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Smiling Paws Pets Review

Do you have over-eager poop and pee coverers? Are your floors covered in litter? That has always been the case in our house. I use extra-large litter boxes and conventional litter mats and have been unsuccessful in preventing crunchy floors. Yes, we could use covered litter boxes, but they are too small for big boys like Cooper Murphy and provide ambush zones for timid cats like Astrid.

When given the opportunity to test the Smiling Paws Pets Jumbo litter mat, I was ready. The mat is 47 x 33 inches. You can see just how large it is in the photo below.



It does come in a smaller size as well: The Extra Large mat is 35″ X 23.5″.  The Jumbo comes in a grey, brown and black in addition to the beige color, which is what we have. The grey would obviously camouflage the grains of litter if you use clay litter as we do.

Not only is the mat large enough that litter thrown from the box is trapped so is the litter that Kitties Blue carry out of the box on their feet. Most mats are so small, that they can just jump right over it taking all the litter with them and onto the floor. (If you enlarge our photo, you can see small grains of litter trapped in the mat.)


  • Collects 82% more litter
  • Extra thick to prevent tears and rips from cats claws
  • Effortless Cleaning – Just pick up mat and shake litter back into box or trash. May also be vacuumed.
  • Urine and liquid proof
  • Extra large size
  • Skid-free bottom
  • BPA free
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty

I had two concerns when the mat arrived. I wasn’t sure the cats would step on it, and I thought it might be too thick to pass under a door. Both were needless concerns on my part. The mat looks lumpy in the photo above, but that is simply due to my laziness. It is shipped folded and rolled and so does not lie flat. This can be remedied easily with the use of a hair drier on the fold lines. (I had hoped our heated floor would flatten our mat, but that hasn’t happened.)

Paws-Up  Recommendation

We have at least three other brands of litter mats in the house, and none perform like the Smiling Paws Pets mat. They are too small and the various surfaces do not trap the litter. I eventually will replace all of these other mats with the Jumbo-size Smiling Paws Pets mat.

You can purchase this exceptional litter-trapper mat directly from The Extra Large Mat is $24.95. The Jumbo, which we have, is $29.95. They also are available from Amazon.

Disclaimer: Kitties Blue received one Jumbo Smiling Paws Pets litter mat free of charge for our fair and honest review. All opinions expressed here are mine alone.

To receive 15% discount on your order from Smiling Paws Pets, use the coupon/promo code, Janetblue15, when ordering.


Fill-Ins Postponed

For those of you stopping by for the weekly Friendly Fill-Ins, we will be posting ours tomorrow with our Caturday Art, which will include our 2017 Christmas cards.

PetSafe® Six Meal Feeder

Today we are reviewing the PetSafe® Six Meal Feeder. When I agreed to try out this product, I thought it worked in a different manner and that I could program it for six different cats. That, however, is not the case.

The feeder can be programed to dispense up to six meals per day but not meals for individual pets. When Dad Tom and I discovered how it worked, we decided to use it for Sawyer’s kitten food. It hasn’t kept the other cats from eating his food, but it does allow him to get first crack at it. When he hears the food drop into the bowl from the holding chamber, he comes running. We have it scheduled to release food every four hours.


PetSafe® Feeder

The feeder just dropped food into the bowl seconds ago, and Sawyer ran to it immediately.


Each chamber is large enough for one cup of dry or semi-moist food. Unless you are feeding multiple pets, we can’t imagine you would need to load in that much food. But, it is nice to have the option.

The feeder is easy to fill after removing the clear, locking lid, which allows you to see if you need to refill the chambers. This design also ensures that the food remains fresh and pilfering paws cannot remove food from full chambers.

I think the best use of the feeder will be for those who are trying to keep their pet from over-eating. Once Sawyer is off kitten food, we will be using it for the regular kibble that the others eat. As we have a few pudgies in our house, I will be happy to have a way to limit their intake. And if needed, I can immediately dispense the next meal by the push of a button.

The feeder has an LCD display and built in clock. It is easy to set-up and easily programmable. Setting the actual clock to the current and correct time, however, was not easy, as it can be advanced only one minute at a time.

Additional Facts About the PetSafe® Six Meal Feeder

  • A removable, one-cup, dishwasher-safe bowl is included;
  • Four D-cell alkaline batteries are required but not included;
  • Feeder has a one-year warranty;
  • Feeder is for indoor use only;
  • Materials are food grade and free of BPA;
  • Assembled feeder is 9.6 inches wide by 15.7 inches long X 6.4 inches high;
  • Your cat will prefer the box, as evidenced below.


Sawyer in PetSafe® Feeder Box

Sawyer played in the box the entire time I was writing this review, and then fell fast asleep in it.


In conclusion, I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to control their cat’s food consumption or is away from home all day or overnight.

Disclaimer: Kitties Blue received one PetSafe® Six Meal Feeder free-of-charge in exchange for our fair and honest review. 


PetSafe® Feeder

Astrid waits to see if she can score some kitten chow when Sawyer finishes.


If you are looking for the perfect gift for the pet guardian or pet in your life, PetSafe® Six Meal Feeder is available on the PetSafe® web-site for $89.99 with free shipping and Amazon for $83.51 with free-shipping if you have Amazon Prime.



Eazee Product Review

If you have been looking for a good way to eliminate shedding with both your long-haired and short-haired cat family, Eazee may be the tool for you. We have been testing the Eazee deshedding tool by Foolee®® for the past few weeks.

Cooper Murphy, along with Astrid, appears to have the shortest coat, but when I used the Eazee deshedding tool on Cooper, I could not believe how much fur the tool removed. He has a dense undercoat of which I wasn’t aware. I knew if it worked on him that it would be great for Lisbeth. With thick, medium-length fur, she is the worst of our “shedders.” Thankfully she loves being brushed. I quickly and easily removed handfuls of fur from her.

A small amount of Lily fur easily removed with the EAZEE deshedding tool.

Eazee comes with two easily interchangeable, comb-like tools—one for daily deshedding and one for intense deshedding. I used only the daily deshedding tool on our seven short-haired furries. It worked well, and I was quite pleased with the results.

I was not as pleased with the intense deshedding tool. I used it on Giulietta and found the teeth to be too short for her dense, fine, extra-long fur. And she didn’t care for it. That in itself would not be a reason for me to dislike the deshedder. Giulietta really does not like being combed or brushed and only tolerates short sessions. With this in mind, I need something a bit more heavy duty to use on her.

As far as ease of use for me, the Eazee deshedding tool is great. I have very weak hands with a lack of musculature, but found the contoured grip comfortable and easy to hold onto. And the mechanism for changing tools and releasing the collected fur also is simple to use. Six additional grooming heads can be purchased separately to attach to the universal handle, which is available in yellow, green, blue, purple, red and pink.

Eazee claims to be:

  • Safer with smooth, rounded, plastic teeth and no sharp edges;
  • Gentler as it does not pull out live hair but only removes shed fur;
  • Easier to use as fur slides off the anti-static, plastic comb and is ejected when the button atop the head is pulled back;
  • More effective in removing loose fur.

I used the Eazee on all eight cats, but for the purpose of this post, Dad Tom only photographed Lisbeth and Lily Olivia while I wielded the Eazee. They both were willing participants in the testing process.



I would estimate that we have a minimum off six different types of brushes/combs for Kitties Blue, but I think this will become my go-to for all but Giulietta. It was easy to use and did an exceptional job of removing lose fur. I would recommend the Eazee deshedding tool be added to your cat grooming arsenal.

The Eazee deshedding tool and Click & Brush grooming system are brought to you by Swees America, the U.S. division of a pet-focused product development company based in France. Marketed elsewhere under the Foolee® brand, these innovative products are available at finer pet stores. To find a retailer in your area, go to

Disclaimer: Kitties Blue received one Eazee deshedding tool from Matrix Partners Ltd. for the purpose of testing and review. We received no other compensation. The opinions expressed are mine alone.





Product Review: Jackson Galaxy’s Space Station


Well…we suspect we have probably made that claim previously. But that was prior to getting our paws on the Jackson Galaxy® Space Station from Petmate®. It is the toy we teased you about in yesterday’s International Box Day post. One look at it, and we were intrigued.

Are you wondering how we know this is the best cat toy ever? The answer is simple: Misty May has been playing with it. And Misty May does NOT play, at least not until now. Misty May’s idea of play has always been bullying Lily Olivia and Astrid. And you don’t have too take our word for her interest. We have photographic proof.


Space Station play by Misty May.


So what’s so great about this toy? First of all, it was developed by Jackson Galaxy, the noted cat behaviorist. Galaxy knows what cats like, and he definitely delivered with this inspired creation.

That track at the bottom has a bright yellow ball in it. The ball wobbles as it goes around and even reverses direction. It can be hunted and batted from either inside or outside the Space Station, as Misty May is doing. None of us have tried playing from the inside as yet, where a scratch pad (replaceable) is located.

Cooper was the first to investigate the Space Station as C.J. looked on.


Cooper Murphy investigates Space Station.


Of course, being the curious young cat among us, he also was the first to play.


Cooper Murphy swats Space Station ball.


And play…


Cooper Murphy discovers he can play with Space Station while lolling on his back.

And play…


Another swipe at the ball of the Space Station by Cooper Murphy.


Though we haven’t tried it yet, multiple cats can play at the same time; one from inside the bowl and one on either side of the bowl. We’ve been nicely taking turns with no squabbles.

Calista Jo has a go at batting the ball around.


C.J. takes a turn at the Space Station.


Lily, as yet, has not been enticed to play, but she was fascinated by the ball whirling around the track (with a bit of help from our mom).


Lily Olivia watches the Space Station ball whiz by.


The Space Station promotes a cat’s natural instinct to pounce, catch and play. Kitties Blue recommend this fun toy for all kitties who enjoy these activities.

One note of advice: If you have kitties who like to play while you are sleeping, put this toy away or in a room far from your bedroom. The ball is very noisy as it travels around the track.

The Space Station is available from a variety of retailers, including Jackson Galaxy’s on-line store, Amazon and PetSmart.

Disclaimer: Kitties Blue received one Jackson Galaxy Space Station free-of-charge from Southard Freeman Communications for the purposes of testing and reviewing. We received no other compensation. The opinions expressed are those of Kitties Blue, and represents their honest and unbiased review.


The petretary has been teasing you for the last few days with hints of a post about our annual round-up. For those new here, that is the day each year when our vet, Dr. Kathy Neel (Vinton Veterinary Hospital), comes to the house for our annual exams and vaccinations.

We decided to take that report into our newly pawticured paws this year. Before we go into detail, we’ll let you know that we are all basically healthy. Some of us could gain a little weight and some could lose as you can see. Cooper Murphy thought he was going to escape the round-up entirely, but he did get weighed. Dr. Neel had warned the humans that she feared he was going to get B-I-G. She was right! He’s gained about three pounds in two months. Here are our weights from small to L-A-R-G-E.

  • Lily Olivia = 6 lbs. 14 oz.
  • Misty May = 7 lbs. 1 oz.
  • Astrid = 7 lbs. 4.5 oz.
  • Mauricio = 11 lbs. 8.5 oz.
  • Giulietta = 12 lbs. 8 oz.
  • Lisbeth = 13 lbs. 8 oz.
  • Calista Jo = 15 lbs. 9 oz.
  • Cooper Murphy = 17 lbs. 4.5 oz

We all eat stinky goodness for breakfast and dinner, but we also have Hill’s prescription Metabolic + Urinary Stress kibble, specifically for Giulietta. It’s pretty impossible to feed those of us who don’t need this food something else, so we all eat it. This is why some of us who didn’t need to have lost weight. Astrid and Lily were pretty excited to hear that they get to have extra portions of stinky goodness as well as extra treats.

Lily has the beginnings of kidney disease (not too surprising based on her age) so the humans are going to have to see if she will eat k/d foods. She’ll eat just about anything, so that probably won’t be a problem. She already gets a nutritional supplement and vitamins. The humans were happy to hear that Lily Olivia’s thyroid values are within normal limits. So many kitties her age have hyperthyroidism and need meds.

Dr. Neel checked Giulietta’s eye freckle, and it remains unchanged.

Best of all, everyone’s teeth passed inspection.

Here are a few photos from the round-up. Most were taken during weigh-ins and pawticures.


Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 9.30.57 PM


Yesterday’s post, which includes a giveaway, has additional photos. Click here to see our review of the Purrfect Pouch, which was highly useful during our exams. If you leave a comment there, you’ll have the opportunity to win one!

If you have several anipals in your family, and they dislike going to the vet’s office as much as we do, we suggest you check with your vet as to whether they would be willing to make “house calls.” We don’t enjoy being poked, prodded and stuck, but it is way better having it done at home in familiar surroundings without the stress of being stuffed into a PTU and taking a road trip.

No humans were significantly harmed during this year’s round-up. A few minor punctures and scratches were inflicted. Dad Tom demanded that we share this photo.


Round Up 2017-12


If you’d like to read about or see photos from previous round-ups, here are the links.

Annual Round-Up – 2013

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Thankful Thursday: Our Yearly Round-Up – 2015

Our Annual Round-Up Does Not Make Us Thankful – 2016

So, that’s it until 2018, unless one of us gets sick. Paws crossed that won’t happen.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 11.12.00 PM


Purrfect Pouch is pretty darn near purrfect. I’d been searching for something like this product when Fiona was sick and we were giving her daily meds. When I was contacted and asked if I’d like to review the Purrfect Pouch kitty carrier and grooming sack, I jumped on the opportunity. With Fiona now an angel, we have little reason to go to the vet’s office except to pick up food, and we have SleepyPods for transporting Kitties Blue. But I knew we had a round-up coming up. That’s when Dr. Neel comes to the house for annual exams and vaccinations. I was certain the Purrfect Pouch would be helpful for controlling those squirmy fighters among Kitties Blue. I was right.

Though I will be reporting on the round-up tomorrow, here are a some photos of the Purrfect Pouch in use.


Purrfect Pouch

Giulietta getting her pawticure.


Giulietta was so funny. Before I could get her head out, she turned around inside the pouch and tried to come out the unzipped backend. As she was getting her claws trimmed on her back paws, we couldn’t zip her in.


Purrfect Pouch

Lily Olivia getting her pawticure.


Can you believe, it took three people to hold down Lily Olivia even when she was in the Purrfect Pouch. For an 18-year-old cat weighing only 6 pounds and 14 ounces, she has plenty of strength when she doesn’t like what’s happening.


Purrfect Pouch

Lily Olivia having her blood drawn.


Here’s a photo of Calista Jo in the Purrfect Pouch ready for transport. It has a carry strap to go over the shoulder, but I also needed to put my arm under the pouch to hold C.J. At 15 pounds and 9 ounces, Calista is too heavy to hang from my shoulder.


Purrfect Pouch

C.J. was quite content once she was zipped into the Purrfect Pouch.


As you can see the Purrfect Pouch works for both small kitties, like Lily Olivia, and LARGE cats, like C.J. An adjustable neck opening helps make this possible. It is a good idea to adjust the neck band prior to putting your cat inside. If not, little cats like Lily Olivia can escape through the neck opening.

Other features offered by the Purrfect Pouch are hook and loop front closures for paws. It is machine washable and folds for storage or for tucking into a purse or luggage. The Purrfect Pouch also is suitable for transport or grooming of small dogs.

Though the pouch totally unzips at the backend, if your kitty doesn’t want to go inside and starts flailing, it can be difficult to get her and all four legs inside. Regardless, I am quite happy to have this in my arsenal of kitty paraphernalia. My goal is to be able to trim everyone’s claws (without being mutilated) so they don’t need to make a trip to the vet for this.

We received two Purrfect Pouches and are giving one away to a lucky reader. To have an opportunity to win, please leave a comment on this post prior to next Monday, May 1, at 5 p.m. The winner will be selected using and announced on Tuesday, May 2. If you don’t win, you can order your Purrfect Pouch by clicking here.

Disclosure: Kitties Blue received the two Purrfect Pouches free of charge to test and review. We were not financially compensated for this post nor told what to write. The opinions are completely those of Kitties Blue and their human based on our experiences. We do not recommend items we would not personally use.

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 11.12.00 PM


Thoroughly Poetic Thursday




As we always do, we are participating in Angel  Sammy’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday (Two Spoiled Cats). This week the challenge letter is “R.” Mauricio, as he often does, wrote this week’s poem. To read or find links to other “R” poems, click on the badge above.

The Roaming Cat

My name is Mauricio, and I like to roam around.
I am the sheriff and guardian of this here town.
This is my neighborhood and you best not forget it.
‘Cause if you do, you soon will regret it.
When you least expect it, I’ll hunt you down,
Grab you and wrestle you to the ground.
Then I’ll bite you and smack you so hard
Your teeth will fly out right into the yard.
I’ve been around these parts for 13 years,
And I’ll tell you right now I have no peers.
If you enter my yard you shouldn’t be braggin’,
Or you’ll find yourself in my hooligan wagon.
And I’ll haul you away to parts unknown
So you’ll never be able to find your way home.
My name is Mauricio, and I like to roam about.
I am always prepared. I am a Cat Scout.
So take this message as a fair warning.
You’re not wanted here be it night or morning.

© Mauricio Blue 04/12/2017

Okay, at age 13, I really don’t roam around much anymore. Mostly I stick to the yard and the front porch on one of the rockers. And even in my youth, I didn’t go anywhere but in the neighbors’ yards, around the block, in the alley and across the street to bug Lily Olivia, who would sleep on the neighbor’s porch to get away from me.

But, I wanted to tell you about a really cool product, and I thought my poem would make a good lead-in. It is called a Tabcat Safe & Found by Loc8tor, and you can see it on my collar in this photo.




What you are looking at is a flexible silicon disc that slips onto my collar. The Tabcat is inside. It is so light weight (.2 ounces), I don’t even know I have it on, which is great as I wear my collar 24/7.

So you are probably wondering what a Tabcat Safe a& Found does. The following is from the Tabcat website:

Tabcat is the revolutionary tracking device that lets you find your missing pet. Attaching easily to your cat’s collar, the device is lightweight yet robust enough to stay on whatever they get up to.

With an astonishing degree of accuracy it will guide you to within one inch of your cat’s location. Because it has no ongoing cost, the Tabcat tracker is more effective and affordable than GPS or other similar locating systems.

The dual directional handset picks up the signal from the tag on your cat’s collar and then tells you which way to walk to find them.

A single red light tells you that you’re in range. Then as you walk in the right direction and get closer, the lights go to amber and then green guiding you right to your cat.

The Tabcat Safe & Found will help locate me within 400 feet of the handset. The handset can find me in the house or if I have wandered from the yard. It’s perfect for outdoor or even indoor cats. If you have a cat who takes any opportunity to sprint out the door if left open, you need the Tabcat Safe & Found. (Tabcat is not meant to replace a microchip or collar I.D. tag.)

TabcatThe Tabcat comes with the handheld locator device that can track up to four cats. Also included are two water-resistant Tabcat trackers with batteries and cases for attaching to your cat’s collar. A set of two additional trackers can be purchased separately. (Unfortunately for us, one of the Tabcat devices was not operational, even after we installed a new battery. Had it been, Misty May would have it on her collar.)

The Tabcat Safe & Found is manufactured in the U.K. and can be purchased directly from their web-site. It is also available on

To learn how you can train your cat to come home on demand or to read testimonials from some of the tens of thousands of satisfied cat guardians, visit the Tabcat web-site by clicking on the link above.

Mom wishes this technology and the Tabcat had been available when our now angel, Louise, disappeared into our neighbor’s basement for two weeks or on those nights years ago when either she or Lily Olivia decided they wanted to stay outside all night. Being able to track them down would have saved our mom many sleepless nights.

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to try out this product, and we recommend it to all cat guardians for its ability to help you find your missing kitty as well as for the peace of mind it offers.

Disclaimer: Kitties Blue received the TabCat Safe & Found by Loc8tor free of charge to test and review. We were not financially compensated for this post nor told what to write. The opinions are completely those of Kitties Blue and their human based on our experiences.

Thankful Thursday



We also are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. This week we are thankful for the kindness of Cat Scout Mango’s mom, Brenda. Brenda paints cat portraits as gifts for friends. She began painting Fiona’s portrait about the same time our sweet girl received her wings. After painting the portrait Brenda entered it in an art show, so we just recently received it.

Mom, Dad Tom and all the Kitties Blue thank Brenda for her kindness in gifting this to us.




To enter the Thankful Thursday blog hop, click on Brian’s badge above.





 Friday Fill-Ins (Week #47) & KittyRoo Sweatshirt Review and Giveaway



I am combining our fill-ins (hosted by Annie from McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen of 15 And Meowing) today with a review and a giveaway. My completions are in teal italics. This is a blog hop. To join, go to Annie’s blog.

If you aren’t interested in my completions, skip to the second half of the post.

1. The first thing I think about in the morning is unlocking the cat door so the kitties can go out on the catio.

2. The last thing I think about before sleep is who needs my prayers, prior to saying them.

3. I am looking forward to the upcoming BlogPaws Conference. If you’d like to attend, it is not too late to register. The conference is being held in Myrtle Beach, SC, from May 18 – 20.

4. I am so pleased I got to try out, review and give away a KittyRoo sweatshirt.

The kitties and I are fortunate to have the opportunity to review a variety of products. Most are quite good and receive a positive review from us. For me, however, the KittyRoo sweatshirt tops the list of my favorites. If you are a lover of kitties, whether you have any or not, this is a must have. Not only is it cute with cat ears on the hood, but it is also as comfy as your jammies and super warm. With our crazy spring weather and me being sick for a month, I’ve worn it almost every day.

But there’s more to the KittyRoo than human comfort. The KittyRoo has a built-in snuggle pouch. The KittyRoo sweatshirt allows you to hold, and cuddle your pet in the pouch while you do other things. The ideal use for the KittyRoo is to offer a feeling of security to new kittens and puppies with which you are trying to bond. It also is perfect for those fostering.

Of course, most of Kitties Blue are too big to fit in the pouch, and the ones that aren’t were not excited about having their photo taken. Though she was less than cooperative, Astrid let her dad take some photos of her in the pouch.


Astrid tries out KittyRoo Sweatshirt

Astrid Tries out KittyRoo Sweatshirt

Astrid tries out KittyRoo Sweatshirt


Additional KittyRoo specifics:
  • Built-in pouch is removable for ease in cleaning
  • Extra-long drawstrings with pom-pom tips for kitties’ amusement. Calista Jo and Lily Olivia particularly enjoy sitting in my lap and playing with these.
  • Super-soft fleece material

The KittyRoo sweatshirt is available in sizes M-XXL. I have the medium and it is very roomy. It retails for $29.99 plus shipping and handling and can be ordered from the KittyRoo website (link above). An online exclusive offer to purchase a second KittyRoo for an additional $19.99 is available as well. You can find much better photos than ours on the web-site.

For an opportunity to win your very own KittyRoo sweatshirt, leave a comment on this post prior to Thursday, April 6, at 5 p.m. ET. Winner will be selected using and announced the following day.

Disclosure: Kitties Blue received the KittyRoo Sweatshirt free of charge to test and review. We were not financially compensated for this post nor told what to write. The opinions are completely those of Kitties Blue and their human based on our experiences.





Kooky Kittens Cat Massage RollerEvery kitty loves a good massage, and we have found the purrfect tool to facilitate that, the Kooky Kittens Cat Massage Roller. This simple, yet unique tool, consisting of a two-piece handle with a total of nine knobby rollers can be used with one, two or three roller heads (see photo on right). The
adjustable handle allows the Massage Roller to adapt to the shape and size of any cat. Some of Kitties Blue are a bit chunky, so the roller works best with the center piece removed when using it for a full-body massage.

To see the tool in action, checkout this video by Kooky Kittens, showing the Cat Massage Roller and another Kooky Kitten roller product.



Kitties Blue have some photos of them enjoying massages to share as well.


Kooky Kittens Review


Not all Kitties Blue were equally enthusiastic. Cooper Murphy only enjoyed the massage with the single, center roller, especially on the top of his head. My arm gets tired of rolling before he gets tired of having his head massaged.

Cooper also enjoyed chewing on the rollers. For this reason, we suggest putting the Massage Roller out of reach of the kitties when not in use.

Others, like Calista Jo, found the massage quite enjoyable, but took off as soon as the camera appeared. No surprise there.

We think most kitties will find a Kooky Kittens massage quite enjoyable; though, it may take them a bit to get accustomed to it. Kitties Blue suggest you begin with the center, single roller if your cat seems hesitant at first.

Kooky Kittens is a cat toy and product retailer focused on giving cat guardians unique products to ensure their cats will always be having the
time of their lives.

If you’d like to have your very own Cat Massage Roller, leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, March 26, at 5 p.m. ET, for an opportunity to win one. Winner will be selected using and will be announced on Tuesday, the 28th.

If you don’t want to wait to get your very own Cat Massage Roller, they are available (along with a variety of other products) at for $9.95. The regular price is $14.

Disclosure: Kitties Blue received the Kooky Kittens Cat Massage Roller free of charge to test and review. We were not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely those of Kitties Blue and their human based on our experiences.








IAMS Oral Care Complete

IAMS Oral Care CompleteFebruary was National Pet Dental Month which is when we were supposed to review this product from IAMS. With me being unwell for a good portion of the month, it didn’t happen. But Kitties Blue and I think anytime is a good time to discuss your pet’s oral care, as it is the number one health issue for cats.

IAMS claims that Oral Care Complete offers a balanced adult nutrition with zero fillers and high-quality ingredients. IAMS states this food offers four benefits for your cat:

  • Strong Teeth and Bones and Healthy Gums through ideal amounts of essential minerals and calcium
  • Healthy Skin and Coat through optimal levels of fatty acids
  • Healthy Digestion through a fiber blend that includes probiotics and beet pulp
  • Playfulness through a customized mix of premium high-quality ingredients, which contribute to healthy energy levels

IAMS Oral Care CompleteIAMS Oral Care Complete is a kibble. All Kitties Blue prefer kibble, and we do feed it to them along with canned food. In fact, when Dad Tom and I got our first cat, the vet recommended dry cat food as a way to keep our cat’s teeth clean. The IAMS kibble is “a larger, groovier and crunchier kibble designed to provide a deep clean that scrapes away plaque and tarter.” When I saw the large size of the individual pieces I was concerned that the kitties wouldn’t eat it, being different than to what they are accustomed.

The large size, however, wasn’t the only thing that concerned me. The main ingredient is chicken. Unlike most cats, Kitties Blue are not that fond of chicken. But all my fears were for naught. Everyone dove right in. I noticed that each piece required some extra chewing and could not be swallowed whole. That alone is better for digestion as well as teeth cleaning.

To be totally beneficial, I would think that your cat would need to eat IAMS Oral Care Complete with some regularity. With eight kitties, we went through the 3.5 pound bag very quickly, so I don’t know how advantageous it was to each cat. I definitely would not be adverse to buying this several times a year to supplement their prescription metabolic/urinary stress formula food. Mau had to have three teeth removed last year. I’d like to avoid putting any of the others through that experience.

IAMS Oral Care Complete is available in 3.5, 7, 16 and 22 pound bags. It is available at pet stores, major retailers and on-line retailers.

Disclosure: Kitties Blue received one 3.5 pound bag of IAMS Oral Care Complete free of charge to test and review. We were not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely those of Kitties Blue and their human based on our experiences.

PetSafe FroliCat Multi Laser Toy Giveaway

This is such a terrific toy, I wish I had one to give away to everyone who left a comment on our review post. Kitties Blue, especially Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy, play with it several times each day. Unfortunately, we could only have one winner and that is the Dash Kitten crew. In their comment, they stated they’d like to donate the toy to a friend in the U.S. They’ve been notified of their win. When we hear who will be the recipient of their gift, we’ll let you know.

Another Sad Farwell

It is with heavy hearts that Kitties Blue and I have seen another friend get his wings. Socks (ATCAD) left for the RB on Saturday. Socks was a sweet and gentle man-cat and a Cat Scout. He was a Worldwide Wildcat and was in the Wolverine Patrol (along with his little sister, Chimera) with Mau.

Socks had untreatable cancer in his lower jaw, but he was a trooper to the end.

Goodbye Socks

If you have not had the opportunity to do so, would you please stop by the blog Socks shared with his fursibs and leave your condolences and some kind words. The link is above.

Rest in Peace Socks. You will remain in our hearts forever.