Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #59

As we do each Friday, Kitties Blue are entering the Friendly Fill-Ins blog hop. This hop is hosted by Ellen (15AndMeowing) and Annie (McGuffy’s Reader). Ellen creates the first two statements for us to complete and Annie the second two. To enter the blog hop, click on the badge below and be whisked away to Annie’s blog.

Two cats and two humans completed the fill-ins this week. As always, our completions are in teal italics.

ASTRID: 1. A recurring dream I have is of my sweet husband, Sampson, from Kitty Cat Chronicles. Today is our first wedding anniversary. We were married last year in Phoenix at the BlogPaws Conference.


Astrid & Sampy celebrate their 1st anniversary.


DAD TOM: 2. If I could turn cat poo into money, we’d be rich. Dad cheated a bit on this one and added the three words at the beginning where a fill-in blank did not exist.

PETRETARY: 3. Lily Olivia is driving me crazy! If you are wondering why, here’s the reason: She constantly walks across the laptop keyboard making a circle around it so she can cross over again and again. When she is sitting in my lap, she must have her paws on the track pad, so I am unable to do anything.

MAU: 4. Lately, I have been wrasslin’ a lot with my brother, Cooper Murphy. It is all in good fun, of course! Cooper’s the one making all the noise!


Jackson Galaxy® Space Station Giveaway

As part of her birthday celebration, Calista Jo is giving away this really fun toy. The kitties reviewed it on Tuesday in their post, Space Station: Best Toy Ever. But to have the opportunity to win one, you must leave a comment on yesterday’s post, Birthday Party and Space Station Giveaway. Leave your comment prior to Monday, June 26, 5 p.m. ET for the chance to win. will be used to select the recipient, and the winner’s name will be posted the following day.

Calista Jo asked to show you a short video of her playing with the Space Station. Of course, as soon as I spoke to her, she quit playing and walked away.



We’ll be back tomorrow to share our Caturday Art and to participate in the very important Cat World Domination Day.



Friendly Fill-Ins: Week 53

It’s Friday so that means it is time for Friendly Fill-Ins, hosted by our good friends, Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Annie (McGuffy’s Reader). Each week they create four sentences to be completed by participants. Ellen creates the first two and Annie the second two.

This week some of Kitties Blue are helping me with the completions. We are using teal italics to indicate our fill-ins.

This is a blog hop. You can join by clicking on the badge above, which will take you to Annie’s blog.

Lily Olivia: 1. My favorite cereal is Cheerios. I sit and stare at Dad and his bowl until he gives me some. I used to be content with eating them dry, but once I discovered them dampened by milk, I refuse to eat them any other way.



Hand over those Cheerios now…or you’ll be sorry. I have claws, and I’m not afraid to use them.


Astrid: 2. My prom was non-existent, but I have been to several parties and dances at Cat Scouts with my handsome husband, Scout Sampson Hall (Kitty Cat Chronicles). You can read more about our relationship and see a slideshow here.



Petretary: 3. The most difficult thing about blogging is there is always more to learn.

Misty May: 4. I cannot help myself when it comes to bullying Astrid, but I have never physically hurt her. I just like to hear her squeal.  



Where’s that whippersnapper? I have some terrorizing to do!


That’s it for us today. We’ll be back tomorrow with our submission for the Caturday Art blog hop. And don’t forget our Sunday Selfies blog hop the following day.



Our Astrid does like herself some bling! When she and the love of her life, Sampson Hall, were married at the BlogPaws Conference last June, Sampy gave her an iridescent lavender collar. Attached were three slide-on charms: an S, a rhinestone heart and an A. At first I thought we might save the collar for special occasions, but as all the kitties wear their collars 24/7, Astrid has not had her collar off since she received it.

A couple of days ago, Astrid received a belated Valentine present from Sampy—two new charms. I wanted to get some photos that she could send to Sampy. Of course, Astrid decided to flaunt her tortitude and refused to look at me.


Astrid shows of collar charms


Astrid shows off collar charms


Though, she persisted in ignoring me, I finally was able to get a great photo of both her original and her new charms.


Astrid shows off collar charms


The new charms are the four-leaf clover and the peridot birthstone. Astrid’s birthday is in August. This is what Sampy wrote to Astrid: “The birthstone signifies my favorite month of the entire year – the month you were born. And the four-leaf clover signifies that you are my good luck charm for life. You must look so beautiful wearing all your bling.”

Astrid is praying that Sampy does think she looks beautiful.

I have linked to Astrid and Sampson’s wedding post (in the first paragraph) in case you missed it.

Giveaway Winner

Kitties Blue are excited to let you know that the winner of the Kooky Kittens Cat Massage Roller are Brian and the gang from Brian’s Home. With nine kitties in residence, we are certain that at least a few of them will enjoy being massaged. We suspect they’ll let everyone know about it after it arrives. For all of you who didn’t win, you can get your own massager from Kooky Kittens for just $9.95.

That’s all we have for you today. See you tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday. And you won’t want to miss our Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post. We know you will get a good laugh from it.



Wordless Wednesday


Cat Scouts Valentine Party

Waiting for trolley to leave for party: Charles & Lisbeth, Mauricio & Allie, Astrid & Sampson, Butler Jeeves, Spitty & Misty May.

Cat Scouts Valentine Party

The married couples: Mauricio and Allie, Sampson and Astrid

Cat Scouts Valentine Party

Charles & Lisbeth, Sampson & Astrid, Mau & Allie, Misty May & Spitty

Cat Scouts Valentine Party

The gorgeous ballroom with gorgeous party goers.

Carriage rides were available.

Carriage rides were available.

Valentine Party Cat Scouts

Cat Scouts Valentine Party memory photo with the whole gang.




 Wordless Wednesday at Create With Joy





Caturday Art

Those of you who follow Kitties Blue know that Astrid is our timid kitty. Most of that is derived from her fear of Misty (The Bully) May. To stay safe she has become a cave dweller. She hides herself away (unless she’s on my lap) in the shark bed, a cat tree cubby, the SleepyPod or any of the many enclosed cubbies, beds or boxes strategically placed throughout the house.

cave dweller - comfy cocoon #1Thanks to her thoughtful husband Sampy (Kitty Cat Chronicles), she now has another place to tuck herself away—a Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon. Sampy sent her one for Christmas along with an ornament with his very own paw print.

She loves snuggling into her cocoon. It is very small, and I am fairly certain none of the others would fit in it. Luckily for her, they haven’t tried.

cave dweller - comfy cocoon #2

I have gotten several photos of her, including this one with her eyes almost completely closed.

I used a similar photo of her with her eyes open to create our entry into this week’s Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. To generate our art, I started with a custom filter from Dreamscope, which I then manipulated using Ribbit, with a final edit in Picasa. It is not one of my most favorite creations, but I do find it interesting.


cave dweller - caturday art


caturdayartbannerIf you would like to see the other art entries and/or add one of your own to the blog hop, click on Athena’s badge.

christmas cat - cave dweller postAstrid was not the only one to receive a gift. Sampy’s mom, Emily, who I think of as a daughter, sent me this gorgeous cat statue.

Astrid and I send Sampy and Emily thanks, love, kisses and hugs. We both think our gifts are purrfect!

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Cat4-001The first week of  January is almost behind us, and tomorrow will mark week #126 of our selfies blog hop. We’ll be having another guest host tomorrow. Kitties Blue will have their paws crossed that oodles of you will decide to come by to see who it is and to join the hop. If you are new to our blog or the hop, all anipals are welcome regardless of species. The best part of the hop, besides having the opportunity to make new friends, is that as soon as you snap and post your selfie you have the entire day to enjoy a nice Easy Sunday. And with the snow and cold temps, we’re fairly certain that’s what we and most of our friends will be doing.

So until tomorrow…toodles.




A couple of weeks ago our friends, The Canadian Cats Shoko and Kali nominated us for the Happiness Tag. We are happy to accept and sincerely thank Kali and Shoko for selecting us as a blog that makes them happy. In accepting we have some responsibilities.

List five things that make us happy:

1. Vacationing on the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands

Tortola -  Happiness Tag


2. Family: Tom and kitties
3. Cycling and Swimming
4. Friends: both personal and blogging
5. Catio (Kitties Blue choice)


Happiness Tag - catio


Name five favorite songs that make us happy:

This was very difficult. So many songs make me happy, and some of my favorite make me melancholy and nostalgic. I love some of those just as much, but these five always make me happy.

California Girls – Beach Boys

In Your Arms – Quito Rymer


Happiness Tag - Quito


Young Turks – Rod Stewart

Whenever God Shines His Light – Van Morrison

You Never Can Tell – Aaron Neville


Admit to adoring five bloggers who make us happy and notify those bloggers:

All the blogs we read and follow make us happy, which made it particularly difficult to select just five. But it should be evident why we have selected these five.

happiness tag - Allie

Friends Furever – The blog of Mauricio’s wife, Allie, (and housemates Ellie and Raz)

Happiness Tag -   SampsonKitty Cat Chronicles – The blog of Astrid’s husband, Sampson, (as well as five other kitties, dog Lucy and the Sugar Gliders)

onespoiledcat– Best pal Sammy’s blog (home of the Tuesday Teaser and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday)

McGuffy’s Reader  – Annie is an amazingly talented writer and poet who has become a great friend. (As a bonus her household includes two woofies and four kitties.)

Bailey Boat Cat – Bailey is an honorary Kitty Blue

We are tagging these five blogs to complete the Happiness Tag challenge and hope each will accept and complete the task of naming those things which make them happy.

Once again, the kitties and I want to express our gratitude to Kali and Shoko for selecting us for the Happiness Tag!


Two days ago, Sampson (Kitty Cat Chronicles) and I celebrated the two month anniversary of our marriage. With that in mind, I asked Mom if I could write the poem for Sammy‘s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday. Our prompt letter for this week is “K.” Without unnecessary additional preamble here is my poem.

 Ode to My Husband

Sampy is my knight in shining armor.
He is gentle and kind and a charmer.
I am super proud to be his Missus.
When he writes he always sends me kisses.
A quadrillion kisses are never too many.
If for each one I had even a penny,
I ‘d be the richest kitty in the world.
But I don’t need money as I’m Sampy’s girl.
Sampy encourages me to be brave and strong.
With his love and support I can’t go wrong.
I am learning to chase my sisfurs away
When they try to bug me day after day.
Sampy has my heart. He’s my one true love.
Every night I pray to the stars above
We’ll have years and years to be together,
As I know our love will last forever and ever.

So no problem with that “K” prompt: knight, kind, kisses and kitty!




Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid with love, kisses and purrs to my husband Sampy


Everyone’s favorite blog hog has taken over our post again today. He’s written another poem for his Best Man Sammy‘s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday. Each week it is suggested that a letter of the alphabet be used as inspiration. This week’s letter is “G.” Mau thinks that is the purrfect letter for a poem about Allie‘s and his wedding last Saturday. It also gives him the opportunity to share a few more photos of that special day as well as of the honeymoon.

A Grand Affair

On Saturday I married the love of my life.
I cannot believe Allie is now my wife.
She was an absolute vision of Gorgeousness.
No Hollywood star could be more Glamorous.
But she wasn’t the only beauty of the day…
So was my sis Lisbeth when she caught the bouquet.
Her face lit up and she became downright Giddy.
She was indeed a totally happy kitty.
Allie and I’ve been away on our honeymoon,
But we’ll be back home and at Scouts very soon.
We’ll show more photos and tell you where we went,
And share some details of the joyful time we spent.
I am blessed to have a sweet and Generous wife
To whom I can give my love and spend my nine lives.


A Grand Affair 1

Wedding Party: Groomsman Charles, Best Man Sammy, Mau, Allie, Maid of Honor Gracie, Bridesmaid Anya, Bridesmaid Sundae


A Grand Affair 2

Allie and Mau on the dance floor at the Reception.


A Grand Affair 3

The Kitties Blue sisfurs: Lisbeth with the bridal bouquet, Giulietta, Calista Jo, Misty May, Astrid, Lily Olivia and Fiona


A Grand Affair 4

Allie and Mau in front of the Inn where they are honeymooning.


A Grand Affair 5

Newlyweds Sampson and Astrid join Mau and Allie for dinner.


Hope you enjoyed Mau’s poem and a few photos from Allie’s and his photo album.


Sunday Selfies: Week #99

Well, the boomers have already started here on Caturday night. Pffft. We had a patriotic post for Caturday and will have one tomorrow for the holiday. But today’s selfie has nothing to do with patriotism but rather love. That’s right, it’s another post about my marriage to Sampy.

Mom tried forever and ever to get me to take a special selfie to show off my wedding gift. Let’s just say that I was not cooperative. This is the collage she put together from the less than optimal photos. I am displaying my tortitude in the top one.


Astrid shows off her tortitude in her Sunday Selfies.


I’m guessing you probably can’t tell what Mom’s trying to get me to show off, so here’s a photo of the world’s most meowvolous gift EVER!


Astrid's blingy wedding gift from Sampson.


Check out that bling on the collar buckle and the S ♥ A. You can see a bit of my new collar in my three selfies.

Did you notice the ring setting atop the collar? That’s right…we had a double-ring ceremony. My ring says, Sampy ♥ Astrid, and Sampy’s says, Astrid ♥ Sampy. There are close-up photos below. I apologize for my mom’s less than stellar photography skills. She doesn’t know how to use Dad’s fancy equipment, and he is still away.


Astrid's wedding ring.


Mommy had the rings made so she and Mom Emily could wear them if they want. Mom has mine on right now, but when the new ID tag she has ordered for my collar arrives, she will hang the two together on the collar. Mom said that I probably won’t wear my blingy collar everyday as I have two other collars with ID tags. Mom found the collar I recently lost in Dad’s closet (of course, after she replaced it).

Mom has added Sampson to our The Felines page as he now is an official member of the family. She will get his vital statistics on the page very soon. I am now identified as Astrid Blue Hall on that page. To avoid confusion Mauricio, my sisfurs and I still will be known collectively as Kitties Blue.

So this may be my final post about Samy’s and my wedding. Allie and Mau are scheduled to be married at Cat Scouts on July 23. I suspect they soon will be getting all the attention.

Cat4-001This is week #99 of our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. We are a bit in shock that we are quickly going to reach two years of selfies. And that’s not all that’s coming up: our fourth blogoversary is later this month, and sometime before that, we will hit 1,000 posts. I’m not sure we can handle this much excitement. MOUSES!

Anyhoo, we hope you’ll join us for the blog hop and invite all your friends to hop on board. The link is below as is the code if you’d like to post the hop on your blog. If you decide to do so, please link back to The Cat on My Head and or display our badge. That will warm our furry little hearts and make Mom very happy.

One or more of us will be back tomorrow to share The Fourth will all our American friends.

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid with my undying love and oodles of kisses for my sweet Husband


We are entering Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art Blog Hop with an arty rendition of a photo of the bridal party and guests from Astrid’s and Sampson’s BlogPaws wedding. The original photo was shared on yesterday’s post and can be seen by clicking on the link at the bottom this page.


Arty rendition of Astrid's and Sampson's wedding created in Dreamscope using the Petals effect.


To create today’s art, I used the petals effect from Dreamscope and a frame from PhotoFaceFun. Even though Astrid looks a bit like a mummy due to her veil, I liked the colors and so decided to stick with this effect.

If you’d like to join us for Athena’s blog hop or see the other submissions, click on her badge.

 Sunday Selfie’s Blog Hop

Cat4-001We’ll be back tomorrow for week #98 of our blog hop. I’ll be posting from BlogPaws and will have a special selfie from the conference. Hope you’ll take the opportunity to not only join in but also to encourage your friends to hop along with Kitties Blue.

I’ll try my best to go live at the usual post time of 12:01 a.m. EDT. With Phoenix being three hours behind with reference to east coast time, I may be posting a bit later. Please don’t panic if the link is not available at the usual time. Just don’t forget to check back later and join us when you have the opportunity. The link always remains open for five days. Many thanks and see you tomorrow.