We are beginning today’s post with an apology to Angel Sammy, Teddy and Mom Pam (Two Spoiled Cats). We are skipping Thoroughly Poetic Thursday today. And it is all Mom’s fault. We promise to be back next week with a new poem. But today we are belatedly celebrating a milestone.

Thankful Thursday

Thanks to Mom’s faulty memory we missed our sixth blogoversary on Saturday, July 21st. She knew it was this month but thought it was later in the month. Needless to say, we are miffed. We’d use stronger language, but this is a family-oriented blog.

Obviously we are not thankful that Mom forgot this important occasion, but we are thankful that we are six years into this adventure, and Mom is getting ready to renew our web-hosting contract for three more years. With eight of us, we still have lots to say, additional art to create and more poems to write.

For today’s post, we thought it might be fun to share a few statistics and milestones with you.

  • During our journey, we have lost two kitties, Fiona and Lily Olivia, and gained three, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer. Mauricio is quite happy to have gained two brothers; though, the boys are still outnumbered by the girls.
  • Astrid and Mauricio found true love and were married in 2016: Astrid to Sampson (Kitty Cat Chronicles) and Mau to Allie (Friends Furever).
  • Our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop has been going strong for 206 consecutive weeks.
  • This is post number 1,651.
  • We have received 46,061 legitimate comments.
  • We have increased our Google Page Rank from a 1 to a 4 (out of 10).
  • In the past three years we have had 20,195 individual visitors from 147 different countries.

Mostly we are thankful for all the friends we have made during the past six years. You are the reason we are and will continue on this journey.

We are entering Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. To enter, just post for what you are thankful, then click on the badge above to go to his blog and link your post.


Kitties Blue celebrate sixth blogoversary.


Purrs and paw-pats, Kitties Blue


Yesterday was such a special day, and I want to thank everyone who dropped by to help Allie and me celebrate our first anniversary. We are such lucky kitties to have found each other, fallen in love and had the opportunity to get married. We both have such wonderful memories of our wedding day in 2016.

I also want to share the lovely card I received from my sweet and thoughtful wife.


Allie's anniversary card for Mau.


My other duty today is to remind everyone about our blogoversary giveaway and our anniversary comment-a-thon.

Blogoversary Giveaway

In celebration of our fifth blogoversary, we are giving away some swag from the BlogPaws conference as well as some exclusive The Cat on My Head loot. If you have not had an opportunity to earn a chance to win, leave a comment on our Fifth Blogoversary Blowout post before 5 p.m. ET today. The winner will be selected using and announced tomorrow.

Anniversary Comment-a-thon

Would you like to win a donation to your favorite 501(c)(3) shelter or rescue? If, so you only need to leave a comment on yesterday’s Allie & Mau’s 1st Anniversary post. Mom has agreed to give one green paper for each comment with no cap on the amount.

If you leave a comment on Allie’s anniversary post, Sunday Selfies and a special Anniversary!, you will gain a second entry to win this donation. And you will have the opportunity to win a $25 Amazon gift card from Allie.

Your comments must be made on both posts prior to 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, July 27.

Once gain, thanks for celebrating these two special occasions with us. Kitties Blue appreciate the support and friendship you have shown us during the past five years.

Ciao and meow, Mau


If you had asked us five tears ago to predict if we’d still be posting five years later, we wouldn’t have had a clue. We’d never read a blog, and we had little to no idea what we were doing. Yet here we are today. If you’d like to know why we are still blogging after five years, our reason is YOU. Each and every person who has ever visited or left a comment is the entire reason for our existence.

We have met so many amazing anipals and made friends that are dear to our hearts. So stopping now isn’t an option. We would miss all of you too much.

Many bloggers do a retrospective of the past year on their blogoversary. We will do a mini one, as you know what has happened if you follow us.

  • The low point of our year was the passing of our beloved Fiona on December 1 with Sammy (OneSpoiledCat) following a day later.
  • The high point was Fiona delivering Cooper Murphy to us on January 7.
  • Mau and Allie were married at Cat Scouts on July 23, 2016, and will celebrate their first anniversary on our Sunday Selfies blog hop.
  • We won a few badges that were not Greenies on the Tuesday Teaser, including this week’s First Commenter badge.

  • We enjoyed using our imaginations to create art for Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty‘s Caturday Art blog hop, TwoSpoiledCats Thoroughly Poetic Thursday and the Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by Ellen (15AndMeowing) and Annie (McGuffy’s Reader).
  • Lily Olivia turned 18 and joined the Crotchety Cougars Club.
  • Cooper Murphy became a Cat Scout and joined the Tabby Cat Club.











Now that we have bored you with that rundown, let’s get this party started. We have all kinds of delicious noms and beverages. And Mau baked us a cake in his Cat Scouts Bake Shop.

blogoversary feast

blogoversary feast

blogoversary desserts

blogoversary cocktailsblogoversary champagne

blogoversary cake


If you have any interest in reading our very first post, here it is: “Why the Cat on My Head?” It is super short and has no photos.


To celebrate our blogoversary, we are having a giveaway for some additional loot from the BlogPaws Conference. If you’d like to be entered to win, please leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, July 24, at 5 p.m. ET. The winner will be selected using and announced the following day.

Friendly Fill-Ins

We normally participate in this blog hop each Friday but will postpone our entry until tomorrow and include it with our Caturday Art.

Thank You

We may not have written about Fiona yesterday for our Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post, but a dear friend did. Mom Lorianne (Four-Legged Furballs) wrote an adorable poem, entitled, “Fiona the Ferrier,” and did a doodle featuring her. We all hope you click on the link and read it.  Thank you from all of us, including Mom and Dad. This warmed our hearts.

Thanks for being our followers and friends and joining us for our blogoversary party. You rock!

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


Kitties Blue are celebrating our fourth blogoversay.


Celebrating Four Years

We kitties are pretty incredulous to still be here
Four years after our blog debuted in the blogosphere.
Mom knew nothing about blogging when we began,
And she has a ridiculously short attention span.
We expected to be done after a year or two,
Especially when our comments were but a few,
But eventually we made some great bloggy friends
On whose support our inspiration depends.
So, please join us today as we mark four years
With a giveaway of  BlogPaws Conference loot and gear.
Then join us again tomorrow and the following day
As we’ll be back ’cause we always have more to say!

We are joining our friend Sammy’s (onespoiledcat) Thoroughly Poetic Thursday with today’s rhyming creation. The letter of the day is “F,” which is purrfect to celebrate our Fourth Blogoversary.

If you’d like to be entered to win our BlogPaws Conference swag surprise package, please leave a comment here prior to Monday, July 25, at 5 p.m. ET. The winner will be selected using As this will be a somewhat heavy package, mailing will only be within the U.S., but anyone can enter. If you live outside the U.S. and win, you can gift the surprise package to a stateside friend.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being our friends and supporting us these past fours years. We cannot predict how long The Cat on My Head will be published. We kitties appear at the whim of our petretary, but regardless of how long or short a time it will be, we promise to be thankful everyday for each of you. We are blessed to have you in our lives.

Finally, we are sending special thanks to Sammy for this wonderful card.


Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


I feel a bit like Sally Field when she accepted her Oscar for Places in the Heart. To find out how much readers enjoy reading about the antics of Kitties Blue is heartwarming. It definitely gives me the desire to continue this blog. A new laptop arriving yesterday afternoon doesn’t hurt! Limping along on the current one for the last six weeks or so has not made trying to post and comment very pleasurable.

THANK YOU readers and friends for visiting, participating in our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop and most of all for your kind and encouraging words.

And now for our blogoversary prize winners as I know that’s why you have dropped in today.




Katzy Print: PHYLLIS S.

The Cat on My Head Water Bottle: ALASANDRA, THE CATS & DOGS (Cat Scout Socks)

A Street Cat Named Bob Book: CAT SCOUT TRIXIE & BUSTER


Cat Toys: THE ISLAND CATS (Ernie, Zoey and Cat Scout Wally)

Mau is pretty excited that so many of his Cat Scout friends won a prize. He promises that he did not rig the selections. The winners and the prizes they received were selected by

Concatulations to all. You’ll be receiving an e-mail soon asking for your mailing addresses.

We’ll be back tomorrow for Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. Drop in to see the crazy art I come up with this week.

On Sunday we will host our weekly blog hop: Sunday Selfies. No idea who’ll be representing us this week. Looking forward to all of you joining us.

Sending out heartfelt thanks to everyone who reads The Cat on My Head.







Today is our third blogoversary. If you had asked any of us if we would still be doing this three years after starting, we would have said, “no way!” With our typist having an attention span of about a nano second, we would have expected her to move on to something else by now. Yet, here we are!

We have made oodles of new friends—kitties, woofies, bunnies and other critters as well as humans. Unfortunately, we have lost some of those friends along the way. Whether with us still or over the Bridge, we are thankful to each and every one of these friends.

Some of us have gained significant others: Astrid has Sampy, Lisbeth has Charles and Mau has Allie. Lily Olivia had a nice friendship with (Leo)pold Lion Heart, but he was one of those friends we lost, which made us all super sad.

We began the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop 50 weeks ago and will soon celebrate it’s first anniversary. We are delighted with its success and thank all who have participated during that time.

Three cats joined our family as honorary Kitties Blue: Bailey Boat Cat, Swizzle (the kitty we sponsor at PAWS) and the lovely Nylablue, who became an angel last fall.

Mau joined Cat Scouts and advanced to the highest rank: Sabertooth Tiger.

Mom attended two BlogPaws conventions as well as Bark World/Meow World. She’s learned lots about blogging at those events, but the best part has been meeting many of our friends in person.

All-in-all we have had three rather eventful years of blogging. As part of our celebration we are having a giant giveaway, with five different prizes. Simply leave a comment prior to Thursday, July 23, at 5 p.m. EDT to be entered.

Winners, and which prize they receive, will be determined using The prizes are:


Cat Dreams print by Katzy


The Cat on My Head Water Bottle


A copy of A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen


Cute Cat Socks


Cat Toys (with choice of pink/orange or blue/green wand toy)


We cannot say it enough, “Thank you to all our friends and all those who have visited our blog in the past three years. We couldn’t have accomplished this without your support”

XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo





The kitties and I would like to offer our sincere thanks to all of you who visited and commented on our Blogoversary post. We far surpassed our goal of 50 comments by receiving 87. Yippee! Some of those were the result of both Glogirly and Kitty Cat Chronicles mentioning our celebration on social media. What excellent friends they are to do this for us. We even received some new subscriptions to our blog that day. That always makes us excited to know that someone has read our blog and likes it well enough to want to read it regularly.

Image 20

We are sending an extra special thank you to our dearest friend, Sammy from onespoiledcat, for the terrific card he sent us. The poem is so cute, and Misty May and I like how we are the cat and person in the moon.


We know most of you are here to see if you won the book, Sal Everybody’s Palor the fountain. We wish we could have a prize for each of you; but alas, that would mean the kitties’ dad and I couldn’t buy cat food for the next couple of years.

We used to select the winners by entering numbers 1 through 86 in their random number generator. Though we had 87 comments, two were from Kitty Cat Chronicles. The book is going all the way to to New Zealand to the kitties at Dash Kitten. (If you would like to purchase a copy of this beautiful book, click on the title above to be taken to Sal’s website.)

The fountain was won by The Whiskeratti Cats, Toby and Leia. According to their human, they will not drink from a fountain, and so they have gifted their prize to the kitties at Jan’s Funny Farm.

I will be sending the gifts out at the beginning of the week with one to The Whiskeratti Cats as well to show them how much I appreciate their generosity.

So that’s it for our 2nd Blogoversary. We had a terrific time celebrating and once again thank all of those who visited. Without your kindness, friendship and support, we would not have reached this milestone.

Please join us tomorrow as we participate in Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop.