Sunday Selfies: Week #466

This is not our usual Sunday Selfies post. We actually have two selfies today of two special angels.

Mau & Allie’s Seventh Anniversary

Here are the lovebirds.


Allie & Mau Anniversary: Angel Cats Allie (white and grey Birman cat) and Angel Mau (tuxedo cat) celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary with heart shaped portraits .


Traditionally I make some collages for them on their anniversary. As they have selfies, I made only one this year.


Allie Mau Anniversary: Collage featuring five photos of a tuxedo cat and grey and white Birman cat in various celebratory situations.


These two cats are so missed by Dad Tom and me and Allie’s mom Sharon. I know many others loved them as well. As long as this blog continues, I will remember them here.

As most of Allie and Mau’s wedding party as well as many other friends are now at the Rainbow Bridge with them, we know they’ll be celebrating there. Mau was the first baker in the family, teaching Cooper Murphy everything he knew. So I am certain Mau will have created the purrfect confection for their celebration. We hope you won’t feel too badly that we have foregone the festivities, as we will be back with another huge party on Wednesday, July 26, when Audrey and Raleigh will be celebrating their first Gotcha Day.

Hopping Time

Though the current Kitties Blue and I didn’t post a new selfie of one of them, we all look forward to seeing one of each of you. If you cannot post today, it’s not a problem. The hop remains open through Thursday. If you’ve never joined in the fun previously, we’d love to have you participate.

As always, we wish you an easy Sunday and thank you for your support and friendship.