vet waiting room-001April

Hanging out in the cat-only waiting room.

Yesterday was a good day at the vet. Vet Tech Tamika was there to take me to our usual exam room. She’d put her favorite leopard-print blanket on the exam table just for me. My usual shaking and quaking were at a minimum.

The first thing up was my weigh-in. Four paws up, it was a good one. I weigh seven pounds and six ounces. That’s my best weight since my CKD was diagnosed in December and up two ounces from last month. Happy dance!

All my numbers have improved as well. My BUN is at 91. It has been going up and down. It also was 91 back in January, and that number is my best. Normal range is (10 to 30 mg) so my number is still super high but going in the right direction again…down.

You may recall that Dr. Neel said I could stop the Maalox since I hated it so much and usually spit out more than I ingest. Unfortunately, that caused my phosphorus levels to jump up. So after my March check-up I went back on the Maalox.


Fiona after spewing Maalox - April 2016


As you can see, I still don’t like Maalox. Mom tries to clean me up after each dose, but Dad noticed yesterday that I have it in my tock’s furs from sitting in it after I spew all over the kitchen counter. Good mews; though, my phosphorus number is down. Okay, still high, but better. My Creatine level also came down.

My treatment will remain the same with subQ fluids, current medications and the yucky Maalox. I will have a recheck in a month.

I was totally chill while we waited for my blood work results. I hung out on the exam room bench next to Mom and purred away while she gave me lots of love and scritches. I did a bit of singing on the way home. I just couldn’t help myself and joined in with George Harrison on “My Sweet Lord.” I was quiet when Al Stewart was singing “Year of the Cat.” I didn’t want to miss any of the intricate lyrics. (You can listen to these great songs by clicking on their titles.)

So that’s my April report. I obviously still need your purrs, prayers and POTP. I know all those that you’ve already sent my way definitely have been what has allowed me to do as well as I am. I love and thank everyone as does Mom.

Though I spewed out lots of words today, we are purrticipating in our usual Wordless Wednesday blog hops.

Purrs and paw-pats, Fiona


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