Sunday Selfies: Week #99

Well, the boomers have already started here on Caturday night. Pffft. We had a patriotic post for Caturday and will have one tomorrow for the holiday. But today’s selfie has nothing to do with patriotism but rather love. That’s right, it’s another post about my marriage to Sampy.

Mom tried forever and ever to get me to take a special selfie to show off my wedding gift. Let’s just say that I was not cooperative. This is the collage she put together from the less than optimal photos. I am displaying my tortitude in the top one.


Astrid shows off her tortitude in her Sunday Selfies.


I’m guessing you probably can’t tell what Mom’s trying to get me to show off, so here’s a photo of the world’s most meowvolous gift EVER!


Astrid's blingy wedding gift from Sampson.


Check out that bling on the collar buckle and the S ♥ A. You can see a bit of my new collar in my three selfies.

Did you notice the ring setting atop the collar? That’s right…we had a double-ring ceremony. My ring says, Sampy ♥ Astrid, and Sampy’s says, Astrid ♥ Sampy. There are close-up photos below. I apologize for my mom’s less than stellar photography skills. She doesn’t know how to use Dad’s fancy equipment, and he is still away.


Astrid's wedding ring.


Mommy had the rings made so she and Mom Emily could wear them if they want. Mom has mine on right now, but when the new ID tag she has ordered for my collar arrives, she will hang the two together on the collar. Mom said that I probably won’t wear my blingy collar everyday as I have two other collars with ID tags. Mom found the collar I recently lost in Dad’s closet (of course, after she replaced it).

Mom has added Sampson to our The Felines page as he now is an official member of the family. She will get his vital statistics on the page very soon. I am now identified as Astrid Blue Hall on that page. To avoid confusion Mauricio, my sisfurs and I still will be known collectively as Kitties Blue.

So this may be my final post about Samy’s and my wedding. Allie and Mau are scheduled to be married at Cat Scouts on July 23. I suspect they soon will be getting all the attention.

Cat4-001This is week #99 of our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. We are a bit in shock that we are quickly going to reach two years of selfies. And that’s not all that’s coming up: our fourth blogoversary is later this month, and sometime before that, we will hit 1,000 posts. I’m not sure we can handle this much excitement. MOUSES!

Anyhoo, we hope you’ll join us for the blog hop and invite all your friends to hop on board. The link is below as is the code if you’d like to post the hop on your blog. If you decide to do so, please link back to The Cat on My Head and or display our badge. That will warm our furry little hearts and make Mom very happy.

One or more of us will be back tomorrow to share The Fourth will all our American friends.

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid with my undying love and oodles of kisses for my sweet Husband