Valentine’s Day


Wordless Wednesday


Cat Scouts Valentine Party

Waiting for trolley to leave for party: Charles & Lisbeth, Mauricio & Allie, Astrid & Sampson, Butler Jeeves, Spitty & Misty May.

Cat Scouts Valentine Party

The married couples: Mauricio and Allie, Sampson and Astrid

Cat Scouts Valentine Party

Charles & Lisbeth, Sampson & Astrid, Mau & Allie, Misty May & Spitty

Cat Scouts Valentine Party

The gorgeous ballroom with gorgeous party goers.

Carriage rides were available.

Carriage rides were available.

Valentine Party Cat Scouts

Cat Scouts Valentine Party memory photo with the whole gang.




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Sunday Selfies: Week #131

Most of you know by now that I suck at taking selfies. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop our mom from occasionally making me take some. That happened yesterday when I made the mistake of requesting some attention. Next thing I knew…she stuck the iPhone in my paws and told me to snap some photos. I took four. I am sharing the two that I think turned out okay. My favorite is the one on the right. I got a great close-up of my left eye!


Giulietta's Valentine Selfie


As Valentine’s Day is Tuesday, I requested that my selfies be put into a romantic background. Maybe Fiona’s and my special friend, Clooney, will see my selfies and like them.

Before I share all the necessary information about the blog hop, I have a special request: Please take some time to visit our friend, Angel Sammy‘s, blog today. He has a special announcement you don’t want to miss.


So, this is week #131 of our Sunday Selfies blog hop. We are pleased to see so many of our friends continue to enjoy and pawticipate in this hop. Mom tries to get us around to visit as many of your blogs as possible, but we don’t always make it. We hope you can forgive us. We are purrticularly happy that the gang at Dash Kitten works very hard each week to visit all your blogs. We hope all of you also are visiting some of the other hoppers.

If you’d like to join this week’s hop, the link is below. You also will find below the code to add the hop to your blog. If you decide to do this, would you please be so kind as to link back to The Cat on My Head and/or display our badge.

If you cannot join us today, the blog hop remains open through Thursday.

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day on Tuesday.

Purrs and paw-pats, Giulietta



Sunday Selfies: Week 79

When Mom asked us to take some selfies for today’s hop, she failed to tell us to look our best. Until she made this collage, we had no idea that our selfies were going to be turned into a Valentine card for Allie, Charles and Sampy.


Valentine's Day Card


Cat4-001Just look at these photos. Pffft! None of us look our best. Selfies or not, we could have done better than this. Unfortunately it’s too late now to do anything about it. We certainly are happy that each of us sent our significant others something better by snail mail. Humans are totally unreliable. “I certainly don’t want Allie to think I am yelling at her,” says Mau.

This is our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. If you’d like to join us, the link is below, and the code is below that will allow you to have the hop on your blog. Please display our badge and or link back to The Cat on My Head if you decide to do this.

Calista Jo received a very beautiful Valentine’s Day card via e-mail today. She asked if we would share it with you. It is from the handsome Zorro from The Swiss Cats.


Valentine's Day 2016


Book Giveaway: Love in Lowercase

love in lower caseThis is the final day to enter our giveaway to win a copy of this romantic and quirky novel, Love in Lowercase, by Francesc Miracles. Penguin Random House has kindly agreed to give three copies to our readers. You can leave a comment here. You have until 5 p.m. ET. Winners will be selected using


 First Annual Anipal Appreciation Day

anipal appreciation dayTomorrow we will be celebrating this very special day. This brand new “holiday” has been established by Bacon from PigLove, and this beautiful badge designed by Sammy and Mom Pam at onespoiledcat. This will be the day to show our love for all our anipal friends regardless of species. Hope all our friends will join in the celebration.


Sending love, purrs and paw-pats to all on Valentine’s Day, Mauricio, Lisbeth and Astrid

Mom and all our other sisfurs also send their best wishes for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Graphic by Ann of Zoolatry


Valentine Candy Heart Art

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, Lily Olivia asked me to make her art look romantic. I think I accomplished that for her.


candy art lily


I imagine that Lily Olivia is dreaming about her special friend, Angel Leo, from Critters in the Cottage. This is their Valentine’s Day photo from 2014.


Lily heart Caturday Art.


They really were a sweet and attractive couple.

I always try to tell you how I created the art. I started with this photo of Lily Olivia sleeping.


Lily heart art


I then added one of the “light” effects from adornpic.


Lily Heart Art


My next step was to go to Ribbet where I pixelated the photo around the outer edges, turned it into a pencil sketch and added the conversation heart border. After that it was over to Picasa to add the double frame.

This is Lily’s submission in Athena, Cat Goddess, Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art Blog Hop.  You can add your own art and/or view the other submissions by clicking on her badge.

Love in Lowercase Giveaway

love in lower caseIf you haven’t entered our giveaway for this novel by Francesc Miralles, you have until 5 p.m. ET tomorrow. It’s the perfect story for Valentine’s Day. The quirky characters and cat Mishima will steal your heart. Penguin Random House has agreed to give three copies to our readers. I will select the winners using Click here to read my review and leave a comment for the opportunity to win.

Valentine’s Day Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

Cat4-001Kitties Blue will celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow with some romantic selfies. Mauricio, Astrid and Lisbeth will be featured with special wishes for their significant others, Allie, Sampy and Charles. Have some fun and enter a Valentine’s Day inspired selfie if you’d like. Maybe you have a special someone to give your heart to tomorrow. Hope to see you then.



We had planned to share these Valentine cards yesterday, but Mom has been helping Mau put together a Mardi Gras party for Cat Scouts and so couldn’t help us yesterday.

Fiona and Giulietta received both of these lovely Valentine cards from Clooney. Wow, he is handsome!


Valentine received


Valentine received


Allie made this beautiful card with her own paws. Mau received it by good, old-fashioned snail mail on Valentine’s Day. Isn’t she talented as well as beautiful?


Mau-Allie Valentine Card received


This is the special Valentine Lisbeth received from her beau, Cat Scout Charles.


Valentine received


Astrid and Sampson celebrated not only Valentine’s Day but the one-year anniversary of their first date. Here’s what the always romantic and thoughtful Sampy sent her.


Valentine received


Finally, we wanted to share one more photo from our special night at the Cat Scouts Hearts & Flowers Dance.


L to R: Misty May, Spitty, Allie, Mau, Sampy, Astrid, Charles & Lisbeth.

L to R: Misty May, Spitty, Allie, Mau, Sampy, Astrid, Charles & Lisbeth.


Let the Good Times Roll and enjoy Fat Tuesday. We’ll see you all tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday!

Purrs and paw-pats, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid and Lisbeth



As Giulietta had the opportunity to share her Valentine for Clooney last Sunday and Fiona did the same on Wednesday, some of the others demanded equal representation. For our Sunday Selfies today, Mauricio, Astrid and Lisbeth are sharing the Valentine cards they sent to their significant others. Tomorrow we will share the Valentines they received as well as others.




Though Charles and Lisbeth have been dating for a while and have been boyfriend and girlfriend for a couple of months, this was their first Valentine’s Day together.




Allie and Mau are both Cat Scouts in the same troop (Wildcats) and patrol (Wolverines), so he thought it would be fun to show them both in their neckerchiefs. They’ve been together for quite sometime but just professed their love for each other during the holidays.




One year ago yesterday Astrid and Sampy had their first date at Madi’s Queen of Hearts Dance. If you follow Kitty Cat Chronicles, you saw their 2014 photo there yesterday. If you are not a follower, click here to see it. Astrid and Sampy are truly a match that was meant to be. They adore each other. And Sampy has given Astrid confidence that she was severely lacking.

Please join our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop and enter your Valentine selfie (or any other selfie) for us and our readers to admire. If you’d like to share the submissions on your blog, you can get the code below. And please link back to The Cat on My Head and/or display our badge.

If you have difficulty linking and adding your photo to the blog hop, please leave a comment with your URL. I will add it for you.

We are looking forward to lots of participants again this week. The kitties will comment on all our entrant’s posts.


If you are regular followers of this blog, you know that Misty May is The Cat on My Head. And you also know that she is a daddy’s girl. I’ve shared lots of photos of her hugging her daddy or sleeping on his chest. And though she is marginally awake in the photo, that did not last long. So this quickly became yet another Tuxie Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy.




Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

I am sending all 53 of you who entered selfies in Sunday Selfies Blog Hop a huge THANK YOU. That is our second best participation. Anything over 50 entries makes me elated. It lets me know that you all have embraced this particular blog hop and want it to continue as much as I do! Hope to see even more participants next Sunday.

Valentine News

Fiona has asked for equal time to send Clooney (Clooney’s Num Num Fund) a Valentine, so she will do so tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday. Five of the girls as well as Mauricio will be attending various Valentine’s Day events, and I will share all their photos for our Caturday Art.


As Valentine’s Day is next Caturday, this week’s selfie girl, Giulietta, asked that I present her in a nice heart frame so she could dedicate her selfie to the handsome Clooney. He will be both Giulietta and Fiona’s date on Valentine’s Day just as he was on New Year’s Eve.




Giulietta is sending her Valentine to Clooney with a kiss.

This is our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. All four-leggers are invited to join regardless of species. Feel free to get the code from the bottom of this post and display the submissions on your blog. My only request is that you link back to The Cat on My Head and/or display our badge.

We look forward to seeing lots of familiar faces and some new ones as well.

Oops, we almost forgot to share the original photo of yesterday’s Caturday Art and reveal the identity of the subject. So here she is, our sweet (out-of-focus) Astrid. Mom Sophie from Critters in the Cottage was the only one to guess Astrid, and so we are sending her a little gift!