Today’s submission for Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop features Misty May. The original photo was taken early one morning when she was lounging under the pergola atop the pool cover. She looked cute and the light was good so I snapped a couple photos with my phone.

I had noticed this cube previously in EnjoyPic. I thought this photo would work well with the pergola beams and individual cube edges adding lots of visual interest. Of course, I wasn’t content to stop there. I uploaded the photo into Picasa and used saturation (one of my favorite filters) to brighten and intensify the colors and then lomo-ish to blur the edges.

Image-002Here is the un-cropped original photo. As you can see it is slightly blurry, proving even a less than perfect photo can be used to make something interesting.

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I hope you will all come back tomorrow to see the photos from the Cat Scout Sock Hop and find out which couples won the Dance Contest. Could be that a member of Kitties Blue might have brought home a trophy.