Tabby Tuesday – Not Charlie Update

This is the first time we’ve ever been able to present a Tabby Tuesday post, as our last tabby, MacKenzie, had flown to the RB before we started blogging. We don’t know if our first also will be our last, but we certainly hope not.

I have checked every website available for lost/found pets and have not found a listing that matches our Not Charlie. I also have added him to some additional sites.

I continue trying out every male and generic name I can think of on him to see if any elicit a response. I’d had no luck until I tried Gerald. He meowed at me most times I said it and even head butted me. I am praying he was trying to tell me that he doesn’t like that name! We do have a couple of names in mind should he become a member of our household.

Not Charlie remains quite content right where he is, as you can see.


ginger tabby - Not Charlie

 ginger tabby - Not Charlie

 ginger tabby - Not Charlie

ginger tabby - Not Charlie


He has an appointment to be scanned for a microchip on Thursday and an appointment with Dr. Neel. If he does not have a chip, he needs to be checked out before being formally introduced to the Kitties Blue. Trust me, they know he is here, but other than his bolting into the kitchen at dinnertime Sunday, no nose-to-nose contact has been made. His days are spent in the living room and nights in the kitchen.

Unless someone comes forward to claim Not Charlie prior to his vet visit on Thursday, we will let you know Friday whether or not we have a new tabby member in our furry family. Until then…