Sunday Selfies Week #55

Lily Olivia, Astrid and I had a a game of rock/paper/scissors to see who would get to do the Sunday Selfie this week. I easily won the opportunity to be your host today. Do you know why? We’re cats, and Mom doesn’t let us play with scissors. MOL! Lily and Astrid forgot about this. They both chose rock. I knew if I played paper I would win. Lily and Astrid are more emotional players so weren’t thinking clearly when we played. They were pretty mad when I won and both threw their rocks at me. But I’m the youngest of all us kitties and can run fast! They didn’t even come close to hitting me. I may need to sleep with one eye open tonight, but I’m not really worried about them. I am way bigger and stronger.

Without further explanation, here’s my selfie. Mom fancied it up for me using PhotoFaceFun. We think they have the best frames.




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