Sunday Selfies: Week #380




Hanukkah begins this evening, and so Mom has framed by selfie accordingly. I sure hope my Angel Charles stops by today and sees me. I really miss him a lot.

Mom likes my selfie, but she is slightly miffed at me. Whenever she tries to help me with my selfie, I look away. Cat sitter Kit helped me with this one, and I sat purrfectly still with my eyes on the phone. I think Mom should be happy that I liked Kit and was a good girl while she and Dad were away.

Mom is super tired after eight hours in the car, and so asked me to keep this short. With that in mind, I am inviting you to hop along with us. The hop is open through Thursday, so you don’t need to post today to join. If you would rather enjoy a nice Easy Sunday, snap that selfie on Monday or Tuesday or… Well, you get the idea.

I also have been informed that neither Mom nor Dad plan to stay up until midnight to add me to the hop. I promised not to complain about, but only if I got to have a puzzle today. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to beg, and so, here is your Lisbeth Hanukkah jigsaw puzzle.

preview132pieceHappy Hanukkah from Lisbeth

Hopping Time

With no additional jibber jabber, I am officially inviting you to add your selfie to our blog hop. I know you want to! And I will join up with you in the morning.

And to all those who celebrate:

Hanukkah Sameach!


Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth