Remembering Friends


Sunday Selfies: Week #502


A tortie cat, Astrid, has a selfie framed for Easter with a bunny and a duck.


Our elusive Astrid is here as your host today.

The Easter Bunny and one of his apprentices have been hanging out in our side yard nomming on spring ground cover. The Kitties have their paws crossed they will receive some extra treats from Mr. Bunny.

Astrid, all the Kitties Blue and I wish everyone who celebrates Easter a blessed and happy day filled with love. friends and family. Actually, we wish that for all of you.

Another Sad Farewell

This past week we lost another dear friend, Joanie from 15AndMeowing. The gorgeous Joanie turned 18 last September, so she had a great, long life. But for those of us who are pet parents, we never have enough time with our fur babies.


A dilute tortie cat in a frame with tulips and the words: Joanie, Loved & Cherished Forever.


Joanie will be missed by so many of us, but especially her family, Ellen, David, her grammie, The Great One and Typhoid Mary. We know she was met at the Rainbow Bridge by several of her fursibs as well as so many friends. Fly free, beautiful girl. We will miss you.

Hopping Time

Now, it is your turn to post a selfie and hop with us. As I said yesterday, Kitties Blue and I know that many of you will be busy enjoying the holiday and may not have time to stop by today. That’s not a problem. The hop remains open through Thursday. So, we’ll be looking forward to seeing you today or in the near future.

Thanks for visiting us today. Have a meowvolous and easy Sunday.



Sunday Selfies: Week #500


Sunday Selfies #500: Ginger tabby cat with eyes closed and framed by shamrocks.


Hi Friends,

I am here as your host today for a special post. The reason being is that it is Saint Patrick’s Day, and my name is Cooper Murphy. One cannot get more Irish than that.

It is also a special Sunday as this is the 500th Sunday Selfies blog hop.

But mainly I am here as this a  tribute post to our dear friend, Jean Neilson, and I have a special connection to her. Her kitty, Tyebe, is my girl friend.

I do apologize for my eyes being closed. I was, of course, dreaming about Tyebe.

Jean Neilson – 1950 to 2024

Bill, Jean’s amazing husband of more than 50 years, telephoned my mom last Sunday to tell her Jean had passed away. He also sent Tyebe’s selfie and asked Mom to add it to our Sunday Selfies hop. He also asked Mom not to share the information of Jean’s passing, as he was not ready to do that. Unfortunately, as Bill put it, someone “let the cat of the bag,” when the information appeared on the Cat Blogosphere. Trust me, it was not my mom!

In the past week, Bill and my mom have been communicating regularly. He shared an article written about he and Jean on their 50th wedding anniversary and said she could share it here. The article has the most precious photo of the two of them. This is the link: Jean & Bill – 50th Anniversary.

Bill also sent this photo to use here. It is the same one he selected for Jean’s obituary, which you can find here.


Smiling lady with a blue flower in her hair with a peach floral frame.


Our History

My mom first got to know Jean in 2014 before I became a Kitties Blue. That’s when her kitties, Kali and Shoko, began joining our Sunday Selfies blog hop. Then Shoko joined Cat Scouts and got to know my brother, Mau. In 2017, my sisfur, Lily Olivia, joined the Crotchety Cougars Club, a group Kali started for lady kitties who were 15 years old and older.

I followed Mau into Cat Scouts, and then Shoko’s new kitten sisfur, Tyebe, joined Cat Scouts. And it was love at first sight for me. Jean let us attend the 2019 Super Bowl party and Valentine’s Day party at Cat Scouts as friends, and eventually allowed me to ask Tyebe to become my girl friend.

During this time, Jean and my mom were becoming friends. They both liked the Beach Boys and were disappointed when they each saw Bob Dylan in concert. Jean came to my mom with computer- and linking-related issues and my mom went to Jean with questions regarding Sawyer’s seizures.

My mom is one who saves special e-mails, and there are so many regarding dates between Tyebe and me and Tyebe’s wardrobe.

When Jean had her stroke in May, 2022, and developed aphasia, we (as well as so many of you reading this) lost a good friend, whose wit, sense of humor and friendship were so treasured.

Jean’s last blog post was on April 14, 2023. Bill posted a brief message the following month letting everyone know that Jean would not be blogging but that the blog would remain available. You can still find it at The Canadian Cats. Rereading some of the posts is a delightful way to reconnect with Jean, Shoko, Tyebe and Angels Kali and Bud. But be prepared to shed some tears for the loss of a very special lady!

Bill will be having one or more Celebrations of Life to remember Jean later in the spring.

A Final Share

I think it would be okay with Tyebe and her dad if I share this with you. It’s from a Sunday Selfies post on February 26, 2022, especially with this being our 500th Selfie post.

Gee, Coop and his family have had Selfie Sunday for a very long time. It’s practically an institution. We must thank the whole family for being such sports and hosting the Sunday Selfies.


This is my selfie. The button to the camera is in the bag. I just felt around for it and voila! So I pressed my paw on it as hard as I could. How do you like it?

Personally, I love it! Isn’t Tyebe gorgeous? I think you can see why I fell in love with her!

Thank you for joining us today.

Purrs and paw-pats, Cooper Murphy (with special whisker kisses for Tyebe)

Hopping Time

Cooper Murphy, the other Kitties Blue and I really hope you will join us today for the 500th week of our hop. It is a pretty monumental accomplishment, and you do not want to miss out. If you get the opportunity, ask a few of your friends to hop along with us. As always, the hop remains open through Thursday.

Enjoy an easy Sunday!



Sunday Selfies: Week #499


Grey tabby cat selfie with something on his nose. He is remembering angel friends today.


Hi Friends,

I hope you don’t mind seeing me again this week. This is not my best selfie, for which I apologize. I cut off part of my right ear, and, as you can see, I have something on my nose. Dad thinks it’s food. Mom thinks it’s litter. I’m a cat, so I’m not telling. If my mom was nice, she would have edited my photo to remove that glop, but she and Dad think it’s cute. Pfffft!  Regardless, I truly hope that my lovely girlfriend Noelle will like it. Of course, I hope you like it as well.

Remembering Friends

Before we hop today, my fursibs and I want to remember some of our dear friends, who recently received their angel wings.


remembering angel friends: Dai$y, a white and brown tabby cat with a heart-shaped nose.

Da Tabbies O’ Trout Towne

remembering angel friends: Tuxedo cat with big eyes in a bright flowered frame.

Living With Loulou

remembering angel friends: grey and white tuxedo cat in a heart-shaped frame.

Stunning Keisha

All these lady cats were beautiful and special and will be deeply missed by their friends and followers. We feel so fortunate to have known them, and we will love and remember them always.

Hopping Time

Now it is time to hop, and all the Kitties Blue would love to see you right here joining us. You all are just as special to us as the three sweet, lady angels we are remembering. If you can’t participate today, we totally understand. That’s why our hop remains open through Thursday.

And…don’t forget that Day Light Saving Time starts today. Set your clocks forward one hour and don’t be surprised if your loving furkids get a bit confused about mealtimes.

Thanks for joining us today. Have an easy Sunday!



Sunday Selfies: Week #492


Ginger tabby cat with squinty eyes and airplane ears for his selfie.


As I mentioned yesterday, Cooper Murphy took a less than attractive selfie displaying squinty eyes and airplane ears. I had hoped I might convince one of the other Kitties Blue to snap a selfie for today. Unfortunately I had no opportunity to even approach any of them, as I spent most of the day searching the house for Raleigh. I won’t mention some of the not-too-flattering names I called him yesterday. And, I will save the story of how and where he was discovered for another day.

Cooper has nothing to say with regards to his selfie.  Being a cat, he could care less whether you like it or not.

Good-Bye Lola

On the 16th, the beautiful Lola, the Rescued Cat, received her angel wings and flew off to the Rainbow Bridge. She leaves her mom, Dawn, and fursib, Lexy, and all of us who knew her to mourn her loss. If you don’t know, Lola is the subject of her very own book, Lola, Diary of a Rescued Cat.


Lola was a frequent Sunday Selfie participant, and we will miss having her join us and reading about her on her blog. If you haven’t visited in order to leave your condolences, click on the photo of lovely Lola. You can also purchase a copy of her book when you visit.

Time to Hop

Though Cooper is not showing off his best self, he and all the Kitties Blue invite you to put on your best smiles, snap a selfie and join Coop and all your other friends on the hop. If you can’t get by here today, our hop always remains open through Thursday.

Thanks for joining us today. We wish everyone an easy and warm Sunday.



Sunday Selfies: Week #491


tabby and tortie cat two-fur


Though tabby Raleigh was here on both Friday and Caturday, he volunteered to take the selfie today. And then he was suddenly photobombed by tortie Astrid. In the photo, however, Astrid is looking at the camera and Raleigh is not, making it look as if Raleigh is the photobomber. But, whichever way you view this, you get a bonus cat or a tortie and tabby two-fur.

Good-Bye Brofur Bailey

We found out recently that an Honorary Kitty Blue, Bailey Boat Cat, flew off to the Rainbow Bridge on .January 2.



We met Bailey shortly after we began blogging and invited him to be an honorary member of the family as a gift for his second birthday. He officially joined the Kitties Blue on 07/30/2013. You can find him with the rest of the family on The Felines page.

If you are unfamiliar with Bailey, I suggest you read our post, “Brofur Bailey Featured as Caturday Art,” and also read his book, Bailey Boat Cat: Adventures of a Feline Afloat, written by his mom Lou Kennedy. The book is available at both Amazon and at slightly different prices than those listed in the previous post.

You can leave condolences for Bailey’s family at “A Final Farewell.”

Rest in peace dear brofur. Kitties Blue were honored to have you has a member of our family.

Hopping Time

Now it is time to show off your selfie and hop with us. It is hard to believe we are quickly closing in on week 500 of the hop. That is a whole lot of selfies, especially for those of you who have been with us the entire time. Whether you have joined us for most of our 491 weeks or you are a new hopper, Kitties Blue and I truly appreciate your participation.

If you cannot join Raleigh and Astrid today, the hop remains open through Thursday.

Have an easy Sunday.


Sunday Selfies: Week #478


autumn selfie remembering: Tuxedo cat portrait selfiein a fall leaf embellished frame.


Lisbeth is the third of the Kitties Blue to share her new portrait as her Sunday Selfie. And in keeping with our recent theme, she had me frame it for autumn. She hopes you like it.  Lisbeth, however, is not the star of today’s post. That honor goes to Brian.

Remembering Brian

Like many others, Brian was one of the first cats we met when Kitties Blue and I began this blog in 2012. And when we started Sunday Selfies, Brian hopped on in week two, and either he or one of his housemates has been here every week. He was a handsome, kind and  gentle man cat. All who knew him loved him and that includes me and all the Kitties Blue. We knew Brian’s health wasn’t good, but it still was a shock when he left us for the Bridge. We are fortunate to have known Brian and will never forget him.


autumn selfie remembering: Tabby Cat selfie in a sparkly frame with a magenta bow and a rainbow with the words, "Brian," and "You'll remain in our hearts always!"


Rest in Peace, Brian. I know you are with your fur family members who went before you and many other kitties who knew and loved you. And I know you will be waiting for those you left behind, including your wonderful humans, Terry and Celesta.

Hopping Time

We’d love for you to join us today as we remember Brian. But, if you can’t hop until later in the week, that’s okay. The hop is open through Thursday. And, if you can’t hop at all, Kitties Blue are totally fine with that. Just stop in to say, “hi,” and remember our friend, Brian.

Kitties Blue and I thank you for joining us today. Your friendship is what keeps us going day after day and week after week.



Sunday Selfies: Week: #477

Calista Jo has the honor of being the second of the Kitties Blue to share her new portrait as this week’s Sunday Selfie.


C.J.'s portrait: portrait if a dilute tortoise shell cat in a variegated frame.


She looks innocent and demure but don’t let her expression fool you. Yesterday, she swatted Cooper Murphy, as he dared to walk past her. Later in the morning she gave Lisbeth a tongue-lashing for just occupying the kitchen floor with her. She often hisses and growls at Sawyer when he tries to get on the bed. Lately, she has been sleeping on the living room couch, which has given our nightly bedmates a bit of a reprieve from her bad temper.

Please Hop With Us 

Calista Jo and the other Kitties Blue invite you to join our weekly Sunday Selfies blog hop. We know you may be busy entertaining your humans while they are home on the weekend, or purrhaps taking your easy in a sunpuddle, which is why our hop remains open through Thursday. All your friends will be looking for you here, and you do not want to disappoint them. If you know anyone who might enjoy showing off a bit, please invite them to pop over and join us. We always look forward to making new friends.


Saying Good-Bye


Most of you likely know that one of our blogging friends, Pattie Kleinke (TW from Stunning Keisha), passed away on October 6th. I was fortunate to meet Pattie in 2015 at the Blog Paws Conference in Nashville. I searched for a photo, and this is the only one I could find.



That’s Pattie in the foreground with CK’s nemesis HHGutt.

You can light a candle or leave a memory here. A donation to Pattie’s favorite charity can be made by clicking this link: The Lucky Cat Rescue in Weehawken, New Jersey. Or, if you would rather, there is a GoFundMe page on the Cat Blogosphere web-site where you can donate to Lucky Cat. Rest In Peace Pattie.

Thanks for joining us today. Have an easy Sunday.



Sunday Selfies: Week #459 – Remembering Raz

This is not our usual Sunday Selfies, as one of the Kitties Blue will not be here to host the hop. Instead, we are using this opportunity to remember our dear friend, Raz. On Friday afternoon at 4:15, our wonderful friend, Raz, became an angel and flew off to the Rainbow Bridge.  Raz had been ailing for several months. Nonetheless, we hoped he wouldn’t make his trip to the Bridge anytime soon.

As you know, we consider Raz family. Our angel Mau was married to Raz’s sisfur, angel Allie, Sawyer is his sisfur Noelle’s, boyfriend. And the alter-egos of Sawyer and Noelle, Stinky and Periwinkle, adventure together every week.

Sawyer and Raz have always been two peas in a pod. Both are charter members in the PTU Poopers Club and obobsessed with treats. He especially will miss their connection.

One of the things we will miss most about Raz was his quizzical, wide-eyed expression. I have made a couple of collages, and I think you’ll see what I mean.


Collage of photos of a grey/brown tabby cat.


Collage of grey/brown tabby cat.


Raz was a wonderful brofur to his fursibs past and present. He had a great girlfriend Madi, who I am certain was one of those who was there to meet him at the Bridge, along with so many friends, including our Mau, as well as family members.

Cat Scout Raz

I think most of you know that Raz was a Cat Scout. But not just any Scout, an exemplary and accomplishment Scout. He earned the highest honors available, including Cat Scout of the Year, the rank of Sabertooth and membership in the Clan of the Cave Cat. Raz also was Leader of the Rumbling Thunder Patrol and Assistant Leader of the Worldwide Wildcats Troop. He was loved and respected by all the other Cat Scouts.

Raz left paw prints on so many hearts, including mine. I will always love and remember him, as will so many others. All the Kitties Blue and I are sending love, prayers and hugs to Mom Sharon as well as fursibs, Noelle and Reesie.

If you have not visited Friends Furever and left your condolences, you can do so by clicking on the link.

Hopping Time

Kitties Blue hope you will forgive them for not posting a selfie of one of themselves this week. And they also hope you will, nonetheless, post one of yourself. They always look forward to seeing your happy and adorable faces.

Thank you for joining us today whether or not you post a selfie.

We will be back tomorrow with a Spark.



Caturday Art

Tuxedo Cat with sparkly eyes in an art creation in aqua blue and black and surrounded with a frame that includes aqua and yellow flowers.


Today’s art features the stunning Lisbeth. I particularly like how her eyes are sparkling in this photo.

Once again, I created the art using the Painnt app. This is the Pinup Style effect. I did change the hue of the original photo. As always, the frame is from favpng.

Here is the link to Lisbeth in puzzle form.

preview110pieceTuxedo Cat Ar

Our tuxie girl is joining Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. You can do the same by clicking on her badge.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

You won’t want to miss tomorrow’s Sunday Selfies hop post. We will be remembering and honoring a special friend tomorrow. Raz from Friends Furever received his angel wings yesterday at 4:15 p.m. and went to the Rainbow Bridge. If you follow the Friends Furever blog, then you know that Raz has been unwell for several months. He’s been on medication, getting B-12 shots and fluids, but unfortunately his health continued to decline.

We consider Raz and his mom and fursibs part of our family. Our angel Mau was married to Raz’s sisfur, angel Allie, Sawyer is his sisfur Noelle’s, boyfriend. And the alter-egos of Sawyer and Noelle, Stinky and Periwinkle, adventure together every week.

Thanks for stopping by today. We sincerely hope to see you tomorrow.



Caturday Art – In Memory of Violette Grant Blue

Though it is Caturday, my art today is of woofie, Kona. Kona is a white Golden Retriever. I am sharing Kona as a way of remembering our nephew Brent’s wife Violette.


White Golden Retriever with an overlay of pink dogwoods and a border of pink dogwoods.


Violette posted on her Facebook page, along with this photo, the following, “Who needs anything else in life when your puppy stares into your eyes like this?”

Violette lost her life yesterday at age 48 after suffering a cardiac arrest last week.

I enhanced Kona’s photo by overlaying a photo taken by Dad Tom. It’s of pink dogwood blossoms from our yard. The border of dogwood blossoms is from favpng.

I did make a puzzle.


If you can offer some prayers for Brent and his and Violette’s children, Gavin (10) and Ella (8), Dad Tom and I would be so grateful.

Kona will be participating in the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. You can do the same by clicking on Athena’s badge.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Tomorrow is a special Sunday—Easter. I haven’t a clue which of the Kitties Blue will be here as your host, but I am fairly certain they’ll ask for a fancy, Easter-themed frame for their selfie. Feel free to add some bling to your selfie if you desire. And we’d love it if you would invite some friends to participate as well. We enjoy  meeting new anipals and making new friends.

Have a great Caturday. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.