Something very rare happened at our house today. I, Astrid, volunteered to be the subject of this week’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop post. Why, you ask? Because my beloved Sampy (Kitty Cat Chronicles) sent me the purrfect gift, and I want to show it off. To be fair, I must mention that Sampy’s mommy, Emily, made flowers for all us girls for Christmas. But mine is the only one with a silvery bauble in the center. Sampy has a bowtie in the same colors with a special “Best Friends” fish charm on it that I sent him.



1) Bonus toesies shot; 2) Missed the tips of my ears; 3) A good look at my flower!

Thank you Mom Emily and Sampy. I love how pretty I look. And I don’t even mind having something extra on my collar. Mom says I can leave it on at least through Christmas.

As I said, this is our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. If you’d like to show off by wearing some of your holiday finery in your photo, go for it! Of course, this is not a requirement to pawticipate.

If you’d like to grab the code and post the selfies on your blog, purlease link back to us and/or display our badge. Thank you!

Santa Kitty Toy Hop SmallMonday we will share photos from Mom and Dad’s trip to the shelter to deliver our goodies to the kitties for the Santa Kitty Toy Hop.

And Tuesday we will show off our Secret Paws loot from Crepes, Mom Alana and the gang at Cat in the Fridge.

We know efurrbuddy is super busy, but we hope you’ll drop by for these special posts.

Ho, ho, ho, Astrid with one kiss for Sampy for efurry grain of sand on the planet