Even though Fiona recently had a bout of naughtiness (more about that next week), I allowed her to spend time with me in the yard yesterday while I worked in the flower beds. Of the catio cats, she is a the only one to be granted this special privilege. I allow this for two reasons: 1) She doesn’t wander off, and 2) I cannot tolerate her whining from the catio the entire time I am in the garden.

I asked the kitties’ dad to come outside and take some photos of Fiona. If I try to do this while I am with her, she gets right up in my face, and I end up with a blurry mess. Here is one of a series Tom captured. It is unusual to get a photo showing Fiona’s lovely, two-toned green eyes so I am quite pleased with this.


funky fiona


And now here is the art version I am entering in Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. Whereas the first photo shows off Fiona’s eyes, this one highlights her unusually short whiskers.


funky fiona


I used several filters and effects in PicMonkey, including Posterize and Pixelate to turn Fiona into Funky Fiona. To see all the submissions and/or add one of your own, click on Athena and Marie’s Badge.

Cat4-001So it’s Sunday again tomorrow…time to show off your excellent selfie skills. We won’t be having a guest host tomorrow as Astrid has asked to reveal the gift from her boyfriend Sampy (Kitty Cat Chronicles), which I brought home from Blog Paws. Hope she can get a great photo of herself that Sampy will love!

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