Wordless Wednesday


Cat Scouts Valentine Party

Waiting for trolley to leave for party: Charles & Lisbeth, Mauricio & Allie, Astrid & Sampson, Butler Jeeves, Spitty & Misty May.

Cat Scouts Valentine Party

The married couples: Mauricio and Allie, Sampson and Astrid

Cat Scouts Valentine Party

Charles & Lisbeth, Sampson & Astrid, Mau & Allie, Misty May & Spitty

Cat Scouts Valentine Party

The gorgeous ballroom with gorgeous party goers.

Carriage rides were available.

Carriage rides were available.

Valentine Party Cat Scouts

Cat Scouts Valentine Party memory photo with the whole gang.




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Thoroughly Poetic & Thankful Thursday



charles heart

Close to My Heart

I have a special someone in my life.
I love him with all my heart.
He is gentle, kind and understanding.
And did I mention, he is smart?

He’s the handsome Cat Scout Charles.
He makes all my dreams come true.
With his loving and caring ways,
He makes me happy when I’m blue.

He’s Prince Charming and my hero
For his helpfulness for others.
He got a special peer award at Scouts,
And Mau considers him a brother.

Charles sends me the sweetest notes.
He makes me feel so special and loved.
I’d like to show him how I feel in person
And give him a huge, warm hug.

For now we will gaze on each other’s photos
And dream about some future time,
When we can snuggle close together.
Oh, that will be heaven and sublime!

© Lisbeth Blue 02/01/2017


Lisbeth gives her heart


The photos are of me opening my Christmas gift and checking out my card from Charles as well as with the catnip, parrot toy he sent. I also got some other special gifts that I will share in a future post.

I was less than cooperative or interested when Mom helped me open my gift. I have not been in the best mood since Cooper Murphy joined the Kitties Blue Krew. I have been hissing and growling at everyone except Giulietta and Mauricio. I haven’t smacked anyone as I let them know to stay away with my scary sounds and flattened ears.

I hope my sweet love Charles won’t dump me when he hears about what a stinker I have been. I love and appreciate him so much. I am thankful to have him in my life.

I am pawticipating in both Sammy’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday and Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. The prompt letter for our poem this week is “H.”

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth







Caturday Art

Today is a super special day, and I don’t mean New Year’s Eve; though, it is that. But most importantly, it is my boyfriend, Cat Scout Charles Elbert Mallory’s, birthday!

I asked Mom if I, Lisbeth, could do the art today as a birthday gift for Charles, and she didn’t hesitate in granting my request. Before I present my art, I have a little present for Charles.


Happy Birthday Charles


Just two nights ago, I purloined this cricket away from Astrid so I could send it to Charles. Unfortunately the cricket disappeared. I suspect Astrid ate him. But Dad Tom did get a photo of me to share with Charles. I certainly hope he appreciates my effort!

Even though I could not send Charles that tasty cricket, I did make this art especially for him. I’m pretty certain he’ll like it.


Happy Birthday Charles


Mom helped me with my art. We used a filter in Dreamscope and then added two different borders in piZap and finally the black border using Picasa.

caturdayartbannerI am entering my art in Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. We never miss this hop, as experimenting with the many free photo-editing apps is one of Mom’s favorite things to do. If you’d like to enter some art of your own and/or view some of the other cool creations, click on Athena’s badge.

Sunday Selfies

Cat4-001For our first selfies hop of 2017, we will have a guest host. It is a very special kitty, so we all have our paws together praying that you will stop by and meet her.

We were so happy to have 40 participants in our Christmas Day hop. We know that was a busy day for most of our friends, so we really appreciate those who made the effort to hop. Just remember, even if your humans party a bit too much tonight, and you cannot make it by on Sunday, the hop remains open each week until Thursday at midnight.

Wishing you all a fun and SAFE New Year’s Eve.

Purrs and paw-pants, Lisbeth, with love and kisses to Charles




Mauricio, Astrid and Lisbeth all have significant others as most of you already know. Each of them received some incredible gifts from those kitties: Astrid from Sampy, Mau from Allie and Lisbeth from Charles.

With Fiona’s illness, all the gifts were not opened until several days after Christmas. Allie, Sampy and Charles were so generous that all our kitties will be sharing. Calista Jo tore the paper off of, played with and absconded with a toy. Lily Olivia got so carried away with a catnip toy that she horked on an unopened gift, the bed and the rug. The two latter incidents occurred prior to any of the actual recipients arriving on the scene.

I am not going to write too much about the gifts but share photos in a slideshow.


[slideshow_deploy id=’18804′]


Needless to say, all the fur balls had a terrific holiday and received more gifts than they deserved. What they don’t know is that they have one more gift to open from their dad and me.

Lisbeth absolutely loves to crawl under the covers with us at night. I believe her new blanket, which she adores, may eliminate her need to burrow with us.

Mauricio, Lisbeth, Astrid and I send our sincere thanks to Allie and Mom Sharon, Charles and Mom Inge and Sampy and Mom Emily (Kitty Cat Chronicles) for their thoughtfulness and generosity. They are the best of friends, and the kitties and I love them all bunches.

Finally, in case you did not see it on Allie’s blog (Friends Furever), Mau asked if I would please share a photo of his main gift to Allie.



I commissioned this pen and watercolor portrait of the couple from Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen. Most of you know him from One Drawing Daily and from creating drawings of many of our furry friends, including Mau and Lily Olivia. I was amazed at how he totally captured these two love birds and can never thank him enough for creating something so beautiful.


Sunday Selfies: Week #61

Cat4-001So…I told the instigator of the Sunday Selfies that if I had to be the subject of this week’s entry, it was going to be one and done. And it was. As I am pretty shy, I refused to look directly at the camera when I snapped this with the remote. Consequently I didn’t center myself very well, cut off part of my right ear and didn’t show off my beautiful collar. (It was a present from my boyfriend, Cat Scout Charles, for my birthday.) Pffft! At least it’s not too blurry.

I also demanded one of those super fancy frames from so I could send this photo to Charles. I tried out several different frames, but this was my favorite! I do think it looks romantic, and I sure hope Charles likes it.




As we told you yesterday, we had 6o friends joining us last week, including some new ones.

Last week’s unusual selfie once again came from our friends at PepiSmartDog. It was a beautiful wild Barn Owl. Sometimes we find owls to be a bit scary looking, but not this one with it’s inquisitive, white face. We can’t wait to see what unusual critters stop by to visit today.

I hope you will accept my apology on behalf of all Kitties Blue for not visiting and commenting on all the blogs of last week’s purrticipants. Mom was busy purrparing for that impawtant interview with a special animal behaviorist, whose initials are J.G. (More to come with regard to that near the end of the month.)

To join the hop, click the link below. If you have any problems, leave us a comment and our mom will add the link for you. To include the hop on your bog, use the code provided below. Please include our badge and/or link back to The Cat on My Head if you do this.

Thanks to all our friends and supporters who join us each week. You rock!

The Cat’s Out of the Bag Book Winners

Mom asked me to announce the winners of this great book by Max Cryer. They are:

Lone Star Cats 

Tails from the Foster Kittens

Mom will be getting your snail mail addresses to send to the publisher, who will be mailing the books.

My Pet Human Book Giveaway

romanticOur newest giveaway for the adorable book, My Pet Human, written and illustrated by Jasmine Surovec continues. To read the review and leave a comment for the opportunity to receive a copy, click here. Comments must be received by Friday, October 16, at 5 p.m. EDT.

Purrs and paw-pats (with kisses for Charles), Lisbeth


Flat cats are nothing new among traveling pet bloggers. But now flat versions of Cat Scouts are traveling worldwide. So far only one Scout has visited Kitties Blue, but it was a most important Scout—Lisbeth’s boyfriend Charles. We have shared a few photos of him previously when Lisbeth opened the birthday gifts he sent for Astrid’s and her birthday. If you missed that post, My Boyfriend is Better than Your Boyfriend, you can see it here.

Many Scouts are doing fun and exciting things on their visits, but Lisbeth didn’t want to let Charles out of her sight. The most exciting thing he got to do was try out the new cat tree/condo on the catio. That was just about the only time they weren’t together. You can see a couple of other times (when he met Fiona and then Giullieta) in the collage below.




Though Charles visited as part of Cat Scouts, and he and Mauricio are great friends as well as troop and patrol mates at Scouts, Mau was not a good host. In the upper right photo, Mauricio is watching Lisbeth as she stares at Charles. That’s as nice as it got. When I tried to photograph them together, Mau kept knocking Charles over and even attempted to take a big bite out of him. (Definitely not good Cat Scout behavior on Mauricios part!) If it looks as though they are sharing the cat tree amicably, they are…but only because Mau is a flat cat in that photo as well. (The only reason Calista Jo is sharing the tree is because Charles and Mauricio are faux felines!)

Mauricio has not been visiting any of his Scout friends as yet. He will visit with the Worldwide Wildcat Troop Leader, Sammy Kimmell (onespoiledcat), beginning on Monday. From there he will begin his travels to visit some other Scouts. He wants those visits to be surprises so he’s not letting me share his itinerary here.

If you are following Charles’ adventures, you’ll be able to find him next at 15 and Meowing visiting Scout Sammy Pilch.

If you think all this traveling sounds like fun, you might want to join Cat Scouts. It’s just one of a variety of activities you can enjoy when you are a Scout. If you join now, you can participate in the Cat Scout Annual Carnival this weekend.

We all thank Charles for visiting and being such an excellent house guest. Lisbeth is heartbroken that he had to leave but thankful for all the wonderful memories. He is welcome to return anytime.

[Today we offer purrs and prayers to all the families, friends and colleagues of those who lost their lives on 9/11. They remain in our hearts always as do those who survived the collapse of the towers and attack on The Pentagon.]



Lisbeth claims that her boyfriend Charles is the best on the planet. Astrid, of course, claims that Sampy (Kitty Cat Chronicles) is the best boyfriend. They are like children in the schoolyard arguing about this. We suspect if Allie (Friends Furever) was here, she’d claim Mauricio ranked number one in the boyfriend department. But Lisbeth claims to have photographic proof and submits it here for your opinion.




Lisbeth admits that Sampy sent Astrid some nice birthday gifts. You can see those here. But Sampy did not deliver them in person as Charles did. Yep, that’s him in the photos.

Charles is traveling as part of the flat Cat Scouts program. That means he’d be here to visit Cat Scout Mau even if Lisbeth was not his girlfriend. So she considers herself pretty fortunate to have him here and plans to spend as much time with him as possible. Their interactions, however, will be monitored. Head-butting, bathing each other, kissing and snuggling are okay, but no inappropriate hanky panky is allowed.

Lisbeth and others of the Kitties Blue will be sharing more photos of Charles later in the week. And we promise to share photos of of the cats playing with the terrific Pull ‘n Play Charles sent as well as the other toys.

Lisbeth also will be wearing and showing off her beautiful new collar she is inspecting in the upper right photo. She is blowing a kiss to the real, in-the-fur Charles in the photo on the lower left.

Mauricio has not created his flat Cat Scout, but he does hope to be of visiting friends very soon, starting with his girlfriend Allie, of course. We aren’t sure about Scout Sampy. His family just moved a week ago so we expect he’s staying pretty close to home for now. When Mau starts traveling and some of his other Cat Scout friends visit us, we’ll be sharing photos here.

Lisbeth is sending kisses and purrs to her handsome, generous and thoughtful boyfriend.




When Lisbeth asked to do the Sunday Selfies post today, I couldn’t turn her down. She rarely requests anything (except for butt scritches) and is not the most social of Kitties Blue.

Image 2-012Lisbeth said that she wanted to do something as a special surprise for her boyfriend, Cat Scout Charles (that’s him at the right), and this is what she selected. She has her paws crossed that he likes it. I don’t think Lisbeth needs to worry about that. She looks so sweet and precious.





We are looking forward to seeing our faithful supporters and old friends here for our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. First-time participants are always welcome as making new friends is one of our favorite pastimes.



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Tuesday = Third Blogoversary

It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that Tuesday (the 21st) will mark the passing of three years since The Cat on My Head’s first post. As I normally don’t post on Mondays, that will make our Tuesday post the 696th. I’d hoped to make it to number 700 for the occasion, but…

We’ll be giving away several great prizes to commemorate this milestone, including a print by Katzy. So please come back, celebrate with us and leave a comment to enter the giveaway.


We had planned to share these Valentine cards yesterday, but Mom has been helping Mau put together a Mardi Gras party for Cat Scouts and so couldn’t help us yesterday.

Fiona and Giulietta received both of these lovely Valentine cards from Clooney. Wow, he is handsome!


Valentine received


Valentine received


Allie made this beautiful card with her own paws. Mau received it by good, old-fashioned snail mail on Valentine’s Day. Isn’t she talented as well as beautiful?


Mau-Allie Valentine Card received


This is the special Valentine Lisbeth received from her beau, Cat Scout Charles.


Valentine received


Astrid and Sampson celebrated not only Valentine’s Day but the one-year anniversary of their first date. Here’s what the always romantic and thoughtful Sampy sent her.


Valentine received


Finally, we wanted to share one more photo from our special night at the Cat Scouts Hearts & Flowers Dance.


L to R: Misty May, Spitty, Allie, Mau, Sampy, Astrid, Charles & Lisbeth.

L to R: Misty May, Spitty, Allie, Mau, Sampy, Astrid, Charles & Lisbeth.


Let the Good Times Roll and enjoy Fat Tuesday. We’ll see you all tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday!

Purrs and paw-pats, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid and Lisbeth



As Giulietta had the opportunity to share her Valentine for Clooney last Sunday and Fiona did the same on Wednesday, some of the others demanded equal representation. For our Sunday Selfies today, Mauricio, Astrid and Lisbeth are sharing the Valentine cards they sent to their significant others. Tomorrow we will share the Valentines they received as well as others.




Though Charles and Lisbeth have been dating for a while and have been boyfriend and girlfriend for a couple of months, this was their first Valentine’s Day together.




Allie and Mau are both Cat Scouts in the same troop (Wildcats) and patrol (Wolverines), so he thought it would be fun to show them both in their neckerchiefs. They’ve been together for quite sometime but just professed their love for each other during the holidays.




One year ago yesterday Astrid and Sampy had their first date at Madi’s Queen of Hearts Dance. If you follow Kitty Cat Chronicles, you saw their 2014 photo there yesterday. If you are not a follower, click here to see it. Astrid and Sampy are truly a match that was meant to be. They adore each other. And Sampy has given Astrid confidence that she was severely lacking.

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