Lisbeth claims that her boyfriend Charles is the best on the planet. Astrid, of course, claims that Sampy (Kitty Cat Chronicles) is the best boyfriend. They are like children in the schoolyard arguing about this. We suspect if Allie (Friends Furever) was here, she’d claim Mauricio ranked number one in the boyfriend department. But Lisbeth claims to have photographic proof and submits it here for your opinion.




Lisbeth admits that Sampy sent Astrid some nice birthday gifts. You can see those here. But Sampy did not deliver them in person as Charles did. Yep, that’s him in the photos.

Charles is traveling as part of the flat Cat Scouts program. That means he’d be here to visit Cat Scout Mau even if Lisbeth was not his girlfriend. So she considers herself pretty fortunate to have him here and plans to spend as much time with him as possible. Their interactions, however, will be monitored. Head-butting, bathing each other, kissing and snuggling are okay, but no inappropriate hanky panky is allowed.

Lisbeth and others of the Kitties Blue will be sharing more photos of Charles later in the week. And we promise to share photos of of the cats playing with the terrific Pull ‘n Play Charles sent as well as the other toys.

Lisbeth also will be wearing and showing off her beautiful new collar she is inspecting in the upper right photo. She is blowing a kiss to the real, in-the-fur Charles in the photo on the lower left.

Mauricio has not created his flat Cat Scout, but he does hope to be of visiting friends very soon, starting with his girlfriend Allie, of course. We aren’t sure about Scout Sampy. His family just moved a week ago so we expect he’s staying pretty close to home for now. When Mau starts traveling and some of his other Cat Scout friends visit us, we’ll be sharing photos here.

Lisbeth is sending kisses and purrs to her handsome, generous and thoughtful boyfriend.