Happy 10th Birthday Astrid & Lisbeth


belated birthday


Yesterday was actually the girls’ birthday. To say that they are more than a little miffed at giving up their day to Periwinkle and Stinky is an understatement! Nonetheless, they have agreed to celebrate today. And you all are invited to join us.

Can you even believe how tiny they were in that center photo above? They were less than a year old when I began the blog. In fact, they celebrated their very first birthday here. If you are interested in seeing that post, which is also about my observations with reference the personalities of kittens versus cats, click here to read “Angels, Lisbeth & Astrid, Turn One.”

Anyhoo, while Mau was here on the weekend, Astrid asked him to make a cake, and he happily agreed. Astrid loved her big brother dearly. And, as usual, Mau outdid himself.



To accompany the cake, we have nip ice cream, pink champagne and berry iced tea. Please help yourselves.



Lisbeth and Astrid received beautiful e-cards from Lisbeth’s boyfriend, Angel Charles’, family. Lisbeth also received a box in the mail with cards for her and Astrid and filled with toys and gifts from Charles’ mom. Mom Inge has never left Astrid out when it has come to birthday gifts so their were goodies for both of them. The girls have promised to share photos tomorrow on our Thankful Thursday post.

Please stay and party as long as you like. All the Kitties Blue enjoy having company and entertaining.

Though, we’ve been wordy, Lisbeth and Astrid are going to join the Wordless Wednesday blog hop hosted by Comedy Plus. You can do the same by clicking on the WW badge.