Yesterday was almost like spring. Well maybe not quite, but the temperature was at least normal for this time of year with the high in the mid-fifties. Today is supposed to be even nicer with the temp reaching at least sixty. If that comes to pass, we will be riding The Greenway on the tandem later in the afternoon.

Misty May napping in a sun puddle.

Misty May napping in a sun puddle.

But this kind of weather always calls to me to work in my flowerbeds in the hope of getting a jump on the clean-up from winter. I usually have at least one of the three cats with outside privileges hanging around close by, which I’ve written about before in the post, “Cats in the Garden.” This time the cat was Misty May. I may have been working really hard but she was totally taking it easy. The most energy she expended was to move from one sunny locale to another in order to stay close to me.

At one point she settled in under the crepe myrtle tree next to Thelma’s headstone. Thelma died at age 12 of congestive heart failure. Misty May never met her as she and brother Mauricio were adopted the following month. But all the kitties past and present have displayed this behavior. In our yard we have nine kitties and two doggies who have lived in this house with us during the past 30 years. It is not uncommon for us to find a current cat sitting or lying next to the resting place of another.

This action always gives me a sense of peace and continuity, but it also hurts my heart and makes me miss those from the past even more.

But for Misty May it was probably just a spot in the sun that looked like a great place for a nap.

Cats know the sunny spots.