Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Another Thursday and another poem. This week Teddy and Angel Sammy provided this exquisite picture of a sailing ship. We had to think long and hard before we came up with a poem. We didn’t want to trivialize the majesty of this, but in the end that is exactly what happened.


Poem "Arrgh"



Each year on one special day
We think its fun to dress-up and play
At being pirates and scalawags.
We fly our skull & cross bone flags
When we board our magical ship.
Then from blog to blog we skip,
Saying, “arrgh” and swilling grog,
Hoping not to get lost in an ocean fog.
We take on silly pirate names
And search for booty that we can claim.
But the other 364 days of the year
From big bodies of water we try to stay clear.
It might be fun to see a great big whale,
But Kitties Blue don’t want to go for a sail.
Though this sailing ship looks mighty fine,
We’ll stay warm and dry on the coastline.

© Kitties Blue 02/07/2018

To see our 2017 Meow Like a Pirate post, click here.

To read another fabulous poem from Angel Sammy, who transmits from the Rainbow Bridge each week, click on his badge. You also will find links to other poems as well poems from other bloggers in the comments.

Thankful Thursday

We’d like to say we are thankful for the end of the eye “icks” but… Cooper Murphy finished his oral meds yesterday.  Unfortunately his eyes remain very squinty. We will continue the eye ointment for a few more days. Calista Jo is now on her second go round. We put ointment in her eyes last night and will see if we can get oral meds for her today without another trip to see Dr. Neel.

As for being thankful, we are. Astrid, Lisbeth and Giulietta remain uninfected.

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Doozy of a Snoozy

Like every Kitties Blue cat before him, Sawyer has discovered the antique dough bowl. For whatever reason this is a favorite snoozing, bathing, looking out the window spot and has been featured in previous posts. We gave up years ago trying to reclaim the bowl for use by Dad Tom, the bread baker. And for a very long time we have been adding something comfy to snooze upon.


Sawyer takes over cat (dough) bowl.


Kitties who have outgrown the dough/cat bowl continue to stuff themselves in for a nap. It even has been occupied my Mauricio and Astrid together…now that was a bowlful. As you can see, Sawyer has not reached the point where he is overflowing. But he has definitely spread out atop of one of Mom Ellen’s (15 And Meowing) cat mats.

To see original cat, Skooter, as well as some others in the bowl, click here to go to the 2012 post, “The Cat Bowl.”

Cooper Murphy/Misty May Update

Under protest, Cooper Murphy had another visit with Dr. Neel yesterday. He does have a fever; though, not as high as the 105 he had on January 5. It was 103 this time. The conjunctiva in both eyes are infected this time. Staining showed no additional problems. He’s also sneezing this time. He got another anti-inflammatory injection and will be on oral meds and the teramyacin eye ointment again for another ten days.

We also discovered that the little giant stinker was playing fast and loose with the scale last time. He weighed in today at 18 1/2 pounds. That’s two more than his last visit and more what we expected then.

Misty May’s eye is greatly improved. She will remain on the ointment until she returns on Friday for a recheck of the ulcer.

Thanks for all the purrs, prayers and POTP you have been sending. With any luck, this will be the final chapter for the eye “icks.”



Kitties Blue Health Update

It was my turn to be stuffed in a SleepyPod and hauled off to the vet on Wednesday. Yep, I got the eye “icks” too! I made the humans aware of my displeasure all the way there and most of the way back with loud protestations and tinkling in the SleepyPod.

The humans are getting better at recognizing this persistent and spreading infection. I had no fever and did not require an injection or any oral meds. But I am getting that goopy eye ointment. I have an ulcer on my eye as well. No one else has one of those. I knew I was special! It will probably take longer to heal than the infection will take to clear up, and I have to go back to the vet for a re-check. Again, special me! None of the others got to do that. Though we were told scar tissue may form, it should not occlude my vision.

Mau has two more days of meds and eye ointment, and his eye is looking good. We just need a few more purrs and prayers asking that I am the end of the line for this infection.

Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #90

Now that I am done with the health update, I am going to do the fill-ins. It is my compensation for being maligned so badly in the post, “Mini Rant on Tuxie Tuesday.” My fursibs were unkind, and they hurt my feelings. If Mom and Dad think the new collar with cute pandas is remuneration enough for that post as well as the trip to the vet, they are delusional.

My completions are in teal italics.

1. The flu shot is something Dad and Mom get every year. It hasn’t stopped them from getting the flu every year, but Mom can only remember a couple of times getting it in the last 35+ years. We kitties are wishing some type of vaccine existed to keep us from passing around the icky eyes.


Misty May protests her trip to the vet.


2. I think everyone should take time to nap daily.

3. I (almost) always sleep on Mom’s pillow, because I can! 

4. I (almost) never am nice to Astrid, because it is so easy to assert my authority over her and make her scream.

Friendly Fill-Ins is a weekly blog hop hosted by Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Annie (McGuffy’s Reader). They each provide two incomplete sentences to be filled in by participants. You can find the sentences on their blogs every Thursday. To participate in the blog hop, click on the Fill-Ins badge. You will be taken to Annie’s blog to enter your link.

Purrs and paw-pats, Misty May


Doozy of a Snoozy on Tabby Tuesday

We haven’t done a snoozy post in a while and so thought you might enjoy seeing the two youngsters having a snooze.


Doozy of a Snoozy with Sawyer and Cooper Murphy.


Cooper Murphy took the last of his medication Sunday night, and he seems to be close to 100 percent well. He and Sawyer are back to playing and wrestling. Both slept really soundly yesterday afternoon—Sawyer on the bed and Cooper Murphy on the catio after it warmed up above freezing. The above photo was taken Sunday night.

C.J. Update

Calista Jo’s eye is beginning to look a bit better, but she still has lots of medication and eye ointment to go before she can rejoin the family. Dad Tom has been spending lots of time in the living room with her while reading his book. We know she is lonely and feeling abandoned. We just cannot take a chance that one of her uninfected fursibs contracts this. Mom says that the vet bills are “eating” into our food, treat and litter budget. Pffft!

We’ll see you again right here tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday.

We hope that wherever you live, you are staying warm.

Purrs and paw-pats, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer



Health Update

Before I show my selfie, Mom asked me to fill you in on what’s going on at our house. Holy carp…2018 continues to be one sucky year. We’d all like to turn the calendar back to 2017. Calista Jo is now sick. She was rushed off to the vet office today with a badly swollen and infected right eye. Mom had to put a warm, wet compress on it to help get the eye open. Her fever was not as high as Cooper Murphy’s was…only 104 degrees. She got sub-q fluids and an injection, and is now on the same antibiotics and antibiotic eye ointment as Cooper Murphy, who has two more days of medication. C.J. is now the one being confined to the living room.

As we did with Cooper Murphy, Mom, Dad and Kitties Blue are asking for purrs, prayers and POTP for Calista Jo. But more importantly, will you please pray that this infection doesn’t work it’s way through our entire fur family. Thank you.

Sunday Selfies: Week #179

I didn’t expect to be back with you again today, but I was the only one hanging out with Mom today. I really didn’t want to take this as you can see by my ears. This actually is the best of three photos I snapped.

Astrid hosts week #179 of Sunday Selfies.

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Happy Birthday

Sunday Selfies - Sophie Servos birthdayMom, Dad and all the Kitties Blue are sending a message to a very special friend, Mom Sophie, AKA LP, from Critters in the Cottage. Today is her birthday. We wish her much love, joy and blessings as she celebrates. Hope you can drop by her blog and wish her a happy birthday.

Thanks for joining us again today. We appreciate all the love and support.

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid



Kitties Blue and I are excited to have a guest post today. It was supposed to appear yesterday, but due to technical issues, I was forced to postpone it.

We think it is one you will find to be informative. It is written by Mary Nielsen from As way of introduction, this is from her web-site:

Greetings, fellow cat lovers and cat parents! Welcome to our furry little corner of the internet! My name is Mary Nielsen. Together with my husband Dave, I run

An important note: We are not veterinarians, animal behaviorists, nor cat breeders. The advice and tips we give here for raising happy and healthy cats are based purely on our own experience and research. It’s our goal to find the best information we can find on anything feline-related and share it with hardworking pet parents like us.

Common Cat Illnesses: A Guestographic

Our feline family members are usually pretty intelligent, but they aren’t able to tell us, in so many words, when they aren’t feeling well. As healthy as you try to keep your cat, she is vulnerable to contracting one of these several diseases. Most of them can be treated, allowing her to recover and regain her usual energy. Others, unfortunately, aren’t treatable, which means your cat will eventually cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Easily Treated

From upper respiratory infections (colds) to lower urinary tract disease (painful infections of your cat’s urinary tract), then up to feline hyperthyroidism and diabetes, once you notice something is wrong with your cat, you and your vet can decide on the most appropriate treatments. Some of the treatments, such as for upper respiratory treatments and lower urinary tract disease, are short-term, allowing her to get well. Other conditions are chronic, meaning you’ll have to monitor your cat’s condition and give her daily medications. If your cat eats something infested with worms, she’ll be obviously ill. While her symptoms may be scary, they can be treated. This treatment means she’ll receive a medication meant to kill off the worms in her digestive tract.

Treatable Chronic Illnesses

Moving up a level to more serious, but still treatable conditions, chronic kidney disease means you and your vet will need to treat what caused your cat’s illness. This may be an infection or an accidental ingestion of antifreeze. Treatment for this illness may be lifelong. Feline hyperthyroidism also falls into this category. Again, you’ll have to give her regular medications. Specialized foods may help manage her condition; though, surgery may be the only option.

Fatal Illnesses

Illnesses, such as rabies, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) and feline leukemia virus infection (FeLV) are all diseases that can’t be cured.

FIP can be managed with supportive care that allows your cat to feel more comfortable. On the other hand, rabies will be fatal to your cat. Vaccinations are mandatory all across the U.S.

Between you and your vet, you’ll be able to manage your cat’s health until it’s time to let her go. The time between initial diagnosis of FeLV and FIV and your cat’s death may last for years, allowing you time to enjoy your cat’s company. While vaccines are available for FIV, they aren’t appropriate for every cat. Your vet can advise you about this. The vaccine for FeLV is suitable for all cats.



I must apologize to all of you and Mary for not being able to get a decent rendering of her beautiful and informative infographic here on our blog. You really do want to review it, so I suggest clicking on the link at the top of the page to visit her site.

I am grateful to Mary and for creating this post for us.







Cats Are Living Longer

As more and more humans are keeping their cats indoors and providing healthier food, cats are living longer. It is no longer unusual for a cat to live for 20 years. This does mean, however, that they are likely to suffer from some age-related illnesses.

As most of you know, Lily Olivia is a senior citizen. In fact, in human years, she’s about 88 years old. That’s two decades older than I am, and I’m older than dirt.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive post with everything you need to know about your aging cat and how to care for him. I will provide resources at the end of the post where you can find additional information. Please remember: Your vet should be contacted if you are noticing health issues with your cat. Don’t try to diagnose and treat your cat based on information from the internet, including this post. 

What to Expect as Your Cat Ages

As your cat ages you can expect some changes. Your cat

  • may sleep more. √
  • may experience a change in sleep patterns. √
    • Lily has always slept during the night when we sleep, but I now find, if I wake up at night, she is awake and staring at me.
  • may get cold more easily and seek out warm places to sleep. √
    • Providing your older cat with a heated bed or a bed placed in a sunny window may help keep your cat comfortable.
  • develop age-related diseases. √
    • Lily has a small degree of kidney disease, which was discovered during her most recent blood panel.  (Keeping this in mind, your vet may recommend twice yearly exams for your senior pet in an attempt to catch problems in the early stages.)
  • become cranky and irritable. √
    • Actually, Lily Olivia has always been a grump, but this trait has increased with age. She wants what she wants and will not be dissuaded.

These are issues with which Lily Olivia is dealing. Many more exist that she may develop or that your cat may be experiencing, such as:

  • FCD (Feline Cognitive Disorder), which is similar to dementia in humans.
  • hearing or vision loss.
  • arthritis and stiffening of joints.
    • This is a major problem in cats. You may notice your cat doesn’t want to be picked up, can no longer jump up on the cat tree, has problems entering and exiting the litter box or getting into those yoga-positions that allow him to groom properly. To assist your kitty, try adding some portable steps to the cat tree, bed or wherever she spends her time. A litter box with low sides also is a good idea. Regular brushing and wet-wipes can assist kitty with grooming.

The Importance of Baseline Bloodwork

If you don’t have a baseline for measuring any changes in your cats health, it is important to setup an appointment with your veterinarian. Many vets suggest baseline bloodwork at about age seven, but if your cat has been having yearly exams and vaccines and is in generally good health, your vet may wait until age ten, as our vet did. These tests will detect any early-stages of

  • anemia
  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • infection
  • inflammation
  • diseases of the heart, intestines, kidneys, liver, pancreas and thyroid.

With most of these diseases, especially hyperthyroidism, which is very common in older cats, your feline will show signs of weight loss. Don’t ignore this as just a sign of your cat’s senior status, but get your beloved companion to the vet a soon as possible. Weight loss at any age (unless your cat has been placed on a restricted diet), should not be ignored.

If weight loss is the result of the normal aging process or even disease, your vet may suggest a nutritional supplement as well as a vitamin supplement.

Some General and Important Tips

And don’t forget the fresh water. Like Lily Olivia, your aging cat most likely will have some degree of kidney disease. A fountain is a great idea as are water bowls in various areas of your house. If you feed only a dry food, introduce some canned food to add moisture to your cat’s diet.

Please remember to play with your older feline, adapting play time to your cat’s level of mobility. Don’t forget mental stimulation as well, like a bird feeder outside the window.

Senior cats, like older people, tend to become set in their ways and prefer predictability and normal routines. Most cats do not like or adapt to change well, and this is especially true in your older feline. Your elderly cat may want to be left alone or may become more demanding of your attention, just as Lily Olivia has with us. Cherish this time with your senior citizen feline. It is the care, love, proper medical treatment and good diet you have provided through his lifetime that has given both of you these extra years of companionship.

As your reward for making it to the end of this post, our resident senior citizen wanted to share this photo. Unlike her usual behavior of sitting on my lap with her paws on the trackpad, this is what Lily Olivia was doing while I wrote this post.


Senior citizen cat Lily Olivia prefers to snooze in this box.


“Caring for Your Senior Cat,” Antech Diagnostics, © 2007



N.J. Bill to criminalize declawing.The very first cat that Dad Tom and I brought into our lives was a brown tabby and white kitten. It was the mid-80s. We named our kitten Skooter. He was the son of a stray that friends had taken into their home. His dad, Tubby, was their neighbor’s cat.

Skooter was five months old when we brought him home. He was a sweet and gentle cat, but we did something terrible to him. We had his front claws removed! I am ashamed to admit this, but we didn’t know any better at the time.

I don’t remember who suggested we do this or why we decided to do it. Even though I had no idea what declawing entailed, I always felt guilty about doing this to my boy.

Of course, now I know that declawing involves amputation of the last bone of each toe. That’s like removing a human finger at the first knuckle. Just the thought of it makes me cringe.

It recently came to my attention that the state of New Jersey’s Assemblyman, Troy Singleton, has introduced legislation to criminalize declawing in his state.  Those who perform declawing would face a fine of up to $1,000 or six months in jail, according to the provisions of the New Jersey Anti-Declaw Bill A3899.

Over 25,000 individuals (including myself) have signed a petition, begun by The Paw Project*, in support of Bill A3899. Won’t you please add your signature? Click here to go to to read more and sign the petition.

Thank you!


N.J. Bill to criminalize declawing.


The Paw Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that exists to increase public awareness about animal welfare and animal cruelty issues related to the declawing of cats.


A Tummy Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy

I have come across some strange bed fellows at our house, but this combo was more surprising than the Lisbeth/Fiona one from last week.


Doozy of a Snoozy strange pairing


Granted, there’s a bit of space between these two, but it was still a huge shock to walk in on this scene. Giulietta rarely sleeps on our bed, but she can be found there occasionally during the day. To find her there in close proximity to Lily Olivia was a total shock. Lily Olivia was soundly snoozing in her favorite “bunny” position. If you look closely, you can see that Giulietta had one eye open. Lily may not have been aware of Giulietta’s presence, but Giulietta obviously knew Lily was behind her. Giulietta only snuggles with Fiona, but as these two are not officially snuggling, I guess Giulietta thought it was okay to nap next to Lily.

We all know that kitties can easily be awakened when they are merely catnapping. That is no longer the case with Lily Olivia, however, which is truly strange. I have wondered lately if she has lost some of her hearing and that’s why she can sleep so soundly. Sometimes she doesn’t even wake up when she’s called for breakfast or dinner. That never happened until recently. At age 17 some hearing loss would not be unusual. As she is in good health otherwise, I’m not too worried.

With reference to Lily’s health, I had not reported on her recent senior panel blood work. Both her BUN and liver enzymes were slightly elevated by just a few points each. Dr. Neel said at her age she didn’t feel it was much to worry about. She suggested it would be good if we could get Lily to eat a renal diet. She’s not picky so this shouldn’t be too difficult. I was happy to find out that she does not have hyperthyroidism, which is very common with cats of her age. With Fiona’s health issue, we don’t need another kitty who requires medication.

Wherever you are snoozing today, I hope you are as comfy as all the Kitties Blue.

Good-bye Spooky

SpookyKitties Blue and I were so sad to hear that 15 and Meowing‘s Spooky has left for the Rainbow Bridge. If you have not had the opportunity to stop in and leave your condolences for Mom Ellen, Phoebe, Cat Scout Sammy and the rest of the gang, please do so. This is the third kitty they have lost in a short amount of time, and I know they can use our support and prayers. We are sending them lots of purrs, hugs and love.



vet waiting room-001April

Hanging out in the cat-only waiting room.

Yesterday was a good day at the vet. Vet Tech Tamika was there to take me to our usual exam room. She’d put her favorite leopard-print blanket on the exam table just for me. My usual shaking and quaking were at a minimum.

The first thing up was my weigh-in. Four paws up, it was a good one. I weigh seven pounds and six ounces. That’s my best weight since my CKD was diagnosed in December and up two ounces from last month. Happy dance!

All my numbers have improved as well. My BUN is at 91. It has been going up and down. It also was 91 back in January, and that number is my best. Normal range is (10 to 30 mg) so my number is still super high but going in the right direction again…down.

You may recall that Dr. Neel said I could stop the Maalox since I hated it so much and usually spit out more than I ingest. Unfortunately, that caused my phosphorus levels to jump up. So after my March check-up I went back on the Maalox.


Fiona after spewing Maalox - April 2016


As you can see, I still don’t like Maalox. Mom tries to clean me up after each dose, but Dad noticed yesterday that I have it in my tock’s furs from sitting in it after I spew all over the kitchen counter. Good mews; though, my phosphorus number is down. Okay, still high, but better. My Creatine level also came down.

My treatment will remain the same with subQ fluids, current medications and the yucky Maalox. I will have a recheck in a month.

I was totally chill while we waited for my blood work results. I hung out on the exam room bench next to Mom and purred away while she gave me lots of love and scritches. I did a bit of singing on the way home. I just couldn’t help myself and joined in with George Harrison on “My Sweet Lord.” I was quiet when Al Stewart was singing “Year of the Cat.” I didn’t want to miss any of the intricate lyrics. (You can listen to these great songs by clicking on their titles.)

So that’s my April report. I obviously still need your purrs, prayers and POTP. I know all those that you’ve already sent my way definitely have been what has allowed me to do as well as I am. I love and thank everyone as does Mom.

Though I spewed out lots of words today, we are purrticipating in our usual Wordless Wednesday blog hops.

Purrs and paw-pats, Fiona


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