Sunday Selfies: Week #298

Welcome to the Sunday Selfies blog hop. I visit Kitties Blue yard often to eat sunflower seeds and plants. It’s an honor to be asked to host this week’s hop! I hope you don’t mind that I only took a profile selfie.



Besides the hop, some other things are going on today, and the Blue crew asked me to share these with you prior to inviting you to hop.

Purrs & Prayers Please

A very dear friend is in the hospital and needs prayers from the humans, purrs from all the kitties and POTP from all our anipal friends.



It hurts our hearts that Dad Terry’s heart is hurting, and we really want him to get better quickly and rejoin his family.

Remembering Zoey

Dearest Ann from Zoolatry made the badge above for Terry. But Ann also needs our purrs and prayers as she grieves for her unique and beautiful Zoey who received her wings and flew off to the bridge on April 18.



Zoey was a frequent participant in our Sunday Selfies Hop. Run free sweet girl. We will miss you.

We are fairly certain all of you have left your condolences for Ann, but if not, please click Zoey’s photo.

Hopping Time

Okie dokie…it’s finally time to share your selfies and hop with us. Your friends and all the Kitties Blue look forward to seeing your smiling faces each week. You don’t even need to post on Sunday to join us, so please add your link below.

Remember to keep your families safe and healthy. That nasty virus is still infecting and killing people, and we do not want any of you to lose your precious human(s). And we don’t want to lose any friends.