become friends, and it appears he may be right. Yeah! Astrid needs a friend. As he continues to learn his way around and meet and get to know the other Kitties Blue, either Cooper Murphy or I will tell you all about it.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Cat4-001Tomorrow is that day when you give your human the day off and snap your own photo. I am so happy that you all continue to enjoy, join and support our weekly blog hop. Tomorrow your guest host will be the kitty we are now sponsoring at PAWS Connecticut. She’s a darling calico. I really hope you will return and meet her. She just may be the kitty you have been looking for to join your family.

See y’all tomorrow.