Sunday Selfies: Week #126

As promised, we have a guest host today…but not the one I planned. My intention was to share Charlotte with you. Charlotte is the kitty we are now sponsoring at PAWS Connecticut. As you may recall, Swizzle (our previously sponsored kitty) was adopted in November. I had selected two others to sponsor, Pumpkin and Miss Piggy, but before arrangements had been made, they both found their forever homes.

As I procrastinated through the holidays with the thought of selecting cats this month, PAWS assigned us another cat. She is a gorgeous,  3 1/2 year old calico. I may or may not select a second cat based upon what happens with the tabby cat who is your guest host today.

Meet guest kitty.


ginger tabby guest hosts Sunday Selfies


He apologizes that none of these photos are actually a selfie, but it seems to be a concept to which our guest is unfamiliar.

Guest kitty is a neutered male. I estimate he is about two years old. As you can see, he is a handsome ginger tabby.

Our guest showed up a few days ago at our friend’s house. She didn’t recognize him from the neighborhood. As she has three dogs, none of who seemed amenable to tabby coming in the house, she called us this morning. Today’s high temperature was in the low 20s and the next two nights are predicted to be in the low teens. With about five inches of snow on the ground, she knew our guest could not remain outside.

Tom put on his snow gear, grabbed the SleepyPod and headed out on foot…around the corner about six houses away. Since his return home, our guest as been secluded in the living room with me.

He’s a lap cat with a roaring purr and has settled in as if he owns the place. Astrid and C.J. (pictured) have spied him through the pocket doors with interest. No hissing or growling ensued on either side of the door.

Tom posted him on Facebook, and the post was shared 75 times. I listed him on our regional lost/found web-site. He is not listed there or in our newspaper as lost, and no posters are evident in our neighborhood. But we just received an e-mail and call (Saturday night at 9:30 p.m.) from someone who saw him on the Barn Cat Buddies Facebook page and thinks he might be her cat who has been missing for about a week. If so, his name is Charlie, and he is five years old. She’ll be coming to the house tomorrow to see him.

So many questions: Is he Charlie? (He didn’t respond when I called him that.) Will he be leaving tomorrow? Will Kitties Blue become eight again? Did Fiona send him to us? As soon as we have some answers, we’ll let everyone know. So stay tuned.

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