Time to Myself

I bought myself some precious, uninterrupted time this morning by allowing Calista Jo to play with a portion of the wrapper from my granola bar. I was going to take it from her, as she was stealing it off the counter, but decided it was okay for her to have it. She played non-stop for more than an hour. For most of that time she entertained Lisbeth who watched from the safe height provided by a kitchen stool, until she got bored and went out to the catio.

Calista somersaulted, rolled and slid along the kitchen floor as she chased and batted the scrap around. Finally she lost interest and started whining. That’s when she got in my lap and then onto the island. She found and helped herself to the now empty, large section of the wrapper. That held her attention for less than five minutes.

She undoubtedly will be ready for a long snooze when she’s finished, but I won’t be here to see it. Astrid will, however, as she decided to stay in the house with her new playmate.

I returned home five hours later and found Astrid ready to go out to the catio and Calista Jo still full of vim and vigor. I cannot imagine what the two torties got up to during my time away, but I suspect a good amount of napping took place.

Two Torties at Play

In the evening, after a brief snooze in my lap, C.J. was ready for some hard-charging play and began an attack on a small, white, furry mouse toy. Astrid soon joined her and they took turns playing with the mouse as well as chasing each other through the kitchen and to and from the foyer.


Dilute tortoise shell kitten with tortoise shell cat.

Calista and Astrid take a little break from play.


They took a little break to re-energize and now have had a surge of playful activity. I am so proud of Astrid for her willingness to play with and mentor her fellow tortoise shell kitty. I guess Astrid is “paying it forward.” After all, Lisbeth’s mom, Tuxie, accepted Astrid as her own and fed and nurtured her. What I am most grateful for is that Astrid is draining off Calista Jo’s kitten energy rather than leaving the job to me. I am heading to bed, as they continue to play, except when Astrid takes breaks to tear up some cardboard or paper.

Astrid received some well-deserved tummy rubs as thanks!

I apologize for not having any pictures of Astrid and Calista Jo playing. They were moving so fast that every photo I took was a blur.

Update: In the photo above, Astrid looks like a giant next to Calista Jo. Today, C.J. outweighs Astrid by eight pounds!