Caturday Art

Today’s art is special as it is in celebration of a wonderful and memorable occasion—Astrid and Kitty Cat Chronicles’ Sampson’s second wedding anniversary.


Anniversary Caturday Art


Astrid and Sampy married at the BlogPaws Conference in Phoenix in 2016. Here’s one of their official wedding photos. Calista Jo was maid of honor and Mau was best man.



To create the arty card, I used Adornpic, Picasa, PicMonkey and piZap. It’s my entry in Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. To join in the blog hop or see creations by your fellow bloggers, click on Athena’s badge.

Cat World Domination Day & Sunday Selfies

smaller Cat World Domination Day graphicNot only is tomorrow our Sunday Selfies blog hop but it’s also Cat World Domination Day. Of course, cats dominate the world and all humans everyday, but June 24 is officially recognizes that. This special day, established by Sparkle, is now being carried on by her successor, Summer. A party will be taking place at with food, selfie props, and as always, a giveaway! So after you have taken and posted your selfie and joined our blog hop, stop by and join Summer, Binga and Boodie for Cat World Domination Day.

Looking forward to seeing y’all tomorrow.



Our Astrid does like herself some bling! When she and the love of her life, Sampson Hall, were married at the BlogPaws Conference last June, Sampy gave her an iridescent lavender collar. Attached were three slide-on charms: an S, a rhinestone heart and an A. At first I thought we might save the collar for special occasions, but as all the kitties wear their collars 24/7, Astrid has not had her collar off since she received it.

A couple of days ago, Astrid received a belated Valentine present from Sampy—two new charms. I wanted to get some photos that she could send to Sampy. Of course, Astrid decided to flaunt her tortitude and refused to look at me.


Astrid shows of collar charms


Astrid shows off collar charms


Though, she persisted in ignoring me, I finally was able to get a great photo of both her original and her new charms.


Astrid shows off collar charms


The new charms are the four-leaf clover and the peridot birthstone. Astrid’s birthday is in August. This is what Sampy wrote to Astrid: “The birthstone signifies my favorite month of the entire year – the month you were born. And the four-leaf clover signifies that you are my good luck charm for life. You must look so beautiful wearing all your bling.”

Astrid is praying that Sampy does think she looks beautiful.

I have linked to Astrid and Sampson’s wedding post (in the first paragraph) in case you missed it.

Giveaway Winner

Kitties Blue are excited to let you know that the winner of the Kooky Kittens Cat Massage Roller are Brian and the gang from Brian’s Home. With nine kitties in residence, we are certain that at least a few of them will enjoy being massaged. We suspect they’ll let everyone know about it after it arrives. For all of you who didn’t win, you can get your own massager from Kooky Kittens for just $9.95.

That’s all we have for you today. See you tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday. And you won’t want to miss our Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post. We know you will get a good laugh from it.



Sunday Selfies: Week #117


Astrid's vintage-inspired selfie.


I know you all came by to see me…the itty bitty tortie, and what do you get? A whole lot of frame with an itty bitty photo of me. I cannot say that gives me the warm fuzzies to have the petcretary put more emphasis on the frame than me. But, as everyone knows, I am at her mercy. MOUSES!

Anyhoo, I decided to do a profile selfie today. You can still see one of my lovely green eyes!

Now that my husband Sampy’s mom, Emily, is blogging again, I sure hope he stops in to see me. I’ve missed him terribly, and we’ve all missed our friends at Kitty Cat Chronicles.

Cat4-001Now that you have admired my gorgeousness, please link up your own selfie to share. And invite all you critter friends to join us. You know, they are all welcome to show themselves off here. And if you don’t post on Sundays, link up to a post from earlier in the week. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t get here on Sunday. The blog hop remains open through Thursday.

And please add the hop to your blog if you like. The code is below. All my fursibs, the petcretary and I would be most thankful if you display our badge and/or link back to The Cat on My Head. Thank you!

Purrs and paw-pats and lots of love and kisses to my husband, Sampy, Astrid



Everyone’s favorite blog hog has taken over our post again today. He’s written another poem for his Best Man Sammy‘s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday. Each week it is suggested that a letter of the alphabet be used as inspiration. This week’s letter is “G.” Mau thinks that is the purrfect letter for a poem about Allie‘s and his wedding last Saturday. It also gives him the opportunity to share a few more photos of that special day as well as of the honeymoon.

A Grand Affair

On Saturday I married the love of my life.
I cannot believe Allie is now my wife.
She was an absolute vision of Gorgeousness.
No Hollywood star could be more Glamorous.
But she wasn’t the only beauty of the day…
So was my sis Lisbeth when she caught the bouquet.
Her face lit up and she became downright Giddy.
She was indeed a totally happy kitty.
Allie and I’ve been away on our honeymoon,
But we’ll be back home and at Scouts very soon.
We’ll show more photos and tell you where we went,
And share some details of the joyful time we spent.
I am blessed to have a sweet and Generous wife
To whom I can give my love and spend my nine lives.


A Grand Affair 1

Wedding Party: Groomsman Charles, Best Man Sammy, Mau, Allie, Maid of Honor Gracie, Bridesmaid Anya, Bridesmaid Sundae


A Grand Affair 2

Allie and Mau on the dance floor at the Reception.


A Grand Affair 3

The Kitties Blue sisfurs: Lisbeth with the bridal bouquet, Giulietta, Calista Jo, Misty May, Astrid, Lily Olivia and Fiona


A Grand Affair 4

Allie and Mau in front of the Inn where they are honeymooning.


A Grand Affair 5

Newlyweds Sampson and Astrid join Mau and Allie for dinner.


Hope you enjoyed Mau’s poem and a few photos from Allie’s and his photo album.


Astrid’s & Sampy’s Wedding

Astrid and Sampy's Official Wedding Portrait


Astrid and Sampson (Kitty Cat Chronicles) were officially wed in a small ceremony yesterday at the BlogPaws Conference in Phoenix. The Pawparazzi were snapping photo after photo, but their official wedding portrait was created by Lorianne Miller (Four-Legged Furballs). I added the frame using PhotoFaceFun.


The wedding party and guests.

The wedding party and guests.


Rings and gifts were exchanged and vows made.

Astrid and Sampson will share additional photos sometime next week.

The new bride asked if she could complete the Friendly Fill-Ins for this week. How could I possibly refuse.

FriendlyFillInsThe Friendly Fill-Ins are four fun and easy statements to complete. Ellen of 15andmeowing provides the first two statements and the final two are from Annie at McGuffy’s Reader. This is a blog hop. You can add your link on Annie’s blog.

Here are week #7’s statements. Astrid’s completions are in teal italics.

1. My feelings get hurt when my sisfur, Misty May, chases and bullies me.

2. I am excited about now being married to the love of my life, Sampson (Sampy) Hall.

3. Astrid Blue first, then Astrid Blue Hall.

4. One time, I fell in love; that’s why I got married.

That’s all for now. I’ll be sharing more from BlogPaws tomorrow.



My sweet boyfriend and love of my life, Sampy (Kitty Cat Chronicles), sent some special birthday gifts just for ME. He’s always so thoughtful.

Each day we have our stinky goodness breakfast and dinner from generic white bowls. But from now on, I am eating my meals from this special bowl Sampy selected for me.




It has two kitties on the bottom with red hearts. Every time I eat my noms from this bowl, I will be thinking of Sampy and me.

I also got some of my favorite treats, Temptations, and this little, pink mousey toy. When Mom turns on the mouse it scoots all over the place and a bright green light shines from its nose. Mom tried to get a video of me playing with it but was unsuccessful. She’ll keep working on that, and I’ll post a video in the future. I also got this super cute card. The message inside is private, of course.

Thank you, Sampy. You are the best boyfriend in the world. I love you!












Lisbeth’s and my birthday gift from Mom is supposed to arrive today. She hasn’t told us what it is. She’s super good about keeping secrets. We are anxious to find out what we are getting. We’ll let you all know later in the week what it is and whether or not we like it.

See you all tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday. Mauricio and I will be sharing the post.

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid



I was coerced into taking a selfie today as I was sitting on Mom’s lap while all the other Kitties Blue were on the catio. I resisted a lot and made Mom delete a whole lot of very blurry furry photos. Try saying that three times fast! MOL! Anyhoo, I figured if I had to do it, I would fancy up my photo with a pretty frame and dedicate it to my true love, Sampy. I have my paws crossed that he will like it.




We thought today was a pretty big deal as we mistakenly counted this as the 52nd week of our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. One entire year of selfies. But guess what? It is only week 51! Mom has always been math challenged, but she blames Linky Tools.

Even though we find another week must roll by before we can claim that one year title, we are going to say THANK YOU this week and again next week. All of us, including Mom, are surprised at how successful the blog hop has been. We are delighted that so many friends join each week and seem to have fun with it.

We’ve particularly enjoyed the Sundays when we have had a guest host as none of us have to make certain our furs are in order and that we don’t have any noms on our faces.

We all were curious to find which of the eight of us posted the most selfies and so asked Mom to count them up for us. Here are the results: Me (Astrid) = 9; Mauricio = 8; Lisbeth = 8; Fiona = 6; Giulietta = 6; Lily Olivia = 6; Calista Jo = 5; Honorary Kitty Blue Swizzle = 3 and Misty May = 2. That equals 53, but we have had some “groupies” and this doesn’t include our guest hosts.

I’m really not surprised that I have been featured the most often. After all, I am Mom’s “heart” cat. So, I guess that means I get to declare myself Queen of the Selfies.

We are all feeling a bit embarrassed about Misty May only having two selfie posts. In light of this, Mom has proclaimed our actual 52nd Sunday Selfies post (next weekend): MISTY MAY SELFIE DAY. The challenge will be getting her to take that selfie and share it with you.

Cat4-001Well, back to this Sunday…we look forward to seeing all your selfies and visiting your blogs. To add your link, click below. And please add the hop to your blog if you’d like by getting the code below. We only ask that you link back to The Cat on My Head and/or display our badge. Many thanks again, dear friends.

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid (with dozens of kisses for Sampy)


I asked Mom to please let me do the Sunday Selfie post today. It sounded like a really good idea as I wanted to show you my newest gift from my boyfriend, Sampy (Kitty Cat Chronicles). This unfortunately required removing my collar and putting it back on again. I felt so free being nekkid, I did not want to put my collar back on again. I zoomed around the house just out of Mom’s reach. I wouldn’t even come for treats or freshly ground nip! I also screamed at her some! Can you say, STUBBORN!

I finally succumbed to her advances and allowed her to redress me. The selfies I took after that show my extreme displease. I sure hope Sampy likes them anyway.




How do you like my new lavender flower with the extra special center bead? It matches my collar purrfectly. Sampy’s mom, Emily, made it for me. All my sisfurs and I got flowers for Christmas as well. But I am the only one of us with two, and both of mine are special…just like me.

If you would like to see me wearing my other flower you can click here.

Mom Emily makes flowers and bow-ties and lots of other cool stuff. You can check out her Etsy shop, Ems Crochet Creations, by clicking here.

I sure hope none of you mind that I preempted this week’s guest host selfie. Mom says the guest hosts will be back next week.

Okay, as you know, this is a blog hop, and it’s time to take and submit your selfies. All anipals are welcome and encouraged to join us. If you have been hesitant about joining in on the fun, make this Sunday the one when you snap and submit your very first Sunday Selfie. It is quick and easy, and you have the remainder of the day to get your Easy on.

If you’d like to have the blog hop appear on your Sunday Selfies post, the code is below. Mom just asks that you display our badge and/or link back to us.

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid (with love and kisses to Sampy)






Hi efurrybuddy! It’s Astrid here. I have hijacked the blog today for a super-duper, extra special post. Today is my boyfriend Sampy’s (Sampson from Kitty Cat Chronicles) third birthday. Yippee!

Though Mom has a little trouble remembering birthdays, I only have to remember two…Sampy’s and mine.

Sampy is the most wonderful boyfriend. He is sensitive and kind and generous and sweet and HANDSOME! I am a very shy cat, and he has helped me gain confidence and not take as much bullying from my fursibs. It makes me feel so special to know that he loves me. And HE IS the love of my life.

I sent a few little prezzies to Sampy. I can’t share them here as then they won’t be a surprise when he receives them later today. I suspect he’ll share them with you on his blog.

I also made this birthday card for him. You can see just how handsome he is.




I want to share another photo with you. It is Sampy and me at Saturday night’s Sadie Hawkins Dance at Cat Scouts. It was hosted by our friend Dezi from Dezizworld. I can only share the one as Mom plans to do a slideshow for tomorrow’s post. It not only will feature me and Sampy but also Mau and Allie and Lisbeth and Charles. We all had oodles of fun with games, dancing and fantastic noms.




I think we make a really cute couple. What do you think?

If you have the time and inclination, purrlease drop by Sampy’s blog and wish him a Happy Birthday!

Finally, thanks to efurryone who entered our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. It’s still open for a couple more days, and all anipals are welcome. We haven’t visited all pawticipants yet, but we promise to do so in the next couple of days.

Purrs and pawpats, Astrid (with a bajillion quadrillion kisses for Sampy.)


Something very rare happened at our house today. I, Astrid, volunteered to be the subject of this week’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop post. Why, you ask? Because my beloved Sampy (Kitty Cat Chronicles) sent me the purrfect gift, and I want to show it off. To be fair, I must mention that Sampy’s mommy, Emily, made flowers for all us girls for Christmas. But mine is the only one with a silvery bauble in the center. Sampy has a bowtie in the same colors with a special “Best Friends” fish charm on it that I sent him.



1) Bonus toesies shot; 2) Missed the tips of my ears; 3) A good look at my flower!

Thank you Mom Emily and Sampy. I love how pretty I look. And I don’t even mind having something extra on my collar. Mom says I can leave it on at least through Christmas.

As I said, this is our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. If you’d like to show off by wearing some of your holiday finery in your photo, go for it! Of course, this is not a requirement to pawticipate.

If you’d like to grab the code and post the selfies on your blog, purlease link back to us and/or display our badge. Thank you!

Santa Kitty Toy Hop SmallMonday we will share photos from Mom and Dad’s trip to the shelter to deliver our goodies to the kitties for the Santa Kitty Toy Hop.

And Tuesday we will show off our Secret Paws loot from Crepes, Mom Alana and the gang at Cat in the Fridge.

We know efurrbuddy is super busy, but we hope you’ll drop by for these special posts.

Ho, ho, ho, Astrid with one kiss for Sampy for efurry grain of sand on the planet