Fiona is the subject of today’s post. I’ve written often about how much Fiona enjoys exploring the yard when I work in the garden. Unfortunately the hot weather has kept me from doing any gardening which means Fiona has been confined to the house or catio, making her less than a happy camper.

Fiona was in the overgrown side yard when this photo was taken. I have several flower beds in the area, but a large section grows untamed in the spring. When the wild flowers die back, the area is mowed.




Today’s submission for Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop was created using Picasa and PicMonkey. I used a variety of effects and filters and won’t bore you my recounting the very long list. The biggest changes were made using a pencil sketch and a film grain effect in Picasa.




Here’s the original photo of Fiona for comparison. I think she is stunning in both photos.

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Some how yesterday’s post did not publish at midnight when it was scheduled. It didn’t come out until 6 p.m. so many of you probably didn’t see it. It was a flashback to one of our very early posts. Only a couple of friends were reading the blog at that time. The post tells how many of our angels got their names, and I would be thrilled if anyone visiting today would check it out.

Cat4-001So, Kitties Blue are arguing among themselves in an attempt to determine who will take the Sunday Selfie for tomorrow. I think Lisbeth may be getting the upper paw, but only time will tell. You’ll just have to stop in tomorrow to see who we feature. The kitties and I look forward to seeing all your selfies and visiting your blogs. So long until then.