Lisbeth and Camellia Caturday Art


Today’s art features Lisbeth and my camellia bush. It is in full bloom now and the most beautiful it has ever been. It makes me so happy to see this bright spot in the yard as most of the leaves have changed and fallen. I used PicMonkey to overlay the photo of the single camellia onto Lisbeth’s photo, add the pink frost edges and create the collage. The final mat and frame were added using Picasa.

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Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

It’s almost that time again. Tomorrow is Sunday, and we’ll be hosting our blog hop. None of the kitties have come forward to volunteer to take a selfie. I’ll have to see which of Kitties Blue I can bribe with treats or nip. Sure hope to see lots of our old friends tomorrow and some new ones as well. All anipals are welcome.



Fiona is the subject of today’s post. I’ve written often about how much Fiona enjoys exploring the yard when I work in the garden. Unfortunately the hot weather has kept me from doing any gardening which means Fiona has been confined to the house or catio, making her less than a happy camper.

Fiona was in the overgrown side yard when this photo was taken. I have several flower beds in the area, but a large section grows untamed in the spring. When the wild flowers die back, the area is mowed.




Today’s submission for Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop was created using Picasa and PicMonkey. I used a variety of effects and filters and won’t bore you my recounting the very long list. The biggest changes were made using a pencil sketch and a film grain effect in Picasa.




Here’s the original photo of Fiona for comparison. I think she is stunning in both photos.

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Some how yesterday’s post did not publish at midnight when it was scheduled. It didn’t come out until 6 p.m. so many of you probably didn’t see it. It was a flashback to one of our very early posts. Only a couple of friends were reading the blog at that time. The post tells how many of our angels got their names, and I would be thrilled if anyone visiting today would check it out.

Cat4-001So, Kitties Blue are arguing among themselves in an attempt to determine who will take the Sunday Selfie for tomorrow. I think Lisbeth may be getting the upper paw, but only time will tell. You’ll just have to stop in tomorrow to see who we feature. The kitties and I look forward to seeing all your selfies and visiting your blogs. So long until then.





Even though Fiona recently had a bout of naughtiness (more about that next week), I allowed her to spend time with me in the yard yesterday while I worked in the flower beds. Of the catio cats, she is a the only one to be granted this special privilege. I allow this for two reasons: 1) She doesn’t wander off, and 2) I cannot tolerate her whining from the catio the entire time I am in the garden.

I asked the kitties’ dad to come outside and take some photos of Fiona. If I try to do this while I am with her, she gets right up in my face, and I end up with a blurry mess. Here is one of a series Tom captured. It is unusual to get a photo showing Fiona’s lovely, two-toned green eyes so I am quite pleased with this.


funky fiona


And now here is the art version I am entering in Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. Whereas the first photo shows off Fiona’s eyes, this one highlights her unusually short whiskers.


funky fiona


I used several filters and effects in PicMonkey, including Posterize and Pixelate to turn Fiona into Funky Fiona. To see all the submissions and/or add one of your own, click on Athena and Marie’s Badge.

Cat4-001So it’s Sunday again tomorrow…time to show off your excellent selfie skills. We won’t be having a guest host tomorrow as Astrid has asked to reveal the gift from her boyfriend Sampy (Kitty Cat Chronicles), which I brought home from Blog Paws. Hope she can get a great photo of herself that Sampy will love!

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Image 7

Image 9

Image 1 photo 1

In celebration of Earth Day, I am sharing a few photos of our yard. We live in the city on a lot and a half, and so I have ample space for flower beds. I apologize for things looking rather untidy. I haven’t had much opportunity for gardening this spring.

The final photo is of Calista Jo enjoying a little of the local fauna…one of our resident squirrels.

Have a glorious day and please take good care of our earth by recycling, reusing and repurposing.



try, try again! We believe we have found our new motto. Actually, it’s our first motto. We didn’t even know what a motto was before today. But this fits our current and future plans purrfectly.

We weren’t very successful with our purrfectly planned payback session thanks to Chris cleaning up after us. But she did miss the fact that Lily Olivia managed to get herself into the living room* and knock over several gifts Dad received when he was traveling. None were damaged, but Maggie ratted out Lily anyway. And one of us had gotten into the transom above the backdoor, which Mom left open so we could get some whiffies, and pulled out most of the weather stripping in an effort to escape. But those were mere triffles.

So we have been super busy ever since then getting back at the humans. One of us did leave that nice gooey vomit right next to bed so that Mom stepped in it when she got up to use the facilities a couple nights ago. And the fur balls have been flying. The humans can barely turn around without finding a hacked up present. We don’t know if they have found the one Austin (CATachresis) hid ’cause he didn’t even tell us where he put it.

An exhausted Fiona opens her eyes when Dad snaps her photo.

An exhausted Fiona opens her eyes when Dad snaps her photo.

But Astrid, with a little help from Fiona, has been the linchpin in our plan. She’s now done the Houdini routine three times. The first we already told you about in “Payback Foiled.”

Her second disappearing act occurred two days ago when Mom was letting one of the big kids in the front door. Astrid bolted out through the three-inch opening. She gave Mom a two-hour run-around in the yard. She finally decided she was hungry (kitty dinner time had come and gone) and so returned, but not until Mom was panting and super frustrated. We were all laughing our furs off.

Then it was Fiona’s turn. She refused to come in off the catio at bedtime two nights ago. She had both Mom and Dad chasing her up and down the stairs, both inside and out, from one level to the next.

The photo of Lisbeth Dad was taking before Astrid escaped out the window.

The photo of Lisbeth Dad was taking before Astrid escaped out the window.

But yesterday was the best…Dad left the screen up on the kitchen window in order to take a photo of Lisbeth on the catio. Astrid was out the window and gone before either of the humans could scream, “NO!” She didn’t even stop for a nano-second on the deck before she jumped to the yard. Mom knew she wasn’t going to be easy to get in so decided to finish her breakfast.

When she went out Astrid was nonchalantly exploring the yard and totally ignoring Mom’s pleas and promise of treats. (She’d just eaten breakfast and had no interest in treats.) So Mom decided to work in the garden until Astrid got tired or hungry. After two hours of cleaning flowerbeds, trimming trees and dragging branches to the curb, Mom was dirty and sweaty and decided to come in the house. She wanted to save some energy for biking later in the day.

She assumed (very, very misguided human) that Astrid was ready to return to the house as she had come looking for her. Of course, Astrid had no intention whatsoever of doing this.

As it was Wordless Wednesday, Mom decided to take the computer to the catio and do some hopping and commenting. That way she could check on Astrid frequently. She also took our treat jar, but only after dispensing some noms to those of us hanging around the kitchen. We had been forced to stay in the house so the outer catio door could be propped open.

The human’s frequent jiggling of the jar lid and trips through the yard shaking the treat pouch did nothing to convince Astrid that she should return to the house or catio. After circling the house a couple of times while using the special kitty call the humans have for us, either with no sighting of Astrid or Astrid running from her, Mom would return to the computer.

Astrid in her favorite napping spot shortly after coming back in the house.

Astrid in her favorite napping spot shortly after coming back in the house.

After two hours of alternating typing and house circling, Mom decided it was lunch time. As she was getting ready to pick up the treats and computer she looked down to see the darling, sweet, lovable, stinker Astrid sitting next to her.

As soon as Mom opened the backdoor, Astrid was off like a shot for either food, water, the litter box or a nap. We don’t know which, but as you can see, she was found napping a short time later. Finally, the remainder of us got to have our catio time.

Astrid figures that as long as our humans keep making mistakes when it comes to managing the doors and windows, she can keep this up until the cows come home; though, none of us knows exactly what this means. We didn’t have any cows to start with; though, there is a pony buried in the backyard. But that’s a story for another day.

* As the living room is generally a cat-free zone, it does not need cleaning each time Chris visits.

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette



We don’t want to complain. Who are we kidding, of course, we do. We are being neglected. Mom has chosen to spend time doing things other than catering to our every need. We’ll admit that she’s been playing laser-light tag with us two or three times a day, but she doesn’t even need to get out of her chair to do that. And sometimes she cheats and uses the laser to get us off the catio and in for the night.

Nor is she required to leave her chair to let us in or out whenever we ask. She doesn’t even turn to see who is at the door. If she hears one of us scratching or asking with a polite meow to enter or exit, she opens the door and holds it open for what she thinks is long enough for us to enter/exit. Then she closes it without looking. If we’re a little pokey, she’ll close the door before we ever get in or out. Once she even closed the door right on Astrid.

On Tuesday, she spent three and one-half hours in the garden. We think that is far too many hours in one day, especially as she spent two other days this week planting flowers. One of those days was in the pot garden on the upper deck. We were able to spend time with her, but she wasn’t paying any attention to us, except when she was telling Calista Jo not to eat the pepper plants and chives or grilling us on who dug half the dirt out of the pot of catnip. Did she honestly expect one of us to fess up? She can be so naive!

Then, of course, there’s the riding of the tandem bike. When that happens both the humans are away for at least two hours but sometimes even more if they stop somewhere for lunch.

All the hours she spends reading about cats on other blogs is a pure waste of time. We do have some personal favorite kitties in bloggy world, but we think the eight of us should be enough for her. Even worse, she demands that we write at least 90 percent of the comments on these other blogs, and that is eating into our nap and catio time.

And now she has started reading a book about another cat, The Cujo Cat Chronicles by Douglas Dunn and Cujo. We really find that to be incomprehensible. She’s reading his blog by the same name, and THAT should be enough.

Sewing Supervisor: Giulietta

Sewing Snoopervisor: Giulietta

Plus we read in her e-mail that she is going to make nip toys for Barn Cat Buddies Adoption Event on Saturday. We prayed she’d let us in on this activity but figured she’d shoo us to the catio; even though, it only seemed fair as Calista was adopted from one of these events and both Astrid and Lisbeth are BCBs. And usually if we get enough kitty spit on at least one toy, Mom will give it to us. As you can see from these photos we were able to find a way to get involved. If you click on the following link, you can see a video of Calista helping Mom: Quality Control Inspector #8: C.J.

Giulietta testing the strength of the thread.

Giulietta testing the strength of the thread.

And finally, last weekend Mom and Dad loaded up the tandem and left for almost four whole days. Mom refused our demands earlier in the week to write about this transgression as she hoped we would forget how miffed we were. NO way that ‘s going to happen. We may not be elephants, but we aren’t completely brain dead.

To their credit, they didn’t just fill our food and water bowls and leave us this time. We had our two favorite kitty sitters, Jeanmarie and Maggie. Jeanmarie used to be our vet (we like her anyway) until she moved away to pursue a dermatology specialty. When she comes home for visits, she always takes care of us if the humans are away.

Quality Control Inspector #6: Astrid

Quality Control Inspector #6: Astrid

Lisbeth made friends with Jeanmarie this time. She didn’t know Jeanmarie when she was our vet. And Lily Olivia gave Maggie kisses. We, as well as Maggie, almost dropped dead when that happened. Lily only gives kisses to Mom and Dad and only when she is feeling particularly generous. Lily caved only one night after they returned giving Mom 37 face kisses that night and 23 the next. Traitor!

Quality Control Inspectors 8, 7 & 6: C.J., Lisbeth, Astrid

Quality Control Inspectors 8, 7 & 6: C.J., Lisbeth, Astrid

Once again when the humans returned, they only stayed long enough to feed us and change their clothes. Then they went out to dinner and the symphony. We said we’d give them a symphony: a symphony of their transgressions and our complaints.

Mom said that Fiona could not complain or sign her name to this post as she got to leave the catio and spend a couple hours in the yard with Mom. She reported to us that she was a very good girl. She didn’t even fight or struggle when Dad picked her up and brought her in the house so he could mow the lawn. So that’s another thing that gripes us: Why does Fiona get to go in the garden and the remainder of us (except, of course, Lily, Mauricio and Misty May) are forced to stay in the house or catio? We’ll have to explore that conundrum in another post as we know we have rambled on way too long.

Purrs and hugs and complaints, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette 


Lisbeth, Giulietta and Fiona enjoy a little nip and their new scratcher lounge.

Lisbeth, Giulietta and Fiona enjoy a little nip and their new scratcher lounge.

At least in my opinion!

Wild-eyed Astrid

Wild-eyed Astrid

The humans went out around lunch time yesterday. They were away for about two hours. Some of us decided to stay in the house and some out on our screened deck.

When Mom and Dad arrived home, they had presents for us. We got a new scratcher. It’s also a lounger. And it came with NIP. We have pretty well decimated our old cardboard scratcher. And Mom’s been complaining about all the itty-bitty pieces of cardboard all over the floor and stuck to Giulietta’s furs. So, this was probably more of a gift for her than us. But, heck, we’re not going to complain.

We also got two new crunchy balls. They are one of our favorite toys, but we can’t seem to keep our paws on them. We think Mom hides them from us, but she says we lose them under appliances, dressers and other furniture. We’re not buying that lame excuse for one minute.

That made for a pretty exciting day for all of us. But I got an even better surprise.

"What's that? Is that a worm? Hey mom, I think I see a worm."

“What’s that? Is that a worm? Hey mom, I think I see a worm.”

Mom decided to work in the garden in the afternoon after she noticed bunches of dandelions in the side yard. She hates dandelions and wild onions (not as much as English ivy and honeysuckle, but they’re right up there).

Anyway, she took me with her. Of the five youngsters, I am the only one who gets authorized outdoor privileges. I don’t get to go without supervision, but I am not complaining. Mom will let me accompany her a few times a year as I am almost always a good girl. I stay close by and report to her whenever she calls me. Well, at least most of the time.

The snooper-visor, Misty May.

The snoopervisor, Misty May.

Before MacKenzie went to the bridge he was Mom’s yard snoopervisor, following her and plopping down nearby. Misty May has taken over that position, so when I am in the garden I’m free to explore.

See what a good girl I am.

See what a good girl I am.

1-1-Image 12

Misty May tired out from snoopervising takes a nap.



Mommy was out for three hours. I only got to stay out for two, but again…not complaining. When I came in I had a nice nap on the new scratcher. Like I said, best day ever!

Purrs and hugs, Fiona


Yesterday was almost like spring. Well maybe not quite, but the temperature was at least normal for this time of year with the high in the mid-fifties. Today is supposed to be even nicer with the temp reaching at least sixty. If that comes to pass, we will be riding The Greenway on the tandem later in the afternoon.

Misty May napping in a sun puddle.

Misty May napping in a sun puddle.

But this kind of weather always calls to me to work in my flowerbeds in the hope of getting a jump on the clean-up from winter. I usually have at least one of the three cats with outside privileges hanging around close by, which I’ve written about before in the post, “Cats in the Garden.” This time the cat was Misty May. I may have been working really hard but she was totally taking it easy. The most energy she expended was to move from one sunny locale to another in order to stay close to me.

At one point she settled in under the crepe myrtle tree next to Thelma’s headstone. Thelma died at age 12 of congestive heart failure. Misty May never met her as she and brother Mauricio were adopted the following month. But all the kitties past and present have displayed this behavior. In our yard we have nine kitties and two doggies who have lived in this house with us during the past 30 years. It is not uncommon for us to find a current cat sitting or lying next to the resting place of another.

This action always gives me a sense of peace and continuity, but it also hurts my heart and makes me miss those from the past even more.

But for Misty May it was probably just a spot in the sun that looked like a great place for a nap.

Cats know the sunny spots.