The gym was awash in girls with colorful poodle skirts and boys in leather jackets boppin’ to a fifties beat at the Cat Scouts Sock Hop Friday night. Most of the girls selected the traditional pink poodle skirts. But others, like Scout Dezi, were less traditional. She was a vision in all blue to match her eyes. And CatPhillips and Madi (Raz’s date) were ravishing in red.

Sampson & Astrid, Lisbeth & Charles, Allie and Mau

Sampson & Astrid, Lisbeth & Charles, Allie & Mau

I was so proud to have three of my kits in attendance: Scout Mau and his girlfriend, Scout Allie; Lisbeth and her friend, Scout Charles; and Astrid with her boyfriend, Scout Sampson. I think they all look so adorable.

sock hop bus

Though a lot of Scouts had some classic cars to transport themselves and their dates to the Hop, many decided to take the Party Bus so they’d have extra time to visit with each other. Astrid, Lisbeth, Mau and their dates were part of that group.

The big event of the night was the Dance Contest, and the Scouts really threw themselves into it with all four paws. I’m thinking that a Dancing Merit Badge is in order. Of course, Kitties Blue and their dates participated. They even got dressed in special outfits to show off their moves.

Allie & Mau show of their flexibility.

Allie & Mau showed off their flexibility during a Jitter Bug.

Charles & Lisbeth both being a little shy selected a a subdued Lindy for their dance.

Charles & Lisbeth decided to perform a less vigorous dance.

Sampson & Astrid kick up their heels to become one of the nights winners.

Sampson & Astrid kicked up their heels and won a trophy.












The Scouts voted for their favorites in the Dance Contest. Four couples tied for first place, including Astrid and Sampson. They earned one of the coveted trophies.








They practiced for many hours, and it really showed. I am so happy for them both.

Both Charles and Sampson are very thoughtful young men. Prior to the dance Charles sent Lisbeth a darling retro charm bracelet, which she was so excited to wear to the dance.

Astrid and Sampson anniversaryAnd Sampson sent Astrid this sweet anniversary card and lovely necklace. She says she is never taking it off. I am hoping Sampson doesn’t mind me sharing his heartfelt card as I have already put it on our sidebar along with their trophy.

What can I say…I’m a proud mom.