Allie and Mauricio


Sunday Selfies: Week #466

This is not our usual Sunday Selfies post. We actually have two selfies today of two special angels.

Mau & Allie’s Seventh Anniversary

Here are the lovebirds.


Allie & Mau Anniversary: Angel Cats Allie (white and grey Birman cat) and Angel Mau (tuxedo cat) celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary with heart shaped portraits .


Traditionally I make some collages for them on their anniversary. As they have selfies, I made only one this year.


Allie Mau Anniversary: Collage featuring five photos of a tuxedo cat and grey and white Birman cat in various celebratory situations.


These two cats are so missed by Dad Tom and me and Allie’s mom Sharon. I know many others loved them as well. As long as this blog continues, I will remember them here.

As most of Allie and Mau’s wedding party as well as many other friends are now at the Rainbow Bridge with them, we know they’ll be celebrating there. Mau was the first baker in the family, teaching Cooper Murphy everything he knew. So I am certain Mau will have created the purrfect confection for their celebration. We hope you won’t feel too badly that we have foregone the festivities, as we will be back with another huge party on Wednesday, July 26, when Audrey and Raleigh will be celebrating their first Gotcha Day.

Hopping Time

Though the current Kitties Blue and I didn’t post a new selfie of one of them, we all look forward to seeing one of each of you. If you cannot post today, it’s not a problem. The hop remains open through Thursday. If you’ve never joined in the fun previously, we’d love to have you participate.

As always, we wish you an easy Sunday and thank you for your support and friendship.



Caturday Art

With Thanksgiving officially past, we will present you with some Christmas-themed art for the next several Caturdays. Today, Sawyer and Raleigh are taking center stage.

I have two versions of the same photo for you, as I could not decide which I liked best. Maybe you can let Sawyer and Raleigh know which is your favorite in the comments. I suspect it will depend on whether you like pastel colors or vibrant colors best.


Grey and orange tabby cats share a chair in an arty photo embellished with Christmas decorations.


This is the original using the Goff effect from Painnt and some holiday decorations from favpng.


Grey and orange tabby cats share a chair in a different version of the above arty photo also embellished with Christmas decorations.


This version also was created with the Goff effect but with the addition of the hard light filter and a different holiday decoration from favpng.

Sawyer has a full stink eye going on here. I am certain he did not enjoy Raleigh joining him in the chair. But in all fairness, Raleigh and Audrey have claimed this chair in the living room as their preferred napping spot. So…Sawyer is the actual interloper; though, he was there first.

Did you notice how close in size Sawyer and Raleigh are now? Raleigh at six months old already weighs 10 pounds! Yikes! He’s going to be yet another hefty ginger boy.

I made a puzzle out of each photo but trimmed off some of the border decoration, as no one wants a lot of white space in their puzzle. Hope all you puzzlers enjoy these.

preview110pieceChristmas Cat Art #1preview120pieceChristmas Cat Art #2 

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Kitties Blue and I apologize for not posting yesterday and missing Friendly Fill-Ins. I have promised them we will include fill-ins on tomorrow’s Sunday Selfies post.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

We definitely will be here tomorrow with our blog hop. I’m fairly certain Kitties Blue will be shunning us when we get home after leaving them for a few days, but hopefully I can coerce one of them to snap a quick selfie. If not, with more than 400 selfies posted, I bet I can find a past favorite to repost. As usual, you’ll need to drop in to see which one of them is here as your host. And when you do, please add your selfie to the hop. Thanks.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!




Sunday Selfies: Week #419


Grey cat is hiding from kittens amidst stored blankets.


When the kittens are having their daily playtime, Kizmet often joins them. Yesterday they were exceptionally rambunctious, and this was Kizmet’s defense. She tried hiding from them by climbing into the cabinet where we keep extra blankets. She decided it would be a purrfect place to snap her selfie.

A second photo exists that Kizmet and I think you’ll really want to see. I’ll share it on Wednesday, so please drop in again then.

Your Turn to Share

Kizmet and all her housemates are anxious to see your selfies. We all know they’ll be exceptional and make us smile. If you get it done quickly, you’ll have the entire day to enjoy your easy and cuddle with your humans. Of course, if you cannot participate today, you can join us anytime through Thursday.

Thanks to everyone who joins our hop, leaves comments, follows and supports us!

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Rainbow Bridge Day

Today is also Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, which was started in 2013 by Deb Barnes (Zee & Zoey’s Chronicles) in memory of her kitty, Mr. Jazz. It is a day to remember and honor all our family and friends with fur, feathers or fins to whom we have said farewell.

Many of our fur kids received their wings long before I began this blog, and today I am remembering them: Our dogs, Smack and Poppy, and cats, Skooter, Steamer, Daphne, Thelma, Louise, Chloe, Twinkle, Madison and MacKenzie. I also will be thinking fondly of those Kitties Blue who have passed since the inception of The Cat on My Head: Fiona, Lily Olivia, Mauricio and Giulietta. I will be remembering Mau’s wife, Allie, and Lisbeth’s boyfriend, Charles, as well.

You can find photos for all but Charles and dogs, Poppy and Smack, on The Felines page, which is on the menu bar at the top of this page.

Dad Tom and I have cherished and loved each and every one of our fur kids and remember them fondly.

Kitties Blue send purrs, and I send hugs and prayers to everyone who is remembering a beloved furred, finned, or feathered family member today.

Thanks for joining us. We appreciate each of you.






Caturday Art

Though these two precious and purrfect angels cannot be with us today, except in our hearts and memories, we would never miss wishing them a happy anniversary. They will be loved and remembered always by their families and many others.

My art today is a collage with some special memories. I’ve done many collages for Mau and Allie, but a few of today’s photos may be new to you. The one of them in The Lady Allie swan boat from Cat Scouts is an all-time favorite of mine.


angels anniversary: collage with sledding photo, space photo, duck boat, wedding and formal portrait of tuxedo cat and birman cat.


I miss these two everyday, and I know Allie’s mom, Sharon, does as well. I suspect some others of you also miss them.

Cooper Murphy made a lovely cake for Mau and Allie and, of course, we have champagne.



Please join us in celebrating and remembering our special angel wife and husband. If you were not following us when these two tied the knot at Cat Scouts, you can check out their wedding at “A Grand Affair.”

I did create a jigsaw for all who enjoy puzzling.

preview120pieceCat Angels Allie & Mau Anniversary

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

We have had quite a week of celebrations and milestones. So, Kitties Blue are ready for a nice easy Sunday, but first one of them will need to step up, snap a selfie and takeover tomorrow’s hosting duties. No clue as to which of them it might me. We sincerely hope many of you will take selfies as well and participate in our hop. You know how much we and all your other friends enjoy seeing your precious faces.

Until then, please celebrate with us and enjoy your Caturday.




I knew what I wanted my Spark to say this week, but was unable to find a representative quote after an extensive search. So, I wrote my own Spark and added it to this stunning photo taken by Dad Tom.


Pink tulips with a memorial plaque and quote about love never dying.


I don’t believe this Spark needs any explanation.

The photo was taken in one of our flower beds near Angel Mau’s grave.

The stone was a gift from Lisbeth’s boyfriend, Angel Charles’ mom, Inge. I shared a previous post about it, “A Plaque for Mau & Allie.” If you missed that post and would like to read it, click on the link.

Sparks is the creation of Annie from McGuffy’s Reader. Sparks began as a blog hop, created by our friend. Annie stated when she began Sparks, “I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world.”

Awww Mondays

I needed a photo of one of the Kitties Blue for the Awww Mondays blog hop. With Easter coming up, I couldn’t think of anything absolutely more awwwdorable than this photo of Mau in his Easter bonnet. It is from the post, “Happiness Challenge X Eight,” in which I shared cute photos the the eight Kitties Blue residing with us at that time.


Tuxedo cat wearing a green Easter bonnet with yellow and blue flowers.


In 2014, prior to sharing the original photo, I turned it into art for the post, “Caturday Art: Happy Easter from Mauricio.” I made a puzzle of the arty photo for you.

preview140pieceTuxedo Cat in Easter Bonnet Art

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The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky

Our fun loving tabbies, Periwinkle and Stinky, will be enjoying their next adventure tomorrow right here at The Cat on My Head. These two youngsters have lots of fun when they are together and love taking you along with them. So please plan to join them tomorrow!


A New Adventure Awaits

As he is every Tuesday, Stinky is excited to share today’s adventure with girlfriend Periwinkle. After the snow yesterday, he’s happy the weather has improved. As he awaits her arrival, Stinky gathers what they will need. And finally, with the usual whoosh, Periwinkle tumbles out of the teleportation tunnel right into Stinky’s waiting paws.

After the usual hugs and whisker kisses, Periwinkle inquires about today’s adventure. Stinky replies that they won’t be going far, but they will use the teleportation tunnel, so they hop back in together.

At the Ice Rink

When they arrive at their destination, Periwinkle claps her paws together and proclaims, “Oh Stinky, this will be so much fun, but I am not certain I remember how to ice skate. The last time we skated was in Rockefeller Center when you asked me to be your girlfriend. Do you remember?”



“Of course, silly. That was one of the best days of my life,” Stinky replies and continues, “Let’s get on our skates, and then we can see if either one of us remembers what to do.”

“Stinky, these skates are so pretty. Did you get them for me? Can I keep them?”

“Of course, they are for you, and you can keep them. But since we probably will not be skating in Florida, you can leave them at my house,” Stinky replies.

Fun on Ice

After getting into their skates, they head to the rink. Periwinkle asks, “Stinky, will you push me around on one of those little seals?”

“Sure, that sounds like a good idea. I will be able to practice my balance. Then we can switch places.”










After skating with the seal, the tabbies feel secure enough to skate around on their own. Periwinkle tells Stinky, “I have been listening to that instructor with the little girl, and he keeps telling her to ‘push and glide.’”


cats ice skating


Periwinkle tries the technique and in no time is wizzing around the little rink. Stinky yells to her, “Hey, slow down, speedy.”

When Stinky catches up to her, he is huffing and puffing, but he manages to ask,”Periwinkle, do you remember when your sisfur, Allie, and my brofur, Mau, went skating at Cat Scouts?”

“Oh, I sure do. They were so elegant.


cats ice skating.


When Stinky and Periwinkle get tired, they ask a couple of people if they will push them around on one of the skate sleds. The nice, young people are happy to help out the tabbies. Stinky and Periwinkle squeal in unison, “Weee,” and then break out in giggles.



Periwinkle and Stinky thank their “pushers” and do a bit more skating.


cats ice skating


After a a few more laps around the rink, they both agree they are tired and are ready to head back to Stinky’s house for a warm drink, snack and nap.

After Skating

Once they have their skates off, Stinky starts running across the grass and yells to Periwinkle to follow him. Before she catches up, he has climbed a big, nearby sign. “Stinky, you just cannot help climbing on whatever you find,” Periwinkle says with an admonishing tone. But then she giggles again and climbs atop one of the letters as well.



They spend a little time chatting and watching the skaters until Periwinkle says that she really and truly is ready to leave. They climb down and paw-in-paw head to the teleportation tunnel. Before they can even catch their breath, they are back at Stinky’s house having a snack and visiting with his fursibs.

When they finish, Stinky invites Periwinkle to take a nap in the bed she sent him for Christmas. They curl up together and snooze until it is time for Periwinkle to head home.



With some final paw hugs and whisker kisses the tabbies say their “good-byes.” As Periwinkle enters the teleportation tunnel she waves to Stinky and then is gone in a whoosh. Stinky returns to his bed to dream about his beautiful girlfriend.

The End


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Birthday Celebration

We adopted Mauricio and Misty May in November 2004 as eight-week-old kittens. They were so small, Dad Tom could put them in the pockets of his bathrobe.


Angel Mau & Misty May's Birthday


As kittens, they were good friends, but they eventually grew apart. Our now angel, Mau, was a sweet and gentle soul who got along with all the Kitties Blue. Misty May has a short fuse. She bullied Lily Olivia until she passed away. Then she began bullying Astrid. She’s tiny (five pounds) but louder than a blaring car alarm, especially since losing her hearing a couple of years ago. Nonetheless, we love her and continue to love and miss Mau with all our hearts.

Party Time

But today is a day to party. Angel Mau and his beautiful wife Angel Allie have day passes and are joining us.

Angel Mau & Misty May's Birthday
I have created a card, and Mau has baked one of his masterpiece cakes. We have lots of noms, including nip ice cream and champagne.


Angel Mau & Misty May's Birthday


Angel Mau & Misty May's Birthday




Misty May, Angels Mau and Allie, all the other Kitties Blue as well as Dad Tom and I are delighted you could join us on this special occasion. Please stay as long as you like or until the food runs out.

Friendly Fill-Ins

I am skipping Friendly Fill-Ins today, but I will include them with Caturday Art tomorrow.



Show and Tell

Stinky is super excited for Periwinkle’s visit, as he has a new friend he wants her to meet. He bounces from paw to paw next to the teleportation tunnel until he hears the familiar whoosh. Then he opens his arms and catches Periwinkle as she tumbles out. They both giggle, then share some whisker kisses.

“Stinky, I am so happy to see you, and it looks as if you have put some of your weight back on,” Periwinkle tells him.

“I am happy to see you too. I have been eating better since coming home. Thanks for noticing.”

“So what excitement do you have planned for us today?” Periwinkle asks.

“Well, we aren’t going anywhere,” Stinky tells her, and then notices Periwinkle’s disappointment. “But don’t worry, I think you’ll still have fun. I have a new friend for you to meet. But first I want to show you something really nice.” Stinky takes Periwinkle’s paw and leads her out the front door to the yard.



“Wow, Stinky, that is so beautiful and nice. A plaque for your brofur and my sisfur. Where did it come from?”

“Angel Charles’ mom sent it to my mom. Then my mom added the little purple hearts and pink flowers and green leaves. If you remember, Mau’s burial site is right behind us.”

“Oh, I do. I bet this is making Mau and Allie’s hearts smile. Charles’ mom is so kind.”

Meeting a New Friend

“Now I have something else to show you,” Stinky tells Periwinkle and takes her paw again. He leads her to the front yard and into the grass where he points out the next surprise.


Woodland Box Turtle


When Periwinkle sees what’s in the grass, she gasps. “Wow, Stinky, who is this?”

“This is our new friend. It’s a Woodland Box Turtle.”

“How did he get here? Can I touch him? Are you going to keep him?”

Stinky tells Periwinkle the turtle is not a him but a her, and she came from the neighbor’s yard on the other side of the alley. His dad posted the turtle’s photo on the Neighborhood Forum and got a message from the neighbor. The turtle walked to Kitties Blue yard by itself.

“How do you know the turtle is a her?” asks Periwinkle.

Woodland Box Turtle Facts

“Because she has brown eyes and her underside is flat,” Stinky explains. He tells Periwinkle that he and his mom read lots about the turtle after his dad found her and that he has a website where people can learn more about the Woodland Box Turtle.


Woodland Box Turtle


“What a cute face she has, Stinky, and such beautiful markings.”

“Supposedly, no two are alike.”

“Are you going to keep her for a pet?”

“No, we will leave her alone to go where she wants. My mom did name her though. Yesterday was her step-mom’s birthday. She passed away eight years ago, and my mom decided to name the turtle after her.”

“So, what is her name, Stinky?”


“Oh, that’s cute, Stinky. Terry the turtle. What I don’t understand is how she was brave enough to come to your yard, especially since your sisfur, Misty May, gets to go in the yard.”

“That is a mystery, Periwinkle. I have to show you something else that makes it even more strange for Terry to have come to our yard.” Stinky takes Periwinkle’s paw again and leads her to the back of the house.



“Terry came from the yard where the red fence is, which means she had to pass right by our Beware sign and cat flag. I think maybe she isn’t too bright,” says Stinky.

Periwinkle begins to giggle uncontrollably. When she finally stops, she tells Stinky she is pretty certain turtles cannot read.

Before leading Periwinkle back to the front porch for a snack, Stinky tells her that the garden they are in is where angels, Thelma, Louise and Daphne are buried. Periwinkle tells him it is very pretty, especially with the St. Francis statue.

Snack Time



“The porch looks really nice, Stinky. Has your mom made some changes?” asks Periwinkle.

“Yes, we have new rugs, curtains, plants and a new wall hanging. And today we are getting a ceiling fan. It will make it much more comfortable out here when it’s really hot. Now let’s have some treats. We have Party Mix and Temptations. Would you like some of each?”

“Oh, yes please.”

Stinky and Periwinkle spend time enjoying their treats and visiting with Stinky’s fursibs and his mom and dad. Before Periwinkle leaves, Stinky tells her that this is their 100th adventure. Both are surprised and proud of the fact and promise to share 100 more adventures with each other.

Finally it is time for Periwinkle’s departure. After one last visit to Terry, and lots and lots of whisker kisses and paw hugs, Periwinkle enters her tunnel and is gone with a wave and a whoosh.

Before going inside for a nap and to dream about Periwinkle, Stinky shares one last thing. His mom registered Terry with the Virginia Herpetological Society, which requested she post this badge on our website.


Woodland Box Turtle

The End


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Thankful Thursday

Kitties Blue and I share the first thankful. Our friend, Brian, who is the host of Thankful Thursday got good news from the vet. The results of the biopsy he had last week showed no sign of lymphoma or cancer cells. He does have IBD, but that is treatable. This is absolutely the best thankful of the week!

The other thankfuls for the week are mine.

First, Angel Charles’ mom, Inge, sent me this beautiful plaque for the side yard where Mau is buried. I told her that I refer to it as Mau and Allie’s garden and wanted to get a sign for it. I am overwhelmed by her kindness and thoughtfulness. Friends are great!




My second thankful is that my hair has finally grown out enough to put it in a ponytail, and I only need three or four hair clips to keep the short pieces in place. (This may sound silly to the men, but when it gets hot, I cannot stand my hair on my neck, which is one reason I kept it long.) 

And finally, our new dishwasher arrived and has been installed. We thought it was going to be out of stock until spring.

Thankful Thursday is a blog hop. If you would like to participate, post on your blog for what you are thankful, then click on Brian’s badge to go to his blog and link up.

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Besides being thankful on Thursdays, I try to participate in Angel Sammy and Teddy’s poetry challenge. They provide an inspiration photo, and those of us who participate write a poem based on the photo.

Here’s this week’s photo.



I’ll have to admit my poem for this week is rather pathetic. I had some marbles when I was growing up, just because I thought they were pretty, but I never really understood the point of the game.


Not a Kid Anymore

I never learned to play marbles.
Now I can’t get on the ground.
Old age sucks.

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 09/08/2021

If you’d like to write some poetry, check out Two Spoiled Cats (by clicking on the poetry badge) on Thursdays. You’ll find the inspiration photo for the following week. While visiting, please read Angel Sammy’s poem. I can guarantee it will be lots better than mine.


Thanks for stopping by. We hope to see you again tomorrow.



Feline/Friendship Friday

Kitties Blue beloved sister-in-law, Mau’s wife Allie (Friends Furever), received her wings and flew off to the Bridge to join Mau a year ago today. We miss them both dreadfully; though, we know they are happy together, holding each other tightly and watching over us all. We were all blessed to have Allie in our lives and will miss and remember her always.


remembering Allie


We created a special collage of Mau’s favorite photos of Allie when she left us and are sharing it again today as we remember her.

Mau was a true romantic, and I thought it would be nice to share a couple of poems he wrote. The first has an accompanying photo.



 Paw in Paw

Opulence and warmth, so inviting
Allie and I will enjoy it together,
As we make our way across country.
The two of us paw in paw…each stop
A new adventure and discovery,
Each evening a gourmet repast,
As we gaze upon the passing scenery:
Cities, farmlands, mountains and lakes.
The beauty of our country laid out before us
To admire before retiring and allowing
The gentle rocking upon the tracks
Lull us into a restful sleep until
We rise the next day to do it all again.

© Mauricio Blue 08/01/2018

The Perfect Evening

What a perfect evening
To sit by this peaceful lake
Quiet and tranquil
Holding paws with my wife
What a perfect evening
Reminiscing about our wedding
Planning our future
Or just sitting silently
Content in each other’s presence
What a perfect evening
Watching the moon and stars
And Allie’s face in the soft light
From those celestial bodies
What a perfect evening
One I hope to repeat again and again.

© Mauricio Blue 06/06/2018

I know they remain paw in paw today.

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The Kitties and I will post Friendly Fill-Ins along with Caturday Art tomorrow.