I was coerced into taking a selfie today as I was sitting on Mom’s lap while all the other Kitties Blue were on the catio. I resisted a lot and made Mom delete a whole lot of very blurry furry photos. Try saying that three times fast! MOL! Anyhoo, I figured if I had to do it, I would fancy up my photo with a pretty frame and dedicate it to my true love, Sampy. I have my paws crossed that he will like it.




We thought today was a pretty big deal as we mistakenly counted this as the 52nd week of our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. One entire year of selfies. But guess what? It is only week 51! Mom has always been math challenged, but she blames Linky Tools.

Even though we find another week must roll by before we can claim that one year title, we are going to say THANK YOU this week and again next week. All of us, including Mom, are surprised at how successful the blog hop has been. We are delighted that so many friends join each week and seem to have fun with it.

We’ve particularly enjoyed the Sundays when we have had a guest host as none of us have to make certain our furs are in order and that we don’t have any noms on our faces.

We all were curious to find which of the eight of us posted the most selfies and so asked Mom to count them up for us. Here are the results: Me (Astrid) = 9; Mauricio = 8; Lisbeth = 8; Fiona = 6; Giulietta = 6; Lily Olivia = 6; Calista Jo = 5; Honorary Kitty Blue Swizzle = 3 and Misty May = 2. That equals 53, but we have had some “groupies” and this doesn’t include our guest hosts.

I’m really not surprised that I have been featured the most often. After all, I am Mom’s “heart” cat. So, I guess that means I get to declare myself Queen of the Selfies.

We are all feeling a bit embarrassed about Misty May only having two selfie posts. In light of this, Mom has proclaimed our actual 52nd Sunday Selfies post (next weekend): MISTY MAY SELFIE DAY. The challenge will be getting her to take that selfie and share it with you.

Cat4-001Well, back to this Sunday…we look forward to seeing all your selfies and visiting your blogs. To add your link, click below. And please add the hop to your blog if you’d like by getting the code below. We only ask that you link back to The Cat on My Head and/or display our badge. Many thanks again, dear friends.

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid (with dozens of kisses for Sampy)