Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #59

As we do each Friday, Kitties Blue are entering the Friendly Fill-Ins blog hop. This hop is hosted by Ellen (15AndMeowing) and Annie (McGuffy’s Reader). Ellen creates the first two statements for us to complete and Annie the second two. To enter the blog hop, click on the badge below and be whisked away to Annie’s blog.

Two cats and two humans completed the fill-ins this week. As always, our completions are in teal italics.

ASTRID: 1. A recurring dream I have is of my sweet husband, Sampson, from Kitty Cat Chronicles. Today is our first wedding anniversary. We were married last year in Phoenix at the BlogPaws Conference.


Astrid & Sampy celebrate their 1st anniversary.


DAD TOM: 2. If I could turn cat poo into money, we’d be rich. Dad cheated a bit on this one and added the three words at the beginning where a fill-in blank did not exist.

PETRETARY: 3. Lily Olivia is driving me crazy! If you are wondering why, here’s the reason: She constantly walks across the laptop keyboard making a circle around it so she can cross over again and again. When she is sitting in my lap, she must have her paws on the track pad, so I am unable to do anything.

MAU: 4. Lately, I have been wrasslin’ a lot with my brother, Cooper Murphy. It is all in good fun, of course! Cooper’s the one making all the noise!


Jackson Galaxy® Space Station Giveaway

As part of her birthday celebration, Calista Jo is giving away this really fun toy. The kitties reviewed it on Tuesday in their post, Space Station: Best Toy Ever. But to have the opportunity to win one, you must leave a comment on yesterday’s post, Birthday Party and Space Station Giveaway. Leave your comment prior to Monday, June 26, 5 p.m. ET for the chance to win. will be used to select the recipient, and the winner’s name will be posted the following day.

Calista Jo asked to show you a short video of her playing with the Space Station. Of course, as soon as I spoke to her, she quit playing and walked away.



We’ll be back tomorrow to share our Caturday Art and to participate in the very important Cat World Domination Day.