The kitties and I would like to offer our sincere thanks to all of you who visited and commented on our Blogoversary post. We far surpassed our goal of 50 comments by receiving 87. Yippee! Some of those were the result of both Glogirly and Kitty Cat Chronicles mentioning our celebration on social media. What excellent friends they are to do this for us. We even received some new subscriptions to our blog that day. That always makes us excited to know that someone has read our blog and likes it well enough to want to read it regularly.

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We are sending an extra special thank you to our dearest friend, Sammy from onespoiledcat, for the terrific card he sent us. The poem is so cute, and Misty May and I like how we are the cat and person in the moon.


We know most of you are here to see if you won the book, Sal Everybody’s Palor the fountain. We wish we could have a prize for each of you; but alas, that would mean the kitties’ dad and I couldn’t buy cat food for the next couple of years.

We used to select the winners by entering numbers 1 through 86 in their random number generator. Though we had 87 comments, two were from Kitty Cat Chronicles. The book is going all the way to to New Zealand to the kitties at Dash Kitten. (If you would like to purchase a copy of this beautiful book, click on the title above to be taken to Sal’s website.)

The fountain was won by The Whiskeratti Cats, Toby and Leia. According to their human, they will not drink from a fountain, and so they have gifted their prize to the kitties at Jan’s Funny Farm.

I will be sending the gifts out at the beginning of the week with one to The Whiskeratti Cats as well to show them how much I appreciate their generosity.

So that’s it for our 2nd Blogoversary. We had a terrific time celebrating and once again thank all of those who visited. Without your kindness, friendship and support, we would not have reached this milestone.

Please join us tomorrow as we participate in Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop.