As I suspected, our house guest is not Charlie. Charlie’s mom, Rachel, and two human brothers came to the house yesterday morning and confirmed it. I feel so sad for them and pray their Charlie finds his way back home.

Not Charlie seems quite content here. He’s been watching lots of bird TV and doing some serious eating and napping. He is a champion at both the dangle and the double dangle.

We will have him scanned for a microchip within the next couple of days. Tom and others continue to share his photos on Facebook. If he does have a loving home, we want to make sure he finds his way back. If not…

Here are a couple of new photos of our guest, ginger tabby, Not Charlie. He is totally adorable, so feel free to squeee!


ginger tabby - Not Charlie


ginger tabby - Not Charlie


We will continue to update everyone as this story unfolds.