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Snow or Pie?

Stinky is excited for today’s adventure and hopes Periwinkle will enjoy it. He doesn’t have much time to fret about it, as Periwinkle comes flying out of the teleportation tunnel and into his waiting paws right on time. She’s out of breath but manages to say, “Wow the tunnel was fast today. I’m feeling a bit dizzy. Thanks for catching me.”

The two tabbies share some whisker kisses before Periwinkle runs to the window to look outside. “Where’s the snow? My mom told me you finally got your first snow of winter.”

Stinky replies, “I’m sorry but it has already melted. I don’t think we had even an inch.”

“Darn, I was hoping to see it,” exclaims Periwinkle. She then asks, “What’s the plan today if we aren’t going to play in the snow? Are we going to eat pie?”

Stinky giggles at this, as it is Pi Day*, and lots of people celebrate it by eating pie. Stinky tells Periwinkle that they may have pie later but his plan is for a walk in Vic Thomas Park, which is part of the city’s Roanoke Valley Greenway system. He explains that it’s just two blocks from the house but it’s super windy, so they’ll teleport there as they’ll be doing a lot of walking when they arrive. Not wanting to waste anytime, Stinky grabs their coats and hats and then takes Periwinkle’s paw and leads her back into the tunnel.

∗ Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π. Pi Day is observed on March 14 as 3, 1 and 4 are the first three significant figures of π. It was founded in 1988 by Larry Shaw, an employee of the Science Museum’s Exploratorium in San Francisco, California.

Vic Thomas Park

On arrival at the park, one of three (Vic Thomas Park, Wasena Park and Smith Park), which lie next to each other and the Roanoke River, Stinky asks Periwinkle if she remembers their last adventure at the river?


Two cartoon tabby cats wearing winter coats and hats and standing on a bridge.


“Oh, Stinky, how could I forget. That’s when it was flooded, and we had fun canoeing with your dad’s help. The water was all the way to this bridge. It was fun but a little scary.”

“As that happened almost three years ago, let’s give our friends the link to that post, ‘A Day on The River,’ so they can check it out.

“Great idea, Stinky! Now that we’re here, what’s on the agenda?” asks Periwinkle.

Ann Davey Master Memorial Sculpture Garden

Stinky tells Periwinkle, “We are going to explore the Ann Davey Master Memorial Sculpture Garden.” He further explains that the goal of the project is to provide public art to blend with the park’s design. The intention is for it to represent Master’s commitment to the arts, as the former director of the Art Museum, as well as her dedication to the environment with the Clean Valley Council.

“Oh, I know what’s happening. You want to climb on the sculptures, don’t you? It will be like our ‘Elmwood Park Art Walk’ adventure when you climbed on those sculptures.”

“Well, maybe,” admits Stinky.

Calling the Flowers

Two cartoon tabby cats wearing winter coats and hats with the sculpture of a girl kneeling with her head back and hands in the air, entitled, Calling the Flowers.


“See, I knew it. Don’t you dare actually climb up and get in her hand,” Periwinkle admonishes Stinky.

“Gee, Periwinkle, you’re no fun. I guess I’ll just tell our readers about the sculpture. It’s called Calling the Flowers. It was sculpted by local writer and artist, Lawrence Reid Bechtel. I think our readers might enjoy checking out his website here.”

When Stinky gets down, the two tabbies head back on the path until they arrive at the next sculpture.

In Flux

Two cartoon tabby cats wearing winter coats and hats with a sculpture of made of recycled light poles and entitled, In Flux.


Stinky tells Periwinkle that the sculpture is called, In Flux, and was created in 2010 by Bland Hoke and Matt Rink (All Creations) from recycled lamp poles. The tabbies spend some time exploring it, and Periwinkle is delighted when Stinky decides to remain on the ground with her.

When they come to the next sculpture, Stinky hops right up on the rock where it sits. Periwinkle rolls her eyes but jumps up on the other supporting rock. She asks, “Is this supposed to be an animal?”

Rigsby the Raccoon

Two cartoon tabby cats wearing winter coats and hats with the sculpture of Rigsby the Raccoon made from tires pulled from the Roanoke River in Virginia.


“Yes, his name is Rigsby the Raccoon. Polly Branch created him in 2020 from tires that were discarded in the river. Rigsby is the mascot of the Clean Valley Council.”

Periwinkle points to another sculpture and asks Stinky about it.

Annie’s Peace

Sculpture of an orb with wings entitled Annie's Dream.


“That’s called, Annie’s Peace. It was sculpted by famous, local artist, Betty Branch. It’s in memory of Ann Davey Master.”

“It’s beautiful, Stinky. Thanks for not climbing the pole and getting on top,” Periwinkle says as she squeezes his paw. Stinky continues to hold Periwinkle’s paw and tells her he wants to show her one more thing that isn’t part of the Sculpture garden.

Bridge Mural

After a short walk, the tabbies find themselves under a bridge. “Stinky, this is so colorful and beautiful,”


Two cartoon tabby cats wearing winter coats and hats under a bridge with a colorful mural.

Two cartoon tabby cats wearing winter coats and hats under a bridge with a colorful mural.


Stinky tells Periwinkle that the bridge is going to be replaced beginning in the spring, and he doesn’t know what will happen to the mural then. “However, there are murals all along the Greenway. Dad says he’ll take us out on his bike when the weather warms up so we can see them,” Stinky explains.

“That will be really cool, Stinky. Speaking of cool, I’m getting sort of cold. Are we ready to go back to your house?”

“Yep, let’s head back to our tunnel. I have a surprise at home,” Stinky replies.

Periwinkle gives Stinky a quizzical look, but he doesn’t say any more.

Pi Day

When they arrive at Stinky’s, he takes Periwinkle’s coat and hat and hands her her apron and chef’s hat. “Does this mean what I think, Stinky?Are we going to make a pie?” asks Periwinkle.

“Yep, let’s go!”


Two cartoon tabby cats wearing chef's hats and aprons, sitting at a kitchen counter with baking supplies for Pi Day.


Periwinkle and Stinky get busy making a tuna pie. While it’s baking, they clean up the kitchen. And when it comes out of the oven, they share it with all of Stinky’s fursibs. There’s lots of pushing and shoving among all the Kitties Blue to get the biggest piece. Audrey, aka The Hoover, is especially aggressive. But everyone enjoys their fare share.

Finally it’s time for Periwinkle to head home. The tabbies spend about a half hour whisker kissing and paw hugging. Then Periwinkle enters the teleportation tunnel, and with a wave and whoosh she is gone. Stinky heads to the bedroom to nap and dream of Periwinkle.

The End

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Sunday Selfies: Week #447

Today’s selfie is of longhorn, Buster the Bull, from Steele’s Tavern, Virginia. Actually, we don’t know his name but decided he should have one.


Selfie of a brown and white longhorn bull in a green field in a rustic, hardwood frame with ribbon and ricrac bows with button.


When he asked if he could share a selfie with you, we didn’t think we could refuse. Those horns look very scary.

Did you know that Periwinkle & Stinky visited the longhorns on one of their adventures? It was July 14, 2020, and also Cow Appreciation Day. If you’d like to see lots more longhorns as well as Stinky and Periwinkle in their cow headdresses, click on the link. They look totally adorable.

Whether you have taken a selfie today or you have enlisted a surrogate, we sure hope you’ll join the Sunday Selfies blog hop. Did you notice we are getting close to that 450 hop milestone? Take advantage of these last couple of preceding Sundays to purrfect your selfie skills.

If you haven’t done it yet, also take a little time to spring your clocks forward an hour. Purrsonally, we hate this messing around with the time. We get totally confused about when it is time to eat. Our mom, on the other hand, who always preferred standard time has decided she likes the longer hours of light during daylight saving time.

Thanks for joining us. Have a terrific and easy Sunday.

Purrs & paw-pats, Misty May, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh



Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Teddy and Angel Sammy (Two Spoiled Cats) provided another absolutely goofy photo as inspiration for this week’s poem. Of course, I added a few of the Kitties Blue (Misty May, Raleigh and Audrey) and then wrote an equally goofy poem.


Upside down red and white car with tires on top, man driving, dog in passengers seat and three cats on the hood.


Kitty Clown Car

This looks like a clown car or a car for a clown.
We can’t believe this fellow is driving it around town.
Those tires aren’t going to get much wear,
As they sit on top skimming through the air.
We decided to join this woofie to enjoy the ride
But have decided to sit on the hood and not inside.
We know we are going to look silly just like this car,
And we honestly don’t expect this auto will go far.
We have no idea what was on this human’s mind…
Maybe he just wanted to brag his car is one of a kind.
Whatever he was thinking, we don’t really care,
But if he gets on TV we want to join him there!

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 03/08/2023

On closer examination, this appears to be a truck. We’ll just call my interpretation “poetic license.”

If you’d like to try writing some poetry, check out Two Spoiled Cats (by clicking on the poetry badge) for next week’s inspiration photo. And please read Angel Sammy’s poem when you visit. He sends it to Teddy each week from the Rainbow Bridge, and he always knocks it out of the park!

Thankful Thursday

Sharing our thankfuls with you is something we look forward to doing each week.

I am particularly thankful for more nice weather and the opportunity to get to work in the yard and enjoy the blooming trees and bulbs.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I am grateful for all the kind wishes sent to me on Dad Tom’s Facebook page. We also enjoyed a yummy dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. And Dad Tom took this nice photo of me. (Not too bad, I guess, for someone one year short of being 3/4’s of a century old!)


Portrait of blog author.


Stinky is thankful for his recent adventure with Periwinkle. They went to the The Cat Fanciers’ Association Foundation, Inc. Feline Historical Museum in Alliance, Ohio. If you didn’t join them, check it out at Friends Furever. There are lots of cool photos.

I am so thankful I found a new blog theme that I am relatively happy with and that is compatible with my host’s upgraded servers.

Our final thankful is to let you know how sincerely grateful Kitties Blue and I are for your support, following and friendship.

Thankful Thursday is a blog hop hosted by our friend, Brian, and his fursibs over at Brian’s Home. We hope you have some things this week for which you are thankful and share them with your friends. You can do that by clicking on Brian’s badge.








Photo of the full moon with a white halo surrounded by a peach colored halo and clouds with the following quote from Ralph Marston : You've done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination."


I have used this Spark previously on September 12, 2019. As it was a few years ago, I hope you don’t mind me sharing it again. The original post was “Sparks of Positivity & Determination.”

I am sharing it again, as I need the reminder. I have been super frustrated with trying to find a new theme for my blog and learning how to make the change without sending my entire site into a blackhole…never to be seen again. Doing this is not something I want. Unfortunately, my current theme cannot be updated to be compatible with my host’s servers. Trying to find something similar to my current theme that does not require either too much customization or have an exorbitant price is proving to be a challenge. But, enough about that.

Dad Tom took this gorgeous photo of the full moon.

Sparks is the creation of Annie from McGuffy’s Reader. Sparks began as a blog hop, created by our friend. Annie stated when she began Sparks, “I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world.”

Awww Mondays

Today’s Awww Mondays photo is also a flashback. It is one of a series of photos I took on April 9, 2020.


Very large ginger tabby cat lying on his back with all four fetid the air.


Cooper Murphy was being a total goofball that day. I think our giant, ginger tabby is totally awww-adorable! Let me know if you agree.

Cooper Murphy will be participating in the Awww Mondays blog hop at Comedy Plus. If you’d like to do the same, click on the Awww badge.

The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky

Those two fun-loving tabbies, Periwinkle & Stinky, will be setting off on a new adventure tomorrow. You’ll be able to find them right here, as it is Stinky’s turn to plan their adventure. Adventures are more fun when you join in, so they’ll be waiting for you.





With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I wanted a Spark about love. When I found this one from Lydia Marie Child, it “spoke” to me.


Photo of a bright red male cardinal with the following quote from Lydia Marie Child: The cure for all the ills and wrongs, the cares, the sorrows, and the crimes of humanity, all lie in the one word 'love'. It is the divine vitality that everywhere produces and restores life.


Dad Tom took the photo yesterday when we were having non-stop rain. We have several male and female cardinals that visit our yard and bird feeders daily.

Whether they symbolize love, loyalty or are embraced as spiritual messengers, cardinals are conspicuous in mythology and literature through the centuries. Many individuals believe cardinals appear as messengers from Heaven bringing love and comfort when loved ones have passed away. In Native American lore, cardinals represent devotion, loving relationships, courtship and monogamy. In Christianity cardinals and the blood of Jesus are used as the symbols of everlasting vitality. At Christmas their presence is seen to represent hope and joy. And seeing a bright red cardinal means that the individual is being blessed with good luck and fortune.

So I think this photo is the perfect backdrop for today’s Spark.

I found the author of today’s Spark, Lydia Maria Child, to be particularly interesting. She lived from 1802 to 1880 and was an American abolitionist, women’s rights activist, Native American rights activist, novelist and journalist. In spite of her long list of accomplishments, she may be best known for her poem “Over the River and Through the Wood.”

Sparks is the creation of Annie from McGuffy’s Reader. Sparks began as a blog hop, created by our friend. Annie stated when she began Sparks, “I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world.”

The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky


Those two fun-loving tabbies, Periwinkle & Stinky, will be setting off on their next adventure tomorrow. As it will be Valentine’s Day, I suspect Stinky has something special planned for his lovely lady, Periwinkle. You can join them right here, and they certainly hope you will. They always have more fun when you tag along. So, please drop by and lend them a hand or paw in whatever they get up to! They’ll be waiting for you.




Awww Mondays


A ginger tabby kitten and a grey/black tabby kitten are hugging and napping.


More napping and hugging from the kittens always equals an awww! So, Audrey and Raleigh are joining the Awww Monday’s blog hop at Comedy Plus.


For today’s Spark I selected Dad Tom’s photo of the recent Beaver Blood Moon eclipse.


Beaver Blood Moon eclipse with the following quite: "Any person can make you realize how wonderful the world is., but only few will make you realize how wonderful you are in this world."


Cherish those individuals. They are your true friends.

Sparks is the creation of Annie from McGuffy’s Reader. Sparks began as a blog hop, created by our friend. Annie stated when she began Sparks, “I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world.”

The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky


Your favorite cartoon tabbies, Periwinkle and Stinky, will be embarking on their next adventure tomorrow. Please make certain you join them over at Friends Furever. They always have a terrific time when they are together, and they love taking you along with them.

Looking Back

Kitties Blue and I won’t be posting tomorrow, but if you’re a subscriber, you’ll get an e-mail with a link to a special post from the past. For non-subscribers, you’ll be able to find that link in our Wordless Wednesday post. We hope you’ll look back with us and check out that past post.

See you on Wednesday.






Autumn Leaves & Waterfalls

Stinky is more excited than usual to see Periwinkle for their adventure. As he last saw her on Halloween, he’s had to wait eight days for their get together. He’s delighted when he hears the teleportation tunnel rumbling. Moments later, with a whoosh, Periwinkle is ejected right into his waiting paws. They spend a bit more time than usual paw hugging and whisker kissing before Stinky takes her paw and leads Periwinkle back into the tunnel.  

They arrive at their destination in North Carolina. When Periwinkle sees the beautiful colors in front of her, she squeals in delight. “Stinky, this is amazingly beautiful. Where are we?”


Two cartoon tabbies and colorful fall leaves at Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina.


Pisgah National Forest

“This is Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. We’ve come to look at the autumn leaves. My mom says the leaves are the prettiest she has ever seen. She’s super old, so they must be spectacular. I know we’ve had similar fall adventures, so I hope this is okay?”

“Yes, absolutely,” replies Periwinkle. “I definitely don’t get to see this at home.”

“That is Looking Glass Rock in the background. It has an elevation of 3,969 feet and is very popular with hikers,” explains Stinky.

“We aren’t going to climb it, are we?” asks Periwinkle in a shaky voice. “I know how much you like to climb things and get up really high.”

“Nope, I think that’s too high for even me,” Stinky tells her.


Two cartoon tabbies and colorful fall leaves at Buck Spring Tunnel on Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina.


“Wow, Stinky, I can hardly believe how beautiful these leaves are,” exclaims Periwinkle.

“They certainly are. The Blue Ridge Parkway is always a great place to see flowers in the spring and colorful leaves in autumn. That’s the Buck Spring tunnel behind us. Do you want to walk through it?”

“I think I’ll pass. We don’t have a flashlight, and from here it looks pretty dark!”

First Waterfall Stop

Two cartoon tabby cats next to waterfall, called Lower Falls, in North Carolina.


“Oh, boy, waterfalls,” exclaims Periwinkle as she claps her paws. “I love them, and we haven’t visited any in ages.”

Stinky tells her these are called Lower Falls. He is surprised that Periwinkle has climbed higher than he has, but doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t want to call her attention to it in case she gets frightened.


Two cartoon tabby cats, colorful fall leaves and Looking Glass Rock.


“Stinky, this is even a better view of Looking Glass Rock,” says Periwinkle.

“Yes it is,” Stinky replies.

Picnic Time

Two Cartoon tabby cats sitting on a red plaid blanket and having a picnic at Living Waters waterfall below the Blue Ridge Parkway along the north fork of the French Broad River in Balsam Grove.


“Oh boy a picnic. Thank you Stinky. You are the most thoughtful boyfriend. I love listening to the water, and this will give us lots of time to do so while we have a snack.”

“This waterfall is called Living Waters. Right now we are below the Parkway along the north fork of the French Broad River in Balsam Grove,” Stinky replies.

“Well, it certainly is a lovely spot.”

After their snack the tabbies fall asleep listening to the falls. They only take a short nap prior to moving on to the final attraction of the day.

Dry Falls

Two cartoon tabby cats and colorful fall leaves at Dry Falls in North Carolina.


Before even asking where they are, Periwinkle admonishes Stinky for climbing so high. Secretly he wishes he’d said something to her when she climbed above him at Lower Falls. Stinky is tempted to blow a razzberry at her, but remains the gentleman and refrains. He tells her they are now at Dry Falls.

“That’s a funny name. This waterfall has more water than the others,” Periwinkle tells Stinky.

“The name comes from the fact that a trail lies behind the falls where we can walk without getting wet,” Stinky explains.

“Let’s go do that,” says Periwinkle.

Stinky agrees and tells her that after they go behind the falls, it is time to head back to his house. They join paws and stroll behind the waterfall giggling and enjoying each other’s company. They stop a couple of times to share whisker kisses. Then the two tabbies head to the teleportation tunnel for the speedy trip back to Stinky’s house.

Visiting the Kittens

After arriving at Stinky’s, Periwinkle says, “hi,” to Stinky’s parents. Both tabbies then head to the catio where they find Calista Jo, Audrey, Cooper Murphy and Raleigh. Bird watching seems to be on the day’s agenda, and Periwinkle and Stinky join in.


Two cartoon tabby cats on a catio with three other tabbies: a ginger, a brown and a buff colored one as well as a dilute tortie cat.


Periwinkle remarks that she is happy they have had a warm fall day for the adventure. Cooper Murphy tells her that the temperature has broken a record. The high was 83 degrees. The old high temperature for the date was 78 degrees.

Finally it’s time for Periwinkle to head home. She says “good-bye,” to all the Kitties Blue. She and Stinky spend several minutes paw hugging and whisker kissing. Then with the familiar whoosh of the teleportation tunnel, Periwinkle is on her way home.

Stinky returns to the catio to hang out in the sun with his fursibs.

The End

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A PSA from Stinky, Periwinkle & Angel Lily Olivia


Calico cat holding a sign telling everyone to get off their computer and go vote.





Feline/Friendship Friday


Torbie kitten on the catio in the sun with fall leaves and bird feeder in the background.

We are having a fabulous fall with comfortable temperatures, low humidity and the most vibrant leaf colors I have ever seen. Audrey found herself a dappled sunpuddle on the catio and posed purrfectly for her dad. The surroundly fall colors enhance her Torbie fur.

She’ll be joining the Feline and Friendship Friday blog hops at Comedy Plus and Create With Joy respectively.

Here’s a bonus puzzle for this week.

preview100pieceKitten in the Sun

Friendly Fill-Ins

Friendly Fill-ins is a blog hop hosted by Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Lorianne (Four-Legged- Furballs). If you’d like to participate, check out either of their blogs on Thursday for the sentences to be filled in. You can join the hop by clicking on their badge.

Amazingly I did not need to enlist the help of any of the Kitties Blue this week to complete the fill-ins. I am certain my usual helper, Sawyer, is not disappointed.

1. Cats, caffeine, and a snoring husband keeps me up at night.
2. If I could improve one of my senses, it would be my sight. (I have cataracts I need to have removed.)
3. If I were home alone and heard footsteps in the house, I would call 911 and then leave the house.
4. I would want the epitaph on my tombstone to say, “loved cats.” (Dad Tom and I have our burial sight and headstone. It doesn’t say this, but I can always ask to have it added. It does say, “The heart that has truly loved never forgets,” which is a line from a poem by Thomas Moore and was a part of our wedding vows.)

We’ll be back tomorrow with some Caturday Art and another puzzle. Kitties Blue and I hope to see you then!



Awww Mondays


Grey cat bathing a tabby kitten a bath in a sunpuddle.


Kizmet has taken charge of the kittens. She determined that Audrey had not done a good job of washing her face, so Kizmet took over the task, as the two enjoyed a sunpuddle. If you enlarge the photo, you can just see Kizmet’s tongue to the left of Audrey’s right paw. Audrey often returns the favor and helps Kizmet bathe.

I think the way Kizmet takes care of the kittens is pretty darn awww-dorable. That’s why she and Audrey are joining the Awww Mondays blog hop at Comedy Plus. Click on the Awww badge to do the same.



Photo of colorful fall trees, Looking Glass Mountain and the Blue Ridge in North Carolina with the quote: "Life is a song - sing it. Life is a game - play it. Life is a challenge - meet it. Life is a dream - realize it. Life is a sacrifice - offer it. Life is love - enjoy it." by Sai Baba


I have posted this Spark previously, but I do think it is one worth repeating. It basically is telling us to be present in our lives at all times. I often go through my days just doing and not thinking. I have trouble living in the moment. As I continue to grow older, I need constant reminders that our time on earth is fleeting, and I should not just let it slip away.

The author of today’s Spark, Sai Baba of Shirdi was an Indian spiritual master, identified as a saint and a fakir. He was revered by both his Hindu and Muslim devotees during, as well as after, his lifetime. According to accounts from his life, Sai Baba preached the importance of “realization of the self.”

The photo is one of Dad Tom’s, which he took recently. In the background is Looking Glass Mountain, which is located in Transylvania County, North Carolina.

Sparks is the creation of Annie from McGuffy’s Reader. Sparks began as a blog hop, created by our friend. Annie stated when she began Sparks, “I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world.”

The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky

Your favorite cartoon tabbies, Periwinkle and Stinky, will be taking their next adventure tomorrow right here. These two active youngsters have barrels of fun when they’re together. Tomorrow they will be making their annual visit to their friend, Walter, who has a home for black cats, to get his Halloween wish list. Next week, they will deliver the items on his list. Periwinkle and Stinky will be wearing the costumes our readers voted for in the poll from two week’s ago. They really hope you stop by to see how cute they look and accompany them on their visit to Walter.




Awww Mondays

Audrey and Raleigh play hard for an hour or two a day, and then it is time for an extended extended session of napping. They both enjoy the cat trees in the bedroom, as evidenced by many photos I have recently shared. We discovered Raleigh in this position during a nap two days ago.


Orange kitten napping with head resting on edge of cat tree and against a wall.

You may have noticed he is wearing a different harness than the one he’s previously been seen wearing. He and Audrey are growing so quickly that we already had to ditch the original kitten harnesses. Raleigh now has the blue one you see, and Audrey has a new pink one.

I think you’ll agree with me there is nothing more “awww” worthy than a baby animal of any species.

Awww Mondays is a blog hop hosted by Comedy Plus. Raleigh will be participating and you can do the same by clicking on the “awww” badge.



Blue Ridge Parkway sunrise among clouds in colors of gold and mauve with the following quote from St. Francis de Sales: Make friends with the angels, who though invisible are always with you. Often invoke them, constantly praise them, and make good use of their help and assistance in all your temporal and spiritual affairs.


I wanted a Spark about angels, and this one spoke to me. I imagine those invisible angels floating just above the clouds in another of Dad Tom’s photos. This too was taken at sunrise from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Sparks began as a blog hop, created by our friend, Annie (McGuffy’s Reader). Annie is taking a “break” from blogging, so there is no hop. Many of us still continue to post a Spark on Monday, as we believe in Annie’s vision: “I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world!”

The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky

This fun-loving, tabby duo will return tomorrow with the next installment in their adventure series. It is Periwinkle’s week to plan and post their adventure, so look for them at Friends Furever tomorrow. I know both Periwinkle and Stinky will be looking forward to seeing all of you.

Wishing all in the USA a happy Labor Day.