Eazee Product Review

If you have been looking for a good way to eliminate shedding with both your long-haired and short-haired cat family, Eazee may be the tool for you. We have been testing the Eazee deshedding tool by Foolee®® for the past few weeks.

Cooper Murphy, along with Astrid, appears to have the shortest coat, but when I used the Eazee deshedding tool on Cooper, I could not believe how much fur the tool removed. He has a dense undercoat of which I wasn’t aware. I knew if it worked on him that it would be great for Lisbeth. With thick, medium-length fur, she is the worst of our “shedders.” Thankfully she loves being brushed. I quickly and easily removed handfuls of fur from her.

A small amount of Lily fur easily removed with the EAZEE deshedding tool.

Eazee comes with two easily interchangeable, comb-like tools—one for daily deshedding and one for intense deshedding. I used only the daily deshedding tool on our seven short-haired furries. It worked well, and I was quite pleased with the results.

I was not as pleased with the intense deshedding tool. I used it on Giulietta and found the teeth to be too short for her dense, fine, extra-long fur. And she didn’t care for it. That in itself would not be a reason for me to dislike the deshedder. Giulietta really does not like being combed or brushed and only tolerates short sessions. With this in mind, I need something a bit more heavy duty to use on her.

As far as ease of use for me, the Eazee deshedding tool is great. I have very weak hands with a lack of musculature, but found the contoured grip comfortable and easy to hold onto. And the mechanism for changing tools and releasing the collected fur also is simple to use. Six additional grooming heads can be purchased separately to attach to the universal handle, which is available in yellow, green, blue, purple, red and pink.

Eazee claims to be:

  • Safer with smooth, rounded, plastic teeth and no sharp edges;
  • Gentler as it does not pull out live hair but only removes shed fur;
  • Easier to use as fur slides off the anti-static, plastic comb and is ejected when the button atop the head is pulled back;
  • More effective in removing loose fur.

I used the Eazee on all eight cats, but for the purpose of this post, Dad Tom only photographed Lisbeth and Lily Olivia while I wielded the Eazee. They both were willing participants in the testing process.



I would estimate that we have a minimum off six different types of brushes/combs for Kitties Blue, but I think this will become my go-to for all but Giulietta. It was easy to use and did an exceptional job of removing lose fur. I would recommend the Eazee deshedding tool be added to your cat grooming arsenal.

The Eazee deshedding tool and Click & Brush grooming system are brought to you by Swees America, the U.S. division of a pet-focused product development company based in France. Marketed elsewhere under the Foolee® brand, these innovative products are available at finer pet stores. To find a retailer in your area, go to eazee.pet/find-a-store/.

Disclaimer: Kitties Blue received one Eazee deshedding tool from Matrix Partners Ltd. for the purpose of testing and review. We received no other compensation. The opinions expressed are mine alone.