Wordy Wednesday

Yesterday mid-morning I found out that it was National Tabby Cat Day. I usually don’t post on Tuesdays and I was on my way out, so I made the decision not to write a quick post. Of course, tabbies, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer, had a lot to say about the decision. None of it nice! For a youngster, Sawyer certainly knows a lot of bad words. Yeeesh!

To appease the complainers, we are celebrating National Tabby Cat Day a day late. Though this post is far from wordless, we will be entering the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hops.

This photo of Sawyer was taken yesterday. The top cup on the new cat tree is his go-to snoozing spot now.


National Tabby Cat Day


Cooper Murphy’s photo is from a few days ago when he was napping on our bad.


National Tabby Cat Day


Like all kitties, these two are champion cat nappers.

As many of you know, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer are not the first tabbies to be members of the Kitties Blue crew. The other three lived with us prior to the debut of The Cat on My Head. Nonetheless, Cooper and Sawyer thought it would be nice to feature them here as well.


National Tabby Cat Day


From top to bottom:

Skooter (brown tabby and white) – Cat #1
Steamer (brown tabby) – Cat #2
MacKenzie (the original ginger tabby) – Cat #10

If you are unfamiliar with these or any of the Kitties Blue, you can read about them on The Felines page.