Tortie Tuesday


 Adventure Away from Home

Stinky is even more excited than usual about the adventure he has planned for Periwinkle and himself this week. After his walkabout and being grounded, his mom and dad finally have agreed that he and Periwinkle can visit someplace new; though, with a few caveats. Dad Tom will be taking them part way, meeting them at their destination and bringing them home. Stinky decided that was way better than staying at home.

He impatiently waits for Periwinkle to arrive. When she tumbles out of the teleportation tunnel, Stinky grabs Periwinkle’s paw and leads her to his dad’s car without even a paw hug or whisker kiss. Once inside and buckled into their seat belts, Stinky apologizes and gives Periwinkle a huge whisker kiss. 

He tells Periwinkle, “I am so anxious for us to have a new, real adventure, I want to get on the road. I hope it’s okay.” Stinky takes Periwinkle’s paw in his, gives it a squeeze and then settles in for the car ride. Periwinkle places her head on Stinky’s shoulder, content to be together.

Both tabbies nap until they arrive at the Clifton Forge railway station. Dad Tom gets Stinky’s new backpack, which Periwinkle gave him last week; the tabbies release their seat belts and hop from the car. Dad Tom gives them each a hug, tells them to be careful and reminds them he will meet them at the train depot in Thurmond, West Virginia.

Riding the Rails

Periwinkle asks, “Are we going on a train trip?”

Stinky giggles and tells Periwinkle they are going on a special train trip. After a short wait the train arrives and makes a brief stop to pick up the tabbies.

Periwinkle gasps when she sees the train. “Oh my cat, Stinky, are we going to ride the rails like hobos?”

“Maybe not like hobos, but definitely like two tabbies on an adventure,” Stinky tells her as he grabs her paw and helps her up the ladder.


The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky


“Hold on tight, Periwinkle. I don’t want you flying off into the woods.”

“I promise,” Periwinkle replies and adds, “I love the feel of the wind in my furs, Stinky. This might be the best fun I have ever had!” Stinky beams with delight at Periwinkle’s declaration.

The tabbies admire the scenery as the train heads toward their destination. Talking isn’t possible as the noise from the wheels on the rails is much too loud.

Much too quickly for Periwinkle and Stinky, the train arrives at their pick-up point where Dad Tom will meet them.


The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky


As they wait for Dad Tom, Periwinkle and Stinky share some treats, and Periwinkle asks Stinky if he knows anything about where they are. He tells her a little about what he read before today’s trip.

Thurmond Depot

“From 1900 to 1920, Thurmond was among the greatest railroad towns along the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway. Coal brought from area mines gave the town the largest revenue on the railway line. Banks were the richest in West Virginia. Fifteen passenger trains passed through town each day. The depot served as many as 95,000 passengers per year. Stores and saloons were always busy, and the hotels and boarding houses were bursting with patrons.

“Unfortunately, with the arrival of diesel locomotives and less coal coming from local mines, the town began to steadily decline. The Thurmond Depot has been restored and serves as a visitor center. It’s exhibits and historic furnishings recreate the days when the railroad and coal were major themes in America’s history.”

“Are we going to visit the depot?”

“Not today, Periwinkle. But let’s plan to do that on a future adventure.”

Dunloup Falls

As Stinky is telling Periwinkle about Thurmond, Dad Tom arrives to take them to their destination: Dunloup Creek where they will visit the falls, which drop from a 20-foot high sandstone ledge into the New River Gorge. Dad Tom will be taking photos while the tabbies explore the surroundings.


The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky


“Wow, Stinky, this is so beautiful. I love waterfalls, and it has been a really long time since we visited any. But would you please be careful and not climb any further out on that limb.”

“Periwinkle, it is perfectly safe and sturdy, and there is room for two,” Stinky tells her.

Periwinkle hesitates, but finally climbs out to join him.


The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky


The tabbies sit for a long time just enjoying the falls and each other’s company. After Stinky’s misadventure, they are happy to be together again for their weekly visits. Finally, Periwinkle asks Stinky if they will be doing anything else while Dad Tom is taking photos. As a reply, Stinky leads her down from the tree and closer to the creek. He then opens his backpack and takes out and unfolds their fishing poles.

“I have no idea if this creek has any fish, but I know how much fun we had fishing with Cooper Murphy and Tyebe, so I decided to bring our poles with me,” Stinky tells her.



“Stinky, this was a great idea. Fishing is so relaxing. It doesn’t matter if we catch anything.”

When their arms get tired of holding their poles, Stinky and Periwinkle share a snack and then a nap in the sun until Dad Tom retrieves them for the trip home.

Both kitties immediately fall asleep in the car and nap the entire way back to Stinky’s home.

Home Again

Upon arrival, Dad Tom shows Periwinkle, Stinky, Stinky’s fursibs and Mom Janet the photos he has taken, including the ones of Periwinkle and Stinky, He then makes copies for Periwinkle to take home to show brofur Raz and Mom Sharon.

Finally it is time for Periwinkle to head home. She and Stinky share oodles of whisker kisses and paw hugs and tell each other, “I love you!” Periwinkle steps into her tunnel and is gone in a whoosh. Stinky goes through the cat door to the catio to nap and dream of Periwinkle and all the fun they had on today’s adventure.

The End

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Kitties Blue

Mom and Kate, sporting their cat ears.

Cat Style Lounge 

We kitties barely finished cleaning up the house before our humans got home from the BlogPaws Conference on Sunday evening. We were happy to have them home but sorry to see our five-day nip and treat party come to an end. Well, that was the case right up until the moment the swag bags started piling up and the most magnificent cat tower we’d ever seen came through the front door.

One of the best things about the BlogPaws Conference, according to our mom, is the Cat Style Lounge. It is packed with all the newest products available for kitties. And it is all provided by one of mom’s very favorite people, Kate Benjamin, of Hauspanther. At the conclusion of the Conference Kate gives away every item in the Lounge.

Mom and Dad have brought home some cool “goodies” previously, but this year they hit the jackpot. Check us out enjoying the Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower featuring a banana leaf sphere perched on top of a three-legged base standing 44″ tall.


Kitties inspect new tower.

Cooper Murphy was the first to check out the sphere as Mau looked on from the lower platform.

Cooper Murphy shows the other kitties how to get in and out of tower.

Mau is second of the kitties to investigate the tower sphere.

Astrid finds the sphere quite comfy.




The sphere has both a front and a top opening and a washable cushion on the inside, making it the purrfect spot for napping. One leg is wrapped with sisal for scratching and the raised bottom platform is carpeted for lounging. If you think this looks like something you’d enjoy, you can find it at Amazon.

Kate told Mom that we’d probably need another platform to use as a step up into the sphere. But the three of us who have been checking it out have leapt right up from the floor. Easy Peasy!

We are anxious to see what else Mom and Dad brought home, but we know nothing can beat this. “Thank you, Kate, for this most amazing prize. You are the cat’s meow!”

Mom will be sharing a variety of photos from the BlogPaws Conference tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday.



Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby Results

This is the happy portion of today’s post.

The Hooligan Paddy Wagon - Cat Scouts Cardwood DerbyOur Cat Scouts, Mau and Cooper Murphy, are thrilled to report that they did quite well in this year’s Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby thanks to our readers and friends voting for them. No they did not take first place. For the second year in a row, Scout Obi took that honor in his Furrarri. But…wait for it…they and Cat Scout Teddy (Angel Sammy’s young brother) and his Moojuice Truck were the first runners-up. Jackson Galaxy was this year’s celebrity judge. This is what he said about Cooper and Mau’s entry, “Since I deal with hooligans in my line of work, I could use a Hooligan Paddy Wagon!”

Cooper Murphy and Mau also placed in two of the four voting categories. These were determined by popular vote. They placed second in the Most Creative category and third in the Crowd Favorite category.

This is what Denmaster said about the boys’ entry, “I’d also like to thank Scout Mau and Scout Cooper Murphy for their service in keeping hooliganism down at the event. Scouts Reno and Homer (two of Denmaster’s Cat Scouts) enjoyed their time in the Hooligan Paddy Wagon. As a thank you for the service, you will receive Shenanigans brand ‘Hooligan in a Can.’ Hooligan in a Can purrvides you with all the stuff you need to engage in shenanigans and mayhem. It is not endorsed by the Cat Scouts High Council.” We don’t think this product actually exists!

Cooper Murphy, Mauricio and I would like to thank all of our friends and followers who voted for them.

Nellie Gets Her Wings

We learned yesterday that a good friend and blogging icon, the beautiful Queen Nellie, passed on Good Friday. Though Nellie’s health has been failing for quite sometime, she and all her friends hoped to celebrate her 19th birthday with a big party on May 15th. We know she’ll be having a huge party at the Bridge with all her friends who passed before her. And we know she was greeted with huge hugs and rousing purrs and woofs. Though she is no longer with us physically, she will remain in our hearts and memories forever. Run free, Nellie! We love you.


Nellie, Forever (1)


If you haven’t had the opportunity, please stop by Nellie’s blog, Nellie on the Edge, and leave your condolences for her mom, Barb.

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 11.12.00 PM


* Gnash, American Musician


Our Astrid does like herself some bling! When she and the love of her life, Sampson Hall, were married at the BlogPaws Conference last June, Sampy gave her an iridescent lavender collar. Attached were three slide-on charms: an S, a rhinestone heart and an A. At first I thought we might save the collar for special occasions, but as all the kitties wear their collars 24/7, Astrid has not had her collar off since she received it.

A couple of days ago, Astrid received a belated Valentine present from Sampy—two new charms. I wanted to get some photos that she could send to Sampy. Of course, Astrid decided to flaunt her tortitude and refused to look at me.


Astrid shows of collar charms


Astrid shows off collar charms


Though, she persisted in ignoring me, I finally was able to get a great photo of both her original and her new charms.


Astrid shows off collar charms


The new charms are the four-leaf clover and the peridot birthstone. Astrid’s birthday is in August. This is what Sampy wrote to Astrid: “The birthstone signifies my favorite month of the entire year – the month you were born. And the four-leaf clover signifies that you are my good luck charm for life. You must look so beautiful wearing all your bling.”

Astrid is praying that Sampy does think she looks beautiful.

I have linked to Astrid and Sampson’s wedding post (in the first paragraph) in case you missed it.

Giveaway Winner

Kitties Blue are excited to let you know that the winner of the Kooky Kittens Cat Massage Roller are Brian and the gang from Brian’s Home. With nine kitties in residence, we are certain that at least a few of them will enjoy being massaged. We suspect they’ll let everyone know about it after it arrives. For all of you who didn’t win, you can get your own massager from Kooky Kittens for just $9.95.

That’s all we have for you today. See you tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday. And you won’t want to miss our Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post. We know you will get a good laugh from it.



Tortie/Tuxie Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy

It’s not often that Mauricio lets one of his sisters get the upper paw, but that is exactly what happened on this particular night.

Before it’s time to go to sleep, Calista Jo likes to tuck herself under my left arm and snuggle in as close as she can without actually crawling into my skin with me. (She definitely would if she could!) Mauricio, however, was asleep very close to her spot. Lucky for C.J., he was more comatose than merely indulging in a cat nap. One would have thought he’d just completed a marathon or saved the neighborhood from marauding marmots single-pawed.

Anyhoo…this is what ensued, all while an oblivious Mauricio snoozed.


sleeping cats


sleeping cats


sleeping cats


sleeping cats


As long as I am not caught in the middle of a smacky-paws war or one of Mau’s and C.J’s pre-dinner, hissing and spitting, wrestling matches, I mind my own business and let sleeping cats lie!




Tortie Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy with Tummy, Toesies and Tail


tummy, toes and tail


As the title indicates, I managed to cover all my bases with this one photo! This is my favorite place and preferred position for snoozing, which means I often show off all my essential parts, tummy, toesies and tail. Oops! I just realized my toofies and tongue are missing. MOUSES! Dang, I may have failed, but I’m still cute. Right?

Anyhoo, if you didn’t know, this nice, fleecy blankie belongs to Mauricio. It was a gift from Allie. I am very lucky to be the baby of the family ’cause Mau never gets mad when I sleep on it. He rather sleep on top of one of the humans or between the two of them. And he likes to sleep horizontally to take up the most space possible.

Mau’s blankie is at the foot of the bed on Mom’s side, so I am her official feeties warmer. It’s nice to know that even when I am snoozing away, I can be useful and appreciated. Of course, one of my duties is to curl up against Mom’s back and purr her to sleep, so I only snooze on the blanket prior to bedtime and after she falls asleep.

Now, as to my tummy. If you’d like to kiss or snorgle it, I won’t protest….just as long as you do not awaken me with your mushiness.

Before signing off, Mom asked me to let y’all know that Fiona has her monthly check-up with Dr. Neel this afternoon. Fiona promises to give everyone an update on how she’s doing on either Thursday or Friday. Right now she is curled up in Dad’s lap having her own doozy of a snoozy.

Purrs and paw-pats, Calista Jo



Tuxie/Tortie Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy


Lisbeth does not remember snuggling photos with Calista Jo.


See that incredulous look on my face. Do you want to know how I got it?

Mom showed me the following photos, that’s how.


Lisbeth does not remember spooning with Calista Jo.


I absolutely don’t remember these photos being taken or the incident itself. Neither does Mom. She almost fell off her chair when she discovered the photos.

Calista Jo and I are not pals. We don’t chase each other or engage in wacky paws, but we do not cuddle, snuggle or spoon. What we do is hiss at each other whenever we come face to face. Then Calista Jo will slink past me as is only right. After all, she is the baby of the group.

Pawlympics2016+LARGE-1In addition to posting here, Mom entered these photos in the Blogville Pawlympics Snuggling Competition hosted by Marg’s Animals. Mom also entered a snuggly photo of Mauricio and Astrid.

The snuggling competition takes place on August 17.

We entered some of the other events as well, and Mom will share those events and photos in future posts.

Upcoming Posts

We have lots of exciting things coming up on the blog in the next few days, including our Fourth Blogoversary, a giveaway of BlogPaws Conference swag and Mau and Allie’s Wedding. Don’t forget to drop by each day so you do not miss out on any of these exciting events.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth


Topsy Turvy on Tuesday

When not cat-napping or cuddling with me, Calista Jo enjoys curling up in the cubby on the catio cat tree. She also enjoys causing Mau consternation. They wrestle with each other before almost every meal.

Today she combined her cubby time with pestering Mauricio. As you can see, he mostly just ignored her. The few moments of smacky paws took place so quickly, there are no photos.


Topsy Turvy Tortie Tuesday


Shortly after this photo session, Lisbeth approached the tree and began to work out on one of the scratching posts. She didn’t know C.J. was in the cubby. C.J. stuck her head out and just about scared the fur off Lisbeth. The two hissed at each other, and Lisbeth turned and took off as if her tail was on fire. So Calista Jo may not have riled up the calm, cool and collected Cat Scout Mau, but she did give Lisbeth a fur-raising moment.

Always fun times at the house of Blue Cats.

Thank You Friends

I sincerely appreciate all the kind words and well wishes after my face-plant accident on Saturday. In the future, I plan to stay in bed on April 23. Five years ago to the day I fell and broke my leg. At least this Saturday’s injuries should not take the 22-weeks to heal my leg did. The kitties think I should post a photo of my face, but I don’t want to frighten anyone.


It’s been ages since I did a Doozy of a Snoozy post. It’s not that photos of such snoozes haven’t been taken. With eight cats several are always napping at on time or another. Anyhoo…

Tom took this photo of Calista Jo yesterday. She was sleeping in her usual spot on our bed while I was resting after acupuncture.

She didn’t even twitch a whisker when the photo was snapped and continued her cat nap undisturbed.


Tortie Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy


Our doozy snoozies usually include at least two cats, and in a way, this one does too. And it’s not only life imitating art pillow but joining in as well. If I didn’t know better, I would think that C.J. had staged this just to make her dad and me smile. Hope it makes all of you smile as well.

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