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Sunday Selfies: Week #496


tortie confession: Selfie of a tortie cat in a red and gold frame.


Hi Friends,

I know I don’t snap selfies very often and when I do it is usually when I am lying on either my mom or dad. That’s why the photos, like this one, are often blurry. I do apologize for this.

I do have a bit of a confession to make. As Mom is typing this post for me, I am proving to be a bit of a hindrance. I am sitting in her lap, purring and nudging her hand. And, of course, I am totally blocking the keyboard. I love her new chair, as I can lie half on her lap and half on her lap desk, making me the center of attention. It’s what I deserve after dealing with Misty May bullying me for 12 years. 

By now, you also should know that I am a cat of few words.  So, I am signing off in order to give you all the opportunity to add your selfie to our blog hop. 

Wishing everyone an easy Sunday filled with treats and cuddles, Astrid

Hopping Time

Astrid and all the other Kitties Blue are looking forward to seeing your happy faces right here when they get up in the morning. But if you cannot make here then, remember you can join our hop any time through Thursday. And, if you have the opportunity, please let your friends know about the hop. We always like to meet and make new friends.

Thanks for joining us today.



Sunday Selfies: Week #486

The hop is now open. I apologize for not checking and getting it up earlier!


A grey cat displays an "if looks could kill" expression in a selfie framed in Christmas greenery, ornaments and bows.


So, I know this expression is what human’s call, “if looks could kill,” but I am not grumpy or mad. I was, however, facing the window when I snapped this, and the sun made me squint.

Believe me, I have nothing to be miffed about. Mom has already wrapped several presents for all us Kitties Blue and put them under the tree. And, I saw a box in the foyer, which I know has something in it our dad ordered for us. You see, absolutely nothing gets past me. I carefully inspect everything that comes into the house. Mom can never get a Cat Lady box past me. I know cat toys are in it just waiting for me to put the bitey on them. If you didn’t know this, check out the posts, “Who Took My Toys” and “Kizmet’s Cat Lady Box.”

And…Tuesday is my Gotcha Day! Life is good, and I am a very fortunate kitty. Mom continues to request that I get off the table while she is wrapping gifts, but, as I said, nothing gets past me. I am certain Santa will forgive these minor transgressions.

Hop Along Time

I’ve shown you my selfie, and now it is time to share your selfie with me, the other Kitties Blue and your many friends. If you want to fancy it up for the holidays, that would be cool, but, of course, not necessary. And don’t worry if you cannot participate today. I’ll be right here waiting for you through Thursday, except while I’m celebrating that Gotcha Day on Tuesday. I sure hope you’ll join me again then.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have an easy Sunday.

Purrs and paw-pats, Kizmet



Caturday Art


ginger tabby cat rant: colorful photo of a ginger cat in a multi-colored, sparkly, circular frame.


This may be pretty art, but I’m certain you noticed the “someone peed in my Cheerios” expression on my face. Here it is, almost 11 a.m. on Caturday morning, and the typist is just putting this post together. That is nearly 11 hours missed when you could have been gazing upon my handsomeness.

The humans went out again last night. That is the third time in just eight days. The typist thought she’d get home in time to finish this post, but she must have been dreaming. You may have noticed that I said, “the humans.” I would have said, “my humans,” but surely these galavanting people cannot be the same ones who normally are here 24/7 to cater to my every need and desire. I think they have been replaced by these alien gadabouts.

There is a rumor going around among my fursibs that these very same lackluster excuse for parents will be taking off again soon to eat turkey with dogs.

Dear Cat God, If you can hear me, please, oh please bring my humans back home where they behave as good cat parents should. Wait…what? The treat lady is going to replace them when they are away eating with dogs! Oh, that’s meowvolously fantastic news. A few days with none of those stupid treat puzzles, but just good old spoiling like we deserve. Yours truly, Cooper Murphy

I am going to purr really hard while the treat lady is here, that the humans who return are the ones we know and love…the ones who no nothing about treat puzzles and stay at home where they belong.

Purrs and paw pats, Cooper Murphy

p.s. At least the human masquerading as my mom knew enough to create a puzzle for you. Hope you enjoy it.

preview120pieceDreamy Green Ginger Cat

p.p.s. from the human: If you missed the treat puzzle post, you can check it out here: “Treat Puzzles for Couch Potatoes.”

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

It’s time once again to get spiffed up and share your adorableness with all your admiring friends. Tomorrow’s selfie host will be the one cat who has not shared his new portrait with you. If you have been paying attention each week, you will know which of the boys that is.

I can assure you, that post will appear at midnight EST. Regardless of what Cooper Murphy told you, neither of his humans have been replaced by aliens. But, you don’t need to tell him that. I like keeping him guessing.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.



 Sparks by Lisbeth

Yesterday, I ventured about one foot into the bedroom again. Mom did everything, except breaking out the treats, to try to entice me to join her. She told me no other cats were present, but as I was unable to see into every corner of the room, I could not take the chance to proceed any further. Calista Jo is my nemesis, and she spends lots of time in the bedroom, and could easily have been hiding somewhere.

That got Mom thinking about bravery and how Astrid and I could use a bit more of it. As we are now the eldest of the Kitties Blue, she’s looking for us to step up and become more courageous.

There are two times each day when I do show my ability to be brave as well as tenacious—breakfast and lunch.  (I don’t do dinner, as Calista Jo is normally in the chair next to Dad.) But like the quote in today’s Spark, it really is all about curiosity more than bravery.


bravery vs curiosity: White and black cat sitting on a counter with a bag of potato chips, with the quote, "Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery."


I am always determined to find out what Mom and Dad are eating and whether or not it is something I enjoy. I will doggedly (MOL) continue to get out of my chair and onto the island to investigate no matter how many times Mom and Dad tell me to get down, even if my favorite thing to nom (Brummell & Brown buttery spread) in not being served.

Misty May’s Favorite

As you can see, it was also one of Misty May’s favorites. Now I no longer need to fear interference from her. Does that make me brave?


bravery vs curiosity: Tuxedo cat licking the inside of a Brummell & Brown buttery spread container.


Astrid Nomming

Astrid has become more bold as well about checking out what is being offered without having to worry about Misty May chasing her away. And she is much less picky than I am. This photo is from dinner last night. Mom and Dad had gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce. She also likes milk, black beans, cheese, ham, turkey and just about anything else she can get her paws on.


bravery vs curiosity: Tortoise shell cat licking the inside of a Polish pottery bowl.


Oops, I think I may have gotten a tad off track with this post, so I hope you will forgive me. Whatever, I do know Mom is looking for both Astrid and me to develop our confidence and not just act on curiosity. After all, we all know that old proverb about curiosity and cats.

Mom says I have to tell you who the author of this Spark is. That would be James Stephens, an Irish novelist and poet who lived from 1880 to December 1950.

Sparks is the creation of Annie from McGuffy’s Reader. Sparks began as a blog hop, created by our friend. Annie stated when she began Sparks, “I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world.”

Awww Mondays

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Thanks for joining me on this circuitous journey.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth

The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky

It’s time again for our two fun-loving tabbies, Periwinkle & Stinky, to take-off on another adventure. Stinky is busy planning it, which means you can find them right here tomorrow. I know the kitties will be looking for you, so don’t forget to pop on over tomorrow.




Sunday Selfies: Week #475


Selfie of a large ginger cat surround by autumn leaves.


So what do you think? Did I snap a good selfie? I don’t mean to be conceited, but I think I look pretty terrific with my gorgeous ginger furs framed with autumn leaves. In fact, I think I look so terrific, that I told Mom I wanted her to make a puzzle. She was happy to oblige me, but for some reason, she made it without the leaf border. More of me to admire, I guess.

preview110pieceGinger Tabby in the Fall

Time to Hop

Now that I have shared my magnificent selfie with you, I hope you will share your selfie with all of us as well as your other friends. Participation was quite low last week. Mom is worried that we have done something to offend you all. She hasn’t been visiting much since Misty May developed her eye ulcer, as she was sleep deprived from having to do eye drops every four hours. Since Misty May passed, she hasn’t been feeling very social, but she promises to try to do better.

In case you have forgotten, the hop remains open through Thursday if you are too busy to join us today.

Finally, thank you so much for joining us today. We truly appreciate your support, comments and friendship.

Have an easy Sunday.

Purrs & paw pats, Cooper Murphy



Slightly Wordy Wednesday

Mom took me back to see Dr. McBain yesterday. She wanted her to reevaluate my eye ulcer.


cat vet recheck: tuxedo cat lying on a paw print mat in the vet's office.


Like Mom, Dr. McBain was pleased to see how much better my eye looks. She did a stain on it looking for any injuries, which she couldn’t do last time, as the ulcer was so large. She didn’t see anything. My eye still has a discharge, which means the ulcer has not sealed over yet. So, I am on another 10 days of antibiotic drops. I only need to get them twice per day, so neither Mom nor I have to get up in the middle of the night.

Now Sawyer needs to cooperate. After just one week since his last one, he had a seizure in middle of the night last night. Mom was up with him for two hours. So, she’s still over tired.

So that is my report for today. Thanks for checking in with us.

Purrs and paw-pats, Misty May

Though she was slightly wordy today, Misty May will be joining the Wordless Wednesday blog hop hosted by Sandee at Comedy Plus. You can do the same by clicking on the WW badge.


Also, due to wordiness, we are skipping our Looking Back post today. We’ll have one for you next week.



Sunday Selfies: Week #473


Selfie for Noelle: Grey tabby, Manx cat, in a fancy frame with a lace ribbon and blue flower with pearl.

When Mom asked me to take a selfie, I was not interested, but then she reminded me that Noelle would be happy to see me. So, after a moment of consideration, I agreed. I’ll admit, it’s not my best effort. But it was dinner time, and I was super hungry. You see, I had turned down both breakfast and lunch. I think most of you know, I can be very stubborn when it comes to eating my meals. I don’t like my meds, not even the tuna-flavored ones.

Anyhoo, all that’s beside the point. I am here to send my love to Noelle and to host our Sunday Selfies blog hop!

I sure hope you will join me here on the hop. All my fursibs and I are looking forward to seeing your adorable faces. And if you have any friends who have never joined in the fun, I certainly hope you’ll invite them to join us. As a reminder, our hop is open through Thursday, so you don’t even need to post today to join.

Thanks for coming to see us today. Once you’ve joined up, please have a delightful and easy Sunday.

Purrs and paw-pats, Sawyer (with love to Noelle)



Sunday Selfies: Week #468


Tuxedo cat with a rainbow catnip toy and surrounded by a rainbow heart frame.


I feel as if I just shared a selfie, but Mom says that it was five weeks ago on July 1. She totally caught me off guard in the bedroom and talked me into snapping a selfie. I don’t spend time in the bedroom, but I will occasionally sneak a few feet in the door for a moment. I saw the nip rainbow and just had to check it out!

This was the fourth selfie I snapped. The lighting was off, but it was the only one where I wasn’t looking down on the rainbow. Mom thinks my eyes are my best feature, so she selected this photo. I hope you like it.

Please, Hop With Me

I know all of you know how this works. I share my selfie as your host, and then you share yours by linking up. If you are new here, however, welcome. My fursibs and I are delighted to see you and hope we become good friends. The hop remains open through Thursday, so if you are too busy to join us today, we will be looking forward to seeing you sometime during the next few days.

Finally, thanks for being our followers, friends and supporters. And, don’t forget to have an easy Sunday.

Purrs & paw-pats, Lisbeth




Sunday Selfies: Week #464


Ginger cat (nickname gingersnap) framed in gold and orange with orange flowers.

I think most of you know that I am one of three gingersnap cats. The others are my friends and former Cat Scouts, Teddy (Two Spoiled Cats) and Chip. We were roommates at Scouts in the Cat Scout University dormitory. Though Cat Scouts has now ended, we will always be Scouts at heart and great friends.

As far as the giant part goes, I am a hefty boy at almost 20 pounds. Of course, next to my fellow gingersnap and bestest friend, Teddy, I am not that hefty. The way I see it, however, with both Teddy and me, it’s just more of us to love.

So, Mom, thought I looked so handsome in my photo, she made another puzzle. If it is as hot where you live, as it is here, staying inside and puzzling is a good plan.

preview110pieceGinger Cat with Flowers

Hopping Time

Now that I have shared my selfie, it’s time for you to share yours with us and all your other friends. I will admit that I am looking incredibly handsome today, but I also know that each of you are even more handsome, or in the case of all you girls out there, beautiful. And today is the day you get to show that off.

But, of course, as we remind you every week, it is not necessary to post today or even join the hop today. That remains open through Thursday.

Whenever you join our hop or just drop by to see your friends, all my fursibs and I thank you for stopping by to see us, commenting and being our friends.

Now go have an easy Sunday and try to stay cool. I find napping on my back with my tummy exposed is a great way to do just that. (And I know Teddy agrees.)

Purrs & paw-pats, Gingersnap Cooper Murphy



Sunday Selfies: Week #463

I was supposed to be here last week with my selfie, but I got supplanted by Sawyer. I wasn’t really disappointed. You know that I am one of the quiet, stay-in-the-background Kitties Blue. It’s probably one of the reasons I didn’t look at the camera for my selfie. I hope you like it anyway.



Mom said she’d make you a puzzle today, as she didn’t yesterday. Here it is.

preview120pieceTuxie Cat with Flowers

Thank You 

Sawyer asked me to tell everyone who left birthday greetings for him yesterday, “thank you.” He promises to share a proper thank you on Thursday and share some photos of his gifts if Mom can corral him.

Hopping Time

I sure hope now that I have shared my selfie with you, you will share one with me, all the other Kitties Blue as well as your many friends. We love seeing all your adorable faces each week, and we know you love showing off just how cute you are.

I know you in the U.S. and your families are celebrating the upcoming holiday this weekend, so if you can’t come by today that’s okay. Stop by anytime through Thursday. We’ll be waiting.

Thanks for joining us. Your friendship means the world to us. Have an easy Sunday.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth