If you are a regular reader, you know that three of the kitties are in committed relationships: Mauricio, Astrid and Lisbeth.

When the three asked if they could share some special photos of their significant others, I couldn’t refuse. After all, they are adorably cute!

Lisbeth and Mauricio asked Mom Emily (Kitty Cat Chronicles)* to make something special for Charles and Allie.


significant others

Allie is pretty in pink.


significant others

Charles bowtie was made to match his green eyes.


As Astrid’s boyfriend Sampy’s mom is the one who makes the flowers and bow-ties, Sampy already had one. But Astrid asked if I would share his photo anyway. I cannot refuse her anything. If you missed Astrid in her special flower from Sampy, you can see her here. Mau also has a bowtie. You can see his photo here.


significant others

Sampy looking snappy in his bow-tie.


Mauricio also wanted to show one of the Christmas gifts Allie sent him. He says that it is the best gift he has ever received in his ten years, and I must agree with him. You may recognize this photo from our sidebar.


significant others

Allie and Mau on a ceramic Christmas ornament.


* If you would like to order a hand-made, crocheted bow-tie or flower for your four-legged furiend, click on the Kitty Cat Chronicles link above. From now until February 14, 2015, 100% of the proceeds from sales will be donated to Catwork in support of their “Real-Life FIV” Project. 

Before we end his post, the Kitties Blue and I would like to ask you to send purrs and prayers to Allie, Raz, Ellie and Cubby’s dad who has had by-pass surgery on Wednesday. You can visit them at Friends Furever.

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