Thoroughly Poetic and Thankful Thursday


Number Eight/Eighteen

Is he the eighteenth Kitties Blue?
Will he have a home brand new?
Or will this ginger tabby boy
Be reunited and bring great joy
To the family he once had
Who we are certain must be sad
Missing their most friendly kitty
Who has had an adventure in our city
We thought this kitty might be Charlie
But his folks said, “no,” and we are sorry.
But maybe not as much as we should be
‘Cause we love him already as you can see
Did Fiona bring us this ginger ray of sun?
Is he destined to be the latest chosen one
To bring our cat number back to eight
Or will he have a totally different fate?
Today he’ll be scanned for a microchip
If he’s found to have one it will surely rip
Both our hearts and spirits in two
As we really want him as a Kitties Blue
So please say a prayer for this sweet lad
We’ll give him the best home he’s ever had.

© Janet Buickerood Blue 01/11/2017

We are joining our pal, Angel Sammy, for Thoroughly Poetic Thursday. This weeks prompt letter is “E.” That sure worked out great for us! You can click on Sammy’s badge to pop on over to his blog and reads poem. You’ll also find links to other poems in the comments.




We also are participating in Brian’s Home Thankful Thursday blog hop. We bet you can guess for whom we are thankful.


Will Not Charlie become the eighteenth Kitties Blue?


We are thankful to have had the opportunity to save Not Charlie from the frigid cold temperatures and snow. We pray that we will have the opportunity to show him how great life can be at the home of Kitties Blue. Check back tomorrow to discover his fate.