As today is Thanksgiving here in the good old U.S. of A., Mom asked us if we’d like to share with y’all the things for which we are grateful. We agreed, but being cats we decided this was a good time to do a little bargaining. And being that the girls far out number the boy, we said we would share only if Mauricio dressed up as a turkey. Since our humans are constantly telling him he is a turkey, it seemed only natural that he should look like one.

He wasn’t happy, but gave in when we told him he could post small photos of himself in his Pilgrim and Indian attire, which he wore for his Cat Scout Service Project Thanksgiving Cards. So here he is for your giggling and guffawing pleasure, Turkey Cat Mau.

mau turkey

We told him that it was inappropriate as a turkey himself to be holding and planning to eat that gigantic turkey drumstick. He was the one who guffawed at that, so we relented. After all, no turkey will be served at our house tomorrow. The humans are going off to serve folks less fortunate than themselves. Mom did check and has assured us that a can of Turkey and Giblets dinner awaits us in the cupboard.

Mom has just reminded us that we are now totally off topic, so here are the things for which we are thankful:

1) Our humans, of course.
2) Three squares a day!
3) Oodles of toys.
4) Our nip plant.
5) The humans’ king-sized bed which we monopolize.
6) All our friends who regularly visit and comment on our blog as well as the occasional visitors.
7) All the bloggers who have befriended us and Mom. This is the most loving, caring and generous community to which any of us have ever belonged.
8) And finally: LOVE and lots of it.

Individually, Mau is grateful to have a beautiful and sweet girlfriend, Allie (Friends Furever), and so many wonderpurr friends at Cat Scouts, including Denmaster. Astrid is thankful to have the most loving boyfriend (who sends her kisses efurryday) a girl kitty could dream of having, Cat Scout Sampy (Kitty Cat Chronicles). Lisbeth is grateful for her chivalrous and handsome suitor, Cat Scout Charles. The rest of us remain unattached and, at least for now, are happy just the way are…paw-loose and fancy free!

As we promised Mau, here are his photos in his other Thanksgiving attire.

Indian Mau turkeypilgram mau turkey








For all of you residing in the U.S., we wish you a blessed Thanksgiving. For all others, we wish you a blessed Thursday.


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Purr and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo