Product Review: Jackson Galaxy’s Space Station


Well…we suspect we have probably made that claim previously. But that was prior to getting our paws on the Jackson Galaxy® Space Station from Petmate®. It is the toy we teased you about in yesterday’s International Box Day post. One look at it, and we were intrigued.

Are you wondering how we know this is the best cat toy ever? The answer is simple: Misty May has been playing with it. And Misty May does NOT play, at least not until now. Misty May’s idea of play has always been bullying Lily Olivia and Astrid. And you don’t have too take our word for her interest. We have photographic proof.


Space Station play by Misty May.


So what’s so great about this toy? First of all, it was developed by Jackson Galaxy, the noted cat behaviorist. Galaxy knows what cats like, and he definitely delivered with this inspired creation.

That track at the bottom has a bright yellow ball in it. The ball wobbles as it goes around and even reverses direction. It can be hunted and batted from either inside or outside the Space Station, as Misty May is doing. None of us have tried playing from the inside as yet, where a scratch pad (replaceable) is located.

Cooper was the first to investigate the Space Station as C.J. looked on.


Cooper Murphy investigates Space Station.


Of course, being the curious young cat among us, he also was the first to play.


Cooper Murphy swats Space Station ball.


And play…


Cooper Murphy discovers he can play with Space Station while lolling on his back.

And play…


Another swipe at the ball of the Space Station by Cooper Murphy.


Though we haven’t tried it yet, multiple cats can play at the same time; one from inside the bowl and one on either side of the bowl. We’ve been nicely taking turns with no squabbles.

Calista Jo has a go at batting the ball around.


C.J. takes a turn at the Space Station.


Lily, as yet, has not been enticed to play, but she was fascinated by the ball whirling around the track (with a bit of help from our mom).


Lily Olivia watches the Space Station ball whiz by.


The Space Station promotes a cat’s natural instinct to pounce, catch and play. Kitties Blue recommend this fun toy for all kitties who enjoy these activities.

One note of advice: If you have kitties who like to play while you are sleeping, put this toy away or in a room far from your bedroom. The ball is very noisy as it travels around the track.

The Space Station is available from a variety of retailers, including Jackson Galaxy’s on-line store, Amazon and PetSmart.

Disclaimer: Kitties Blue received one Jackson Galaxy Space Station free-of-charge from Southard Freeman Communications for the purposes of testing and reviewing. We received no other compensation. The opinions expressed are those of Kitties Blue, and represents their honest and unbiased review.