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Yaheetech Cat Tree Review

Have you been searching for the perfect present for that special kitty on your gift list? Have you considered a new cat tree? Even if you haven’t, we know your cat or cats, as in our case, would be delighted to get one. With this in mind, Kitties Blue suggest and recommend you check out the ones from Yaheetech.

They have 11 different styles on their web-site, ranging in height from 36 to 79 inches and with a variety of configurations and colors. We were allowed to select which one we wanted to try out for our review and selected the 57-inch multi-level cat tree for medium to large cats in dark gray, to match the decor of our bedroom, which is where the tree resides.


Lisbeth was the first to test out the Yaheetech cat tree.

Specifics of This Tree

This is the first tree we have had that is covered in a plush, velour-like fabric, instead of carpet. I had always shied away from these types of trees assuming the fabric would not be as durable or stand up to claws the way carpet does. I was wrong. It is extremely durable. I know the gang are enjoying the softer, snuggly feel as well.

This is an attractive tree with the cutest little cat ears on the pedestal beds. And it is very sturdy with solid construction and features a large baseboard. The tree also comes with a wall anchor strap to attach the cat tree to the wall for extra stability. Though, the tree is a favorite of our heavy-weights, Calista Jo and 20-pound Cooper Murphy; we have not needed to use this.


Cooper Murphy demonstrates the sturdiness of the Yaheetech cat tree.


Along with the two bed-type perches, there are two cubbies/condos, (one small round and one large rectangle) a hammock, a rope toy, six sisal scratching posts, which are used daily by our gang, and two ball toys on elastic cords. On every other cat tree I have purchased, the toys have been stapled to the tree and have been pulled off within a day. I am impressed to see that the elastic cord on the Yaheetech tree is tied to a screw eye. Calista Jo pulled one of the balls off the first day. I retied it a bit more securely; it has remained in place, and she has played with it quite vigorously, as she demonstrates in these photos.














One of the things that concerned me about this tree was the hammock at the bottom. I believe it would be a tight fit for most of my gang, and none have yet to try it. However, I believe it would be perfect for a kitten or small cat, like our Sawyer, Astrid or Misty May.


In conclusion, I give this cat tree five stars and the Kitties Blue each give it four paws up. I definitely will order a Yaheetech cat tree when Kitties Blue are in need of one to replace one of our older cat trees.

Trees range in price from $59.99 to $99.99 and can be purchased on the Yaheetech web-site. Visit Yaheetech here for a complete description and all the specifics about each available cat tree.

Discount Code

Yaheetech cat trees are available from other on-line retailers, but Yaheetech is offering a discount if you order from their site. Yaheetech has a 25 percent off discount code for our readers. It is good for any product on their web-site, which includes much more than cat trees and pet-centric items. The code is Janet25.

Disclaimer: Kitties Blue received our Yaheetech cat tree free of charge in exchange for our fair and honest review, and we thank them for this great product!



Petlibro Automatic Pet Water Fountain

As pet parents we know how important it is for our furry friends to stay hydrated. Fresh, clean water is always the best. This is one reason your pet drinks from the toilet if you don’t keep the lid down. And this a good reason to provide your pet with filtered, fresh water from a fountain, such as the Petlibro Automatic Pet Water Fountain.

Kitties Blue have been getting their water from fountains for several years now. We have three different types. Regardless, Calista Jo was not a fountain drinker. I had to keep a water bowl for her in the kitchen, which I was always tripping over and spilling.

When I was contacted by Petlibro to test their new fountain, I happily agreed, hoping C.J. would give it a try and like it. And she did and does! I had hoped to get a photo of her using it, but I never had my phone or iPad on me when I saw her drinking. So, I have included a photo of Cooper Murphy.


Petlibro Automatic Pet Water Fountain

Note: The mat under our fountain does not come with the product.

Fountain Specs

Petlibro has a popular, compact, round design seen in a variety of fountains, but that is where the similarities end. Rather than having a center flower fixture delivering water in a falling direction, water bubbles up from the center.

The filtration system on the fountain is more elaborate than the usual. Each filter is composed of a cotton layer, activated carbon and an ion exchange resin. It can effectively remove hair, debris, sand, rust and heavy metals and improve the water’s taste. Your pet can drink fresh, clean water all day, which helps to increase water consumption and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. And depending on the number of pets using the fountain, the filter can be used for one to two months before requiring replacement. Replacement filters are available in packs of four.

The fountain holds 74 ounces of water. Petlibro suggests using purified water in the fountain. We have a whole house filter on our water system, which is equivalent to using purified water.

I am conscientious about watching the water levels in our fountains, but I particularly like that this Petlibro fountain has an auto off function when the water level gets too low. This prevents the pump from running dry and burning out.

Excellent instructions for assembly and troubleshooting are included with the fountain, and it comes with a one-year warranty and life-time support.

Our Opinion

I am pleased with the design and function of this fountain, but best of all, Kitties Blue like it and are using it! Win for the pet parent and win for the pets. Both Kitties Blue and I recommend the Petlibro Automatic Pet Water Fountain. To learn more about this fountain or to purchase one, visit Petlibro’s web-site.


Petlibro kindly provided me with a second fountain. We’ll be giving it away through a random drawing from among those commenting on this post. Leave your comment here no later than Saturday, October 13, at 5 pm ET. Kitties Blue will announce the winner on our Sunday Selfies blog post.

Disclaimer: Kitties Blue received our Petlibro Automatic Pet Water Fountain (and one to give away) free of charge in exchange for our honest review. Opinions expressed here are ours alone. 



Sunday Selfies: Week #261

Do you remember this photo of me in the sphere from March?


Sunday Selfies


If you don’t, that’s okay. I am back with a version of that same photo again today.


Sunday Selfies


Don’t I look as if I could jump right off the screen into your lap?

Mom called this a selfie of a selfie as it is a photograph of my photo on an 11 x 14″ wrapped canvas from

When Mom received our canvas, she was stunned by the high quality of the photo in such a large format.

Jake from contacted Mom and asked if she’d like to try one of their products and review it on the blog. Of course, she said, “yes.” As the name of the web-site suggests, she could have selected to make a collage featuring some or all of us, and she did tinker with creating one. She, however, was never satisfied with her design. When she decided to create a canvas with just one of us, she wasn’t certain which of us to feature. Finally, knowing I am not expected to have a long life, she knew the portrait had to be me.

My new portrait is in the new bedroom, and it is the first thing Mom and Dad see in the morning and the last thing at night.

I’m going to let Mom finish this post.

Purrs and paw-pats, Sawyer

Thanks, little buddy!

The items available at are too numerous to mention. In addition to canvases, they have photo books, blankets, mugs, phone cases, mousepads, ornaments and much more.

What to Expect When Selecting a Canvas

    • Fine‑grained, museum‑quality canvases made to last with UV fade-resistant printing and a scratch-resistant clear coating
    • Soft matte surface with no-glare finish to reduce reflection and depth to your collage
    • Ready-to hang
    • The option of adding 1 to 20 photos
    • Tightly wrapped canvas on a 1.25″ thick internal frame with no staples, ensuring the collage never stretches or bulges
    • Printed in the USA

The site was very easy to use and warns if the photo you are working with is not of good quality. The most difficult and time consuming for me was finding a photo that could be enlarged to the 11 x 14″ format I wanted. And that is the fault of my photo-taking abilities, not the site. All of the options below are available when creating your canvas and many of the other products. currently is having a 60 percent off sale. To go there now, click on the link above. I intend to return soon to order birthday cards with Mau and Cooper’s photos for the monthly Cat Scout Service Project.

I have ordered canvas prints previously from anther company. Those from are far superior. I recommend their product and know you will be 100 percent happy if ordering from them. And with it already being mid-August, it definitely is not too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts.

Sawyer and I hope you don’t mind our including this review as part of our Sunday Selfies post. We wanted as many of our friends as possible to see the review, and this is our highest traffic day.

Disclaimer: We received our canvas art from free of charge in exchange for our fair and honest review. The opinions expressed are solely mine and those of Kitties Blue. 

Time to Hop

If you are new to hopping or just new to the Sunday Selfies hop, here are some tips that might be of help.

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      • Take the opportunity to visit some of the other hop-alongs and make some new friends or reconnect with some old ones.

If this is your first time here, welcome. Kitties Blue and I hope you return often.

See you tomorrow with a Spark and the name of the recipient of the $55 donation from our Comment-a-thon.



Wherever you go—the grocery store, gym, dog park or just for a walk round the block—you’ll knock the boring, old socks off everyone you meet. The newest, must have accessory for every animal lover is now available from Socksery. Select a favorite, high quality photo of your fur baby, e-mail it to Socksery, and in just a few days you can be dancing around in socks similar to these.


My Cooper Murphy purple socks


These custom socks are woven from a blend of high performance polyester and nylon yarn to meet the toughest demands of professional athletes. They are soft and comfortable with a smooth surface and a good amount of stretch. Socks are available in small, medium and large. You can find a chart on the Socksery web-site to guide you in selecting the correct size.

Not a pet owner? No problem. Socksery has a variety of designs for humans and also special occasions: Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Halloween and the Fourth of July. To include one additional face is $6.00 extra and two additional faces are $12.00. If you have three pets or three children, you can include all of them on one pair of custom socks.

Socksery offers a variety of colors: purple, green, blue, orange, pink, red, yellow and light blue. Kitties Blue could each be featured on a different color! Cooper’s photo is on the purple.

I am particularly pleased with the printing of Cooper Murphy’s image. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the image on the socks and the photo I provided. I’d recognize that handsome face anywhere.










As you can see the socks also have cute designs.

I am thinking these would make a great gift for grandparents. They wouldn’t even have to pull out their wallets to show pictures of their grandkids. Honestly, they’d be a great gift for anyone.

One pair of Socksery socks regularly sells for $34.99, but they are currently on sale for $24.99 with an additional 10 percent off using the promotional code on he Socksery website. But Kitties Blue can offer you an even better price. Use the code, SOCKS20, at check-out to receive an additional 20 percent off.

The timeline for receiving your socks as stated on the web-site is up to 5 business days to prepare and dispatch the order and 3 to 5 business days with standard shipping ($2.99) for receipt of your item. I received my Cooper Murphy socks four days after sending in his photo.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and you have plenty of time to order and surprise Dad with a great pair of custom socks instead of another boring tie.

I love my Cooper Murphy socks, and I know you will be happy with any purchase you make from Socksery.

Disclaimer: I received the Socksery  customer socks free of charge in exchange for my fair and honest review. The opinions expressed are solely mine. Kitties Blue and I only share information about products we feel are of interest to our readers.

Note: We’ll be back tomorrow with a special Spark for Hug Your Cat Day.


First Class Accommodations

Even if you are forced to travel in economy, your pet can now claim a seat in this “first class” Pet Carrier/ Collapsible Kennel from Smiling Paws Pets. The soft-sided, expandable carrier, available from Amazon, is designed to be in compliance with all TSA and IATA requirements. It is sized for under-seat, in-cabin dimensions for soft-sided carriers. Dimensions are 17 x 11 x 9 inches when not expanded.

The carrier can be expanded on four sides to give your pet room to turn and change positions. Expanded size is 34 x 25 x 9 inches. Maximum pet weight is 15 pounds.


Smiling Paws Pets PTU


The Smiling Paws Pets carrier includes a sturdy reinforced metal frame, A Grade metallic clips, safety self-locking zippers, a sleeve for to accommodate luggage handles or a seat belt and a zippered storage pocket. An attached interior leash can be clipped to your pets collar, allowing you to open the carrier to check on your pet or provide food, treats or water without your pet escaping.

Also included are a padded shoulder strap and handles and an interior removable, faux-sherpa-topped, washable pad. As Sawyer has earned the title of PTU Pooper, this is an important feature for us. And the interior fabric is laminated & leak-proof.

My Favorite Features

  • The carrier folds nearly flat and comes with its own compact, zippered pouch, making storage easy. 
  • The mesh areas are not so tightly woven that your pet is unable to see out.
  • The carrier has a top entry with a zipper on each side attached to a single pull cord. This allows you to close the entire top quickly without giving your pet the opportunity to try to escape.

This PTU is intended for cats, puppies and other small pets. If necessary, I could fit two of the smaller Kitties Blue (Misty May, Astrid, Sawyer) together; though, I would never do this due to their incompatibility.  I don’t believe the larger of our cats, Cooper Murphy, Calista Jo and Lisbeth, would be comfortable without all four sides open.

Misty May and Sawyer demonstrate with just the ends open.


Smiling Paws Pets - MM


I am delighted to add this PTU to our collection and recommend it to anyone needing a new or replacement carrier.

Smiling Paws Pets has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Save 25% When Ordering

The Smiling Paws Pets carrier is exclusive to Amazon with an economical retail price of $49.95. Until May 29, you have the opportunity to save 25 percent on your purchase. Please access Amazon by clicking here and use this code at checkout: PQXNT56A

Disclaimer: We received the Smiling Paws Pets expandable pet carrier free of charge in exchange for our fair and honest review. The opinions expressed are solely mine. Kitties Blue and I only share information about products we feel are of interest to our readers.




CatAmazing Product Review

I had planned this review for last Tuesday. Please accept Kitties Blue and my apologies if you stopped in just to find it wasn’t here.

CatAmazingLike all cat parents, I know the value of a cardboard box. Cats prefer them over the most expensive toys and beds. Throw in a few treats, and you have a winning combination. And that is exactly what you and your cats get with CatAmazing.

Cats are hunters and enjoy puzzles, not to mention treats. If your cats are anything like Kitties Blue, they will immediately fall in love with CatAmazing. The moment I completed the easy assembly and added some treats, they (especially Sawyer) were all over it.

CatAmazing is the ingenious creation of Mooky. Who better to create a cat toy than a cat? And who better to test it than another cat. Tester, Zeke, is a professional shredder with seven years experience. He leads the Quality Assurance Department at CatAmazing. Supposedly, if something survives Zeke, it will survive anything. This might be true in Mooky and Zeke’s household, but with eight cats, and one of those being Sawyer, our CatAmazing has not faired so well.

Our CatAmazing recently was retired to the recycling bin after two months of daily use. It was peed on three times by cats trying to claim sole ownership, the insides were badly shredded by sharp claws and the top holes torn. I have ordered a new one from Amazon. I have no intention of being without the best cat entertainment product we’ve ever encountered.


Sawyer staking his claim when the CatAmazing was still intact.


Sawyer believed the CatAmazing was his personal property; though, he did allow the others to join him occasionally in seeking treats. He quickly learned how to put his head in one hole and his paw in another to turn it over, causing all the treats to fall out in the process. For me, the largest round hole (which is big enough for the head of a kitten or small cat) is the one design flaw. I did pass this information on to Mooky’s team. Supervision is recommended, especially for younger cats.


[slideshow_deploy id=’30951′]


Additional Information About CatAmazing

  • Constructed from 30% recycled materials and metal-free inks
  • Colors used are those best seen by cats
  • Three levels of play available
  • Colorful booklet with assembly instructions included
  • CatAmazing provides Enrichment Kits for rescues and shelters, including “Enrichment Through Play” guides for adoption folders and an exclusive discount on CatAmazing for new cat parents. Visit for more information and to apply. (While there, make certain you read about the inspiration behind and the creation of CatAmazing.)

Kitties Blue are completely impressed with and have spent hours occupied by the CatAmazing. And Dad Tom and I are delighted that they can happily play and enjoy a product that requires no complicated assembly or batteries. We recommend this product to every cat and cat parent.

Disclaimer: We received our CatAmazing for free in exchange for our fair and honest review. The opinions expressed are solely mine and those of Kitties Blue. 

CatAmazing is available from Amazon for the reasonable price of $15.94. For the hours of fun and entertainment your cat(s) will get from the CatAmazing, the cost is an absolute bargain!


Wordless Wednesday


WW and cat sock giveaway.


Wordless Wednesday at Create With Joy

Our Sock Giveaway

Customizable Cat Sock giveaway.If you missed yesterday’s post, then you missed the fact that Kitties Blue are giving away ten pairs of customizable cat socks from To read more about it, click on the PREVIOUS POST link at the bottom of this page.

The first winner is: S. Stewart. I will be sending your personal redemption code to you later today.

To have an opportunity to win a pair, leave a comment on this post and our next eight posts. One pair will be given away each day.

Disclaimer: I received one pair of customizable socks from Our Sock free of charge for the purpose of review. I also received promotional codes to give away ten additional pairs of customizable cat socks to the readers of The Cat on My Head. The opinions of the product presented here are solely my own.


Cooper Murphy - Toesy Tuesday Giveaway


Cooper Murphy does have some pretty sweet toesies. But, sorry, we’re not giving those away. All 32 Kitties Blue toes will be remaining attached.

What we do have for you is the opportunity to win a pair of socks similar to those below.



Do you recognize that handsome face? That’s right, it’s Mauricio!

How would you like to see the face of your kitty on a pair of your very own socks? Of course, you would. If you are a multi-cat family, as we are, your biggest problem will be deciding which of your felines to feature. Dad Tom selected Mau, as his face is distinctive and recognizable.

These cool socks are the creation of a new company, Our Sock, which was started by a Duke University student and his brother. Our sock is a no-minimum sock shop where anyone can buy their own pair of custom socks.

The socks come in blue, as shown, or pink. A polyester blend, necessary for printing, is used for the body of the sock.  The toes, heels and cuffs are hand sewn from cotton for added durability and comfort. The custom cat socks are one-size-fits-most. They stretch enough to fit almost all adult sizes (men and women).

I am wearing my socks right now and can attest to the comfiness. I also find them to be very supportive.


Now for the best news: Our Sock has given Kitties Blue the opportunity to give away ten pairs of custom cat socks to the readers of The Cat on My Head. I will be giving away one pair per day beginning today and for the following nine days. For the opportunity to win a pair for yourself, just leave a comment on this post and the following nine posts. I will be selecting one winner each day using

If you don’t win a pair, here’s the pricing information: One pair of socks is $24.99. Discounted pricing is available for large orders of custom cat socks. For two pairs of socks, the price is $22.50 per pair. (Use the discount code: KITTY2 at checkout.) For more than two pairs of socks, the price is just $17.50 per pair. (Use the promo code: KITTY3 during checkout).

Turnaround time is ten days, but my socks arrived more quickly.

To go to the Our Sock web-site where you can order, click here.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below for the opportunity to win a pair of customizable socks featuring your cat!

Disclaimer: I received one pair of customizable socks from Our Sock free of charge for the purpose of review. I also received promotional codes to give away ten additional pairs of customizable cat socks to the readers of The Cat on My Head. The opinions of the product presented here are solely my own.



Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy

Kitties Blue have lots of places to lounge and snooze—beds, perches, pedestals, cubes, warm kitchen chairs after a human butt has just gotten up. You name it, they’ve tried it and currently use it. Even with this abundance of snoozy places, the crew is usually up for trying out something new. That’s where the Happy Hammock comes into the picture.

I’ve always wanted to get the kitties a hammock that would hang under a chair, thinking it would be one less item on the floor for me to trip over. So when we got the opportunity to try one as part of our partnership with Propel Communications, I was anxious to receive it and set it up.

I first tried it on one of the dining room chairs. As these chairs have a cross bar between the legs, it didn’t work too well. That did not stop Lisbeth, however, from claiming it within seconds.


Lisbeth was the first to claim the Happy Hammock.


She doesn’t appear overly comfy, but cats often don’t and still manage to be purrfectly content.

I did decide to move the Happy Hammock to the catio. We have lots of places to nap and lounge there but nothing similar to this. And the chairs there do not have that cross bar. Here’s what happened after I got it set-up.


Sawyer found the Happy Hammock purrfect for an afternoon snooze.


Facts About the Happy Hammock

The Happy Hammock from SmartyKat® is 23″ x 23″. The lounging side is made from a faux sherpa, which you can see above. It also has an attached feather toy (seen in the top photo), which is supposed to attract your cat and encourage him to use the hammock. (I don’t think Sawyer or Lisbeth even noticed it.) The hammock is surface washable with warm water.

The Happy Hammock attaches to the chair with adjustable velcro straps. It comes with detailed instructions, including photos, for attaching. Regardless I had a bit of difficulty with it the first time. When I moved it to the catio, I had no trouble setting it up.

Kitties Blue recommend the Happy Hammock for its comfort. I recommend it for its sturdy construction and the fact that it doesn’t add any additional clutter to the floor.

The SmartyKat® Happy Hammock is available from a variety of retailers for just $7.39. You cannot afford not to get one or more of these for your furball(s).


Kitties Blue received the SmartyCat® Happy Hammock at no charge as part of our partnership with Propel Communications, a PR and brand engagement partner representing more than 40 pet products and solutions. Throughout the year, we are offered a variety of products to test in exchange for our fair and honest review. The opinions expressed are those of Kitties Blue and myself.

p.s. The laptop is up and running with a new trackpad and all the cat hair vacuumed from the inside. I cannot figure out where the heck that came from!



Today’s post, featuring Misty May, has two parts. The first is our entry in Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. The second part is a review of SmartyKat® Claw Tower, which Misty May is using in the arty photo.

Caturday Art


SmartyKat Art


I used Painnt again this week to create the art. This is the Aquarelle effect. I topped that with the Metallic overlay and patterned border from piZap and mats and frame from Picasa.

If you’d like to join the Caturday Art blog hop or check out the art created by your fellow bloggers, click on Athena’s badge.

SmartyKat® Review

Here’s the original photo of Misty May working out on the new Claw Tower.


SmartyKat Claw Tower


Kitties Blue are usually skeptical of anything new unless it involves treats, so I had no expectations when I assembled the Claw Tower and set it up in the foyer. Moments later, I let Misty May in the house, and she went right to it and started scratching. I was totally amazed. Luckily I had my phone nearby and could snap a couple of photos. Since this photo was taken, I’ve seen Mau, Calista Jo and Lisbeth using the tower.

The tower comes unassembled and is fairly easy to put together. I had a bit of a problem with the base as it folds in the middle. Keeping it flat to attach the sisal portion was challenging, but once I accomplished that, the rest was a snap. In addition to the sisal portion, the tower has a carpeted portion. It includes three felt, catnip toys, which attach with hook and loop technology, as well as ribbons attached to the top.

Natural behaviors for cats are stretching and scratching. The majority of towers manufactured for this purpose are too short for a cat to stretch to its full length. For this reason, they often remain unused. The SmartyKat Claw Tower is extra tall at 34 inches. Misty May is one of the smaller Kitties Blue, and you can see that several more inches of tower are available, allowing our larger/longer cats to get a full stretch as well.

I like the Claw Tower for its large and sturdy base, making it difficult for Kitties Blue to knock it over. I also like that the cores of both the base and post are made from recycled paper pulp and that the catnip was produced without chemicals or pesticides.

Kitties Blue and I recommend the SmartyKat Claw Tower, and know any kitty would find it to their liking.

You can purchase it from a variety of on-line and brick and mortar retailers for $27.73.


Kitties Blue received the SmartyCat Claw Tower at no charge as part of our partnership with Propel Communications, a PR and brand engagement partner representing more than 40 pet products and solutions. Throughout the year, we are offered a variety of products to test in exchange for our fair and honest review. The opinions expressed are those of Kitties Blue and myself.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Wow, another week has flown by, and it’s time again to take a selfie of your cutie pie self for tomorrow’s Sunday Selfies blog hop. Kitties Blue were delighted when none of them had to do the selfie last week. They’re back in the hot seat this week. I’ll have to see which one of them I can coerce into being your host.

The gang and I want to thank all the faithful, long-term hoppers as well as the newbies. See you tomorrow.