National Tabby Day


Sunday Selfies: Week #454

A couple commenters yesterday mentioned that they were looking forward to today’s surprise. There really wasn’t going to be a surprise, other than the fact that one of us Kitties Blue had already snapped a selfie.


Portent of grey tabby cat sleeping


And that kitty was me, Sawyer. As Audrey got away with posting a snoozy selfie last Sunday, I decided I could do the same this week. I think I look cute awake or asleep.


Actually, we do have a surprise. Unfortunately, it is not a good one. Somehow Raleigh got out of the catio. When Mom and Dad called him for dinner last night, he didn’t come. Mom checked the upstairs catio and didn’t find him. They thought he must be inside on the second floor. A very short time later, Mom looked out the kitchen window and saw him under the catio. Of course, trying to get him to come to her or Dad was futile, and he finally disappeared with barely 30 minutes of daylight left.

Raleigh is a good-for-nothing bum, and he continually takes his collar off. As he hates being touched, it is often days before Mom or Dad can get it back on him. So he was and still is out somewhere without it.

Mom and Dad have set up our trap under the catio with both stinky goodness and tuna in it. Dad checked it at 10 p.m., but it still sat empty. Mom plans to check it every hour through the night. And she will start searching the neighborhood in the morning. Rain is in the weather forecast, which isn’t good, but might just tempt him to come home.

He’s also been posted as lost on PawBoost, our neighborhood forum and Facebook, and Mom has reported him missing to the microchip company.

To be honest, Mom does not expect to see him again. He may like getting three square meals a day as well as treats and free-feeding kibble, but he doesn’t like Mom or Dad or any other people for that matter. Don’t get me wrong, she wants him to come home or be found, but she is trying to be realistic.

After going through this with me, she doesn’t need any advice or suggestions on how to find him or get him home. But she and Dad ask you to please keep the little stinker in your prayers. She and Dad obviously do not want anything bad to happen to him.

National Tabby Cat Day

National Tabby Cat Day badge


Cooper Murphy, Audrey and I are looking forward to being spoiled rotten today. Of course, that happens everyday. If Raleigh comes home, he’ll get the same treatment. What self-respecting tabby goes missing the day before our special day? Sheesh! Anyhoo, we wish all our tabby friends a treat- and fun-filled day, including lots of cuddles and play time.

Hopping Time

Now that I have shared my adorable, snoozing selfie with you and filled you in on most of our news (Kizmet also escaped on Caturday, but as she wears her tracking collar, she was easily found and brought back in the house.), it’s time for you to snap your selfie and join our little hop. You know your friends will be looking for you, and you don’t want to let them down.

After that, you can enjoy a nice Easy Sunday and Tabby Cat Day.

Thanks for joining us today and being our friends.

Purrs and paw-pats, Sawyer (with whisker kisses to Noelle)

UPDATE: The little turkey returned home at 3:30 a.m. Mom heard some cat scratching franticly at the cat door. It was Raleigh on the outside. She and Dad had left the door to the catio open in case Raleigh came home. He went straight to the food bowl! Guess he gets to celebrate National Tabby Cat Day after all. 

Thanks for your prayers!



Sunday Selfies: Week #298

Welcome to the Sunday Selfies blog hop. I visit Kitties Blue yard often to eat sunflower seeds and plants. It’s an honor to be asked to host this week’s hop! I hope you don’t mind that I only took a profile selfie.



Besides the hop, some other things are going on today, and the Blue crew asked me to share these with you prior to inviting you to hop.

Purrs & Prayers Please

A very dear friend is in the hospital and needs prayers from the humans, purrs from all the kitties and POTP from all our anipal friends.



It hurts our hearts that Dad Terry’s heart is hurting, and we really want him to get better quickly and rejoin his family.

Remembering Zoey

Dearest Ann from Zoolatry made the badge above for Terry. But Ann also needs our purrs and prayers as she grieves for her unique and beautiful Zoey who received her wings and flew off to the bridge on April 18.



Zoey was a frequent participant in our Sunday Selfies Hop. Run free sweet girl. We will miss you.

We are fairly certain all of you have left your condolences for Ann, but if not, please click Zoey’s photo.

Hopping Time

Okie dokie…it’s finally time to share your selfies and hop with us. Your friends and all the Kitties Blue look forward to seeing your smiling faces each week. You don’t even need to post on Sunday to join us, so please add your link below.

Remember to keep your families safe and healthy. That nasty virus is still infecting and killing people, and we do not want any of you to lose your precious human(s). And we don’t want to lose any friends.


Wordy Wednesday

Yesterday mid-morning I found out that it was National Tabby Cat Day. I usually don’t post on Tuesdays and I was on my way out, so I made the decision not to write a quick post. Of course, tabbies, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer, had a lot to say about the decision. None of it nice! For a youngster, Sawyer certainly knows a lot of bad words. Yeeesh!

To appease the complainers, we are celebrating National Tabby Cat Day a day late. Though this post is far from wordless, we will be entering the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hops.

This photo of Sawyer was taken yesterday. The top cup on the new cat tree is his go-to snoozing spot now.


National Tabby Cat Day


Cooper Murphy’s photo is from a few days ago when he was napping on our bad.


National Tabby Cat Day


Like all kitties, these two are champion cat nappers.

As many of you know, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer are not the first tabbies to be members of the Kitties Blue crew. The other three lived with us prior to the debut of The Cat on My Head. Nonetheless, Cooper and Sawyer thought it would be nice to feature them here as well.


National Tabby Cat Day


From top to bottom:

Skooter (brown tabby and white) – Cat #1
Steamer (brown tabby) – Cat #2
MacKenzie (the original ginger tabby) – Cat #10

If you are unfamiliar with these or any of the Kitties Blue, you can read about them on The Felines page.





Sparks: Week #30


A Spark of Love from Tabby cats.


My reason for selecting this quote for today’s Spark was prompted by yesterday’s post and Allie and Mau’s love for each other. And with today being National Tabby Day, it seemed appropriate to share this photo of Sawyer and Cooper Murphy. They are best friends and obviously love each other.

I apologize for the fuzzy photo, and hope you can overlook that.

I always like to tell you a little something about the author of the quote. According to Chinese tradition, Lao Tzu (often simply referred to as Laozi) was a 6th century BCE mystic philosopher. He is best known as the author of the Tao Te Ching. This association has led him to be traditionally considered the founder of Taoism. He also is revered as a deity in most religious forms of the Taoist religion. Laos, translated literally from Chinese, means “old master” or “old one,” and is generally considered honorific.

Sawyer, Cooper Murphy and I are joining Annie at McGufffy’s Reader for her Sparks blog hop. In establishing the hop, Annie wrote, “I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world!” 

This is what makes Sparks so special and why I look forward to participating each week.

If you’d like to join the hop, click on the Sparks badge.


Tabby Cat Club

Sawyer and Cooper Murphy are members of the Tabby Cat Club and will be celebrating National Tabby Day there. If you are a tabby and a member, they’ll see you there. And if you’re a tabby and don’t belong, stop by and check out the fun.


Tabby Cat Club