Lisbeth and Charles


Feline/Friendship Friday


Buff colored, tabby kitten looks a little fishy in a brightly colored, fish shaped cat bed.


Raleigh has discovered the fish bed and spends lots of time snoozing in it. Sometimes Audrey tries to stuff herself in with him.

The fish bed was a gift to Lisbeth from her now angel boyfriend, Charles. She also enjoys napping in it as does Astrid.

Raleigh is participating in the Feline and Friendship Friday blog hops at Comedy Plus and Create With Joy respectively.

Friendly Fill-Ins

Two of the Kitties Blue and I are joining the Friendly Fill-ins blog hop hosted by Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Lorianne (Four-Legged- Furballs). To do the same, check out either of their blogs on Thursday for the sentences to be filled in. You can join the hop by clicking on their badge.

When I started filling in this week, both Sawyer and Stinky volunteered to assist me. They actually help me quite often, but I had all the fill-ins covered this week. I cannot deny Sawyer/Stinky anything, so #3 and #4 each have two completions.

1. When I turned 45 I felt especially sad and a little guilty to be alive, as my mom died when she was 45.

2. My favorite breakfast is a chocolate croissant.

3. Me: I’m so glad I live in a world where there are kind and supportive pet bloggers.

Stinky: I am so glad to live in a world where I can take weekly adventures with Periwinkle.

4. Me: A life is not complete without having at least one pet (preferably a cat) to love.

Sawyer: My day is not complete without sending love, purrs, paw hugs and whisker kisses to Noelle.

I hope you’ll return tomorrow for some Caturday Art.



Sunday Selfies: Week #399

I am sharing a selfie I snapped while resting in the fish bed my boyfriend, Angel Charles, gave me for my birthday in 2018. I still like to sleep in it, as it reminds me of him. I miss my Angel Charles everyday.


Tuxedo cat in a fish bed with polka dots.


I really hope you’ll hop with me today. But if you can’t, you can still join me through Thursday. I’m keeping this short today, as this post is not about me. I am just your host. I am going to let my mom take over now.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth

Remembering Angel Sammy

This past Monday a dear friend, Sammy from 15 And Meowing, was helped to the Bridge by his human parents, Ellen and David.


Orange and white cat dressed as Cat Scout and in bunny ears.


I promised a more formal portrait of him today, and what could be more formal than his official Cat Scout portrait. But to accompany that, I could not resist another photo of Sammy in bunny ears. The second photo is from one of the annual tryouts he and his fursibs have to be the Cadbury Bunny.

This cutie didn’t only wear bunny ears but enjoyed dressing up in hats and all types of clothing. He was such a good sport and always looked adorable.

Sammy was a great Cat Scout with his own crafting group at Scouts. He and Mom Ellen have been teaching Scouts to create all kinds of decorative items each month.

Sammy also enjoyed joining Teddy (Two Spoiled Cats) on Saturday to do some cooking and baking with bacon. His favorite food however, was corn on the cob!

Sammy was his mom’s soulmate and loved by so many friends. We’ll never forget him or the joy he brought to us.

Ellen will be back with a post today, so if you have not had the opportunity to leave your condolences for the Pilch family, click on the link above Sammy’s photos.

Thanks for joining us today. We appreciate your support and friendship.



Remembering Angels

Today we have the opportunity to remember our pets that have transitioned to life at the Rainbow Bridge with Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. There they wait to be reunited with their humans. Too many of our friends received their angel wings this past year, and we have remembered them throughout the year. Though, I won’t be listing them here; each of them is in our hearts and thoughts, and their humans are in our prayers.

Dad Tom and I have two woofies, Smack and Poppy, at the Bridge. We also have 12 kitties currently waiting for us: Skooter, Steamer, Daphne, Thelma, Louise, Chloe, Twinkle, Madison, MacKenzie, Fiona, Lily Olivia and Mauricio. Each was special in his/her own way, and we miss them all.

Caturday Art

My art for Athena Cat Goddess’ Caturday Art blog hop is in remembrance of three special kitties. Just over one year ago, our sweet and gentle (Mau)ricio left us, and then six-weeks later his beautiful and equally sweet wife Allie (Friends Furever) flew away to join him on September 3, 2020. And this year on April 19, Lisbeth’s handsome and loving boyfriend Charles joined Allie and Mau and all the other Cat Scout angels. We miss these special cats dearly and always will, so we honor them today.


Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day


This is our entry in Athena’s blog hop. If you would like to join Allie, Mau and Charles there, click on Athena’s badge.

History of Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day was started by Deb Barnes from The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey. It came from her desire to find the love, beauty and dignity in saying goodbye to Jazz, her Ragdoll cat, who she let go of on August 28, 2013. Each year we use this day to remember our beloved furry friends that have left us. Deb is hosting a blog hop, which you can find here.



Sunday Selfies Reminder

Tomorrow is the last Sunday in August. I don’t know where the year has gone. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. I am definitely ready for this ghastly hot summer to be behind us, but not ready for 2022. Anyhoo, tomorrow is the day when we all put on our happy faces and take our selfies. We always look forward to seeing just how adorable each of you are. And we know all your fans and friends do as well. So, please join us. We always appreciate your participation and support.




Happy 10th Birthday Astrid & Lisbeth


belated birthday


Yesterday was actually the girls’ birthday. To say that they are more than a little miffed at giving up their day to Periwinkle and Stinky is an understatement! Nonetheless, they have agreed to celebrate today. And you all are invited to join us.

Can you even believe how tiny they were in that center photo above? They were less than a year old when I began the blog. In fact, they celebrated their very first birthday here. If you are interested in seeing that post, which is also about my observations with reference the personalities of kittens versus cats, click here to read “Angels, Lisbeth & Astrid, Turn One.”

Anyhoo, while Mau was here on the weekend, Astrid asked him to make a cake, and he happily agreed. Astrid loved her big brother dearly. And, as usual, Mau outdid himself.



To accompany the cake, we have nip ice cream, pink champagne and berry iced tea. Please help yourselves.



Lisbeth and Astrid received beautiful e-cards from Lisbeth’s boyfriend, Angel Charles’, family. Lisbeth also received a box in the mail with cards for her and Astrid and filled with toys and gifts from Charles’ mom. Mom Inge has never left Astrid out when it has come to birthday gifts so their were goodies for both of them. The girls have promised to share photos tomorrow on our Thankful Thursday post.

Please stay and party as long as you like. All the Kitties Blue enjoy having company and entertaining.

Though, we’ve been wordy, Lisbeth and Astrid are going to join the Wordless Wednesday blog hop hosted by Comedy Plus. You can do the same by clicking on the WW badge.






Kitties Blue and I apologize for not posting yesterday. Internet problems plagued us the entire day. So today we have yesterday’s Freindly Fill-Ins as well as Caturday Art.

Caturday Art

Last week when Lisbeth and I were searching our photo archives for ones to use on Charles’ memory boards, we discovered a photo from 2016. Lisbeth made it for Charles for his birthday on December 31 of that year. Neither of us remembered it, but liked it so decided to repost it today. We both hope you like it as well.




Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty hosts the Caturday Art blog hop. If you’d like to join Lisbeth there, click on Athena’s badge.


Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #257

Friendly Fill-Ins is a blog hop hosted by Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Lorianne (Four-Legged Furballs). The sentences to be filled in appear on their blogs on Thursdays, and the blog hop takes place on Fridays. The purpose is to let our fellow bloggers learn a little more about ourselves.

Once again I went to Kitties Blue for a some assistance. We all used teal italics for our fill-Ins.

To participate in the hop, click on the Fill-Ins badge.

1. SAWYER: I wouldn’t mind if I was given treats every time I asked for them.

2. GIULIETTA: I want to keep my furs, but my humans are talking about having me shaved for the summer.

3. Others come to me when they need suggestions on finding a home for a stray cat, secretly thinking I will volunteer to adopt it.

4. Time spent with the Kitties Blue who now have their wings is a memory that I regularly think about.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Another week has zipped right by. One-third of 2021 is already over. That’s pretty difficult to wrap my head around. Anyhoo… tomorrow Kitties Blue will be waiting for you to drop in on their blog hop and share your selfie with them and all your admirers. No one has stepped up to volunteer to be your host, but I’m certain I can coerce one of them with a few additional treats.



Thankful Thursday

Kitties Blue, Dad Tom and I have a long list of thankfuls today. First up is the fact that we were able to have our annual Roundup last week. Kitties Blue are mostly thankful that it is over.




The Roundup was not the same for everybody. Kizmet only had a pawdicure and weigh in. Sawyer had his blood drawn (which is always very ouchy), a weigh in and a pawdicure. Everyone else got vaccines as well. Sawyer got the award for the most well behaved, and that is saying a lot!

Much good news came out of this year’s Roundup. Cooper Murphy maintained his weight at just a couple ounces over 19 pounds. Kizmet, whose intake form at the rescue said she was overweight, weighed in at 9.9 pounds, the day before her 10-month birthday.  Most maintained but a few lost weight, including Giulietta, whose weight was down more than a pound. That’s terrific news. All-in-all, everybody got A+ on their exams.

Cooper Murphy is thankful for the badge he earned at Cat Scouts just yesterday.



Lisbeth and I are thankful for those who visited and left consoling comments on her memorial post for boyfriend Charles. Cooper Murphy and I are thankful for all the Cat Scouts who attended Charles memorial there and shared so many fabulous photos and stories of their dear friend.

I am thankful for being one of five first commenters on the Tuesday Teaser at Two Spoiled Cats. It’s been several week’s since I was able to do that.



Stinky and Periwinkle are thankful that some readers returned yesterday to read about their adventure after it was postponed from Tuesday. If you didn’t see it, you missed some of Dad Tom’s terrific photos of eagles and ospreys. You can find the link to the post at the bottom of this page.

We all remain thankful for our good health as well as that of our friends and family. As always, we are thankful for all of you who visit this blog and support us.

Thankful Thursday is a blog hop hosted by Brian. if you’d like to participate, post on your blog for what you are thankful, then click on the badge below to go to Brian’s Home and link up.

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

As I do almost every Thursday, I am joining the Two Spoiled Cats (Angel Sammy and Teddy) for their Thoroughly Poetic Thursday poetry challenge. This week’s inspiration photo and my poem are below.



My poem is a little goofy this week. It came out of me thinking of soldiers marching when I looked at this photo.

Ducks in a Row

One, two, three, four…
Waddling single file as we explore.
Five, six, seven, eight…
Enjoying nature is really great.
Nine, ten, eleven, twelve…
Into this park we delve.
Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen…
Time to take a break and preen.
Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty…
Now hunting for bugs with bellies empty.

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 04/28/2021

If you’d like to participate in Thoroughly Poetic Thursday, click on the poetry badge and leave a link to your poem in the Comments on Teddy and Angel Sammy’s blog. You also will find next week’s inspiration photo there. And please don’t forget to read Angel Sammy’s poem. He is a marvelously talented poet.

We’ll be back tomorrow for Friday Fill-ins.



Sunday Selfies: Week #350

Today I am sharing two past selfies I created for the love of my life Charles. He received his angel wings this past Monday. My heart is breaking, as I know the hearts of his humans and many others are.


for my angel

for my angel


I have so many wonderful memories of Charles, it is impossible to share all of them. I have made some collages with some of my favorite photos.








I truly hope you will join me on this very special Sunday Selfies hop.



With all my love for my sweet Angel Charles, Lisbeth



Caturday Art

The Kitties Blue gang all seemed extra tired yesterday after the ordeal of the Roundup on Thursday. They spent a good portion of the day napping, and several did that on top of me.

Kitties Blue


In the photo (from left to right) are Calista Jo, Sawyer and Kizmet. I cut the photo into a circle using piZap to eliminate myself from the photo. I added the strangely named Cupheads effect from Painnt and then used piZap to cut it into another circle.

Dad Tom thought this would make a good jigsaw puzzle, so I made one for all you puzzlers.

preview120pieceCats in a Circle

Calista Jo, Sawyer and Kizmet are participating in the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. If you’d like to do the same or simply view art created by other bloggers, click on Athena’s badge.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Tomorrow Lisbeth will be here as your host to present a post to honor and remember her beloved boyfriend Charles, who received his angel wings this past Monday. She hopes you will join her on the blog hop, but even if you don’t hop, please come by to see her post and leave a comment for Charles’ family.

Thanks for joining us today. We all look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.





Wordless Wednesday


Peaceful Easy Feelin'


Sawyer is joining the Wordless Wednesday blog hop at Comedy Plus. If you would like to do the same, click on the badge.

Remembering Charles

On Monday afternoon, Lisbeth’s sweet, caring, considerate, loving and handsome boyfriend Charles received his angel wings. We will remember and honor him on our Sunday Selfies blog hop. All the Kitties Blue invite you to join us.


Peaceful Easy Feelin'

Rest in Peace, Charles. We love you.



Sunday Selfies: Week #349

Yesterday was Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day, and I missed it. That kind of thing happens a lot around here. With two torties living with us, I feel super guilty for this boo-boo. To make up for it, I have two selfies today: dilute tortie, Calista Jo, and Astrid.




I was a bit surprised they were cooperative after finding out I had missed their special day. But as I always say, “Cats are predictably unpredictable.”

Hopping Time

You don’t need to be a tortie to join us. In fact, you don’t even need to be a cat. All anipals are welcome regardless of species. So get busy and take those selfies. You know all your friends and admirers will be here looking for you. And remember, you don’t need to post on Sundays to join us. The hop is available through Thursday.

Prayers Please

Lisbeth’s longtime boyfriend, Cat Scout Charles, has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, which has metastasized. Lisbeth and all of her fursibs, as well as Dad Tom and I, are devastated by this news. We deeply love this special kitty. We are asking all humans to send prayers, all kitties to send purrs, and all anipals to send POTP, as Charles spends his last days being loved and spoiled by his humans.



Thank you. We’ll be back tomorrow for Sparks and Awww Mondays.