Friendly Fill-Ins


Friendly Fill-ins: Week #101


1. Living with eight cats keeps me happy and a little crazy.

2. Careful proofreading is the secret to a good blog post.

3. A friend is someone who never judges you and loves you unconditionally.


Friendly Fill-Ins

BFFs Teddy [Two Spoiled Cats] (L) and Cooper Murphy (R)


4. Right now, I am thankful that all Kitties Blue are healthy. Calista Jo still was dealing with eye “icks” during the roundup last week. With additional days of terramycin, they now look better.

Friendly Fill-Ins is a blog hop hosted by Annie (McGuffy’s Reader) and Ellen (15 And Meowing). You can find the sentences to complete each Thursday on both of their blogs. After posting your completions, enter the hop at Annie’s blog. Click on the Fill-Ins badge at left to go there from here.

My completions are in teal italics.

I also am participating in Feline Friday at Comedy Plus.



Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #100

Wow…100 weeks of fill-ins. Congratulations to hosts, Annie (McGuffy’s Reader) and Ellen (15 And Meowing), on this successful and fun blog hop. We’ve learned a lot about our fellow bloggers and shared a lot about ourselves during this hop. And this week three of the Kitties Blue even decided to play along. Our completions are in teal italics.

If you’d like to participate in the hop, you can find the blank fill-ins each Thursday on Annie and Ellen’s blogs. To go to the hop now, click on the badge to the left.

1. The Good-Bye Girl with Richard Dreyfus and Marsha Mason is one of my favorite movies.


Fill-Ins Week 100


2. Sawyer: I like to browse the internet with my dad.


Fill-Ins Week 100


3. Cooper Murphy: I have a hard time not showing off my belly.


Fill-Ins Week 100


4. Mau: Loving my sweet wife Allie (Friends Furever) is easy for me. The photo below is from our honeymoon.


Fill-Ins Week 100



Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #99

1. For Easter (or Passover), I usually make Dad Tom an Easter basket with some of his favorite candies or some other little gift.

2. My favorite Easter (or Passover) treat is anything made of dark chocolate. I am not a fan of the popular Peeps.

3. Lately, the song “Soft Kitty” from The Big Bang Theory, is stuck in my head. Misty May is our soft kitty. She has the most luxurious furs. I love running my hand through them.




4. The A-Z Blogging Challenge is fun to see and read on the blogs of others. I’ve never participated as I don’t enjoy the constraints it would put on what I post.

Friendly Fill-Ins is a blog hop hosted by Ellen (15 and Meowing) and Annie (McGuffy’s Reader). The intent is to give bloggers the opportunity to learn more about each other, and in this case, a couple of the Kitties Blue.

Ellen and Annie each compose two incomplete sentences for participants to complete. If you’d like to play along, you can find the blank fill-ins on their blogs each Thursday.

The blog hop takes place at McGuffy’s Reader. To join, click on the badge.

A Few Words from Sawyer

On our Wordless Wednesday post, Sawyer the Crusher, many commenters suggested I should have gotten in the paper bag on which I was laying. Trust me, I did. In fact I totally destroyed it going in and out. The bag beneath me was liberally ripped.


Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #96

Friendly Fill-Ins is a blog hop hosted each Friday by Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Annie (McGuffy’s Reader). It gives each of us the opportunity to get to know our fellow bloggers a bit better. Each Thursday, they both post the sentences to be completed. To participate, fill-in the blanks in each sentence and then link up on Annie’s blog. To hop over there, click on the Fill-Ins badge.

I got a little help with the first two fill-ins this week. The generic quality of them made it easy to turn their completion over to a couple of Kitties Blue. Here are our completions for this week. They are in teal italics.

COOPER MURPHY 1.Before you go to sleep you need to stake your claim to a good spot on the humans’ bed. An east/west position is always preferable, as Mau and Calista Jo are demonstrating. Sawyer and I have completely taken over Mom’s spot.


Fill-Ins week #96


SAWYER: 2. After zooming or watching birdies and squirrels from the catio, I like to take a nap on the top perch of the cat tree or mom’s feet.


Fill-Ins: week #96

Top to Bottom: Sawyer, Lisbeth, Astrid


3. Winter sucks, except for male cardinals, which look gorgeous against the backdrop of fresh, bright-white snow.

4. Spring is not my favorite season, but after a long winter, it certainly is welcome. These are crocuses from our yard in 2016. It’s too darn cold to go outside and take photos of this year’s spring flowers, which have snow on them.




Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #95

Friendly Fill-Ins is a blog hop hosted each Friday by Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Annie (McGuffy’s Reader). It gives each of us the opportunity to get to know our fellow bloggers a bit better. Each Thursday, they both post the sentences to be completed and posted the following day. To participate, fill-in the blanks in each sentence and then post on Annie’s blog. To hop over there, click on the Fill-Ins badge.

Hare are my completions for this week. They are in teal italics.

1. Dad Tom: My favorite Dr. Seuss book is McElligot’s Pool. I had to ask Dad Tom to do this fill-in, as I never read Dr. Seuss as a child. Some of the books I remember from my childhood are The Little Engine That Could, The Secret Garden, Black Beauty and Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Mau and Cooper Murphy are here in their favorite Seussical costumes, Blue Fish and the Lorax. This is little brother Sawyer’s first time celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and he wanted to be included. He decided he wanted to be Horton from Horton Hears a Who. The elephant costume he selected is a bit unconventional, but he’s a kitten, and we tend to indulge him.


Dr. Seuss characters: Blue Fish, the Lorax, Horton


2. The most interesting person I have ever met is Jackson Galaxy. Though I actually haven’t met Galaxy in person, I have interviewed him by phone. I also have read all his books, and he truly has had an interesting life.

3. Besides books by Dr. Seuss (see #1), my favourite book as a child was A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson.

4. Lately, I have been working on compiling and producing the memory book from my 50th High School Reunion.

Read Across America Day

Read Across America Day is celebrated each year on March 2—the birthday of writer, Theodor Seuss Geisel, more commonly known as Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss’ birthday and National Read Across America Day is celebrated in schools and libraries all across America! Today would have been the 113th birthday of this beloved author.

In honor of Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Day the blogosphere is having a blog hop. To join in the fun, click on the badge below.



Read Across America Day was established in 1997 by the National Education Association. Its purpose is to encourage children to read. Research has shown that children who are motivated and spend more time reading do better in school.

In conclusion, we leave you with this quote from Dr. Seuss.

You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.

At the very least, pick up a book today and read to yourself.


A Note from Lisbeth

Before getting to the Friendly Fill-Ins for this week, Lisbeth has a few words to say.


If Mom and Dad can’t forgive me, I am shipping myself to Charles.

I am sorry I scared my mom and dad and boyfriend Charles so badly by going missing on Wednesday for 11 hours. Delivery men who brought and set up Mom and Dad’s new bed frightened me. I didn’t know I was doing something bad. Staying safe from strangers was my priority. Mom says that I am grounded for life, but I am promising to never do anything like this ever again. I hope she and Dad will forgive me and continue to allow me to attend Cat Scout events with Charles.

I also want too apologize to all our friends and readers for scaring them as well. Mom and Dad and I appreciate all the prayers for my safe return home. Mom says that the pet blogging community is like a huge, loving family, and we appreciate having each of you in our lives.

With sincere apologies, Lisbeth

Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #94

The kitties are helping me with the fill-ins this week by completing numbers 1 and 2. We all have used teal italics for our completions.

Kitties Blue: 1. My Our favorite president is President Abraham Lincoln because he was the first president known to have cats in the White House. Mary Todd Lincoln claimed that cats were her husband’s hobby.

Mau & Cooper Murphy: 2. This weekend, I we have plans to go to Egypt with Cat Scouts. This will be great. Cats were revered in ancient Egypt just as they should be today!

3. I 💗 my Kitties Blue past and present. If you have never met all the previous Kitties Blue, click on The Felines tab at the top of the page.

4. I believe in silver linings. Thankfully Lisbeth is now inside where she belongs. Even this blessing came with a silver lining. Lisbeth could have gotten in the delivery truck that was here on Wednesday and ended up 30 miles away at the truck’s next stop. I had horrible visions of her being lost so far away.


Friendly Fill-Ins is a blog hop hosted by Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Annie (McGuffy’s Reader). To take part in then hop, click on their badge. You will be whisked away to Annie’s blog.


Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #93



I have taken on the responsibility of tackling the fill-ins this week. Kitties Blue don’t care a lick about what Chinese zodiac animal they are. They are cats, and that is that! As far as income taxes go, they only care that we pay ours so we don’t get hauled off to the hoosegow, making it impossible for us to wait on them hand to paw. And they also have no need for hindsight. What you see is what you get, and they’d never consider going back and doing anything differently.

1. My Chinese zodiac animal is the ox. The attribute of the ox is industriousness, which fits my personality as does the saying, “stubborn as an ox.”

2. My zodiac sign is Pisces. Dad Tom also is a Pisces.

Here are a couple of sites dealing with Zodiac animals and signs that you might find interesting.

3. Income tax season is a necessary pain in the @$$. It will be interesting to see what the 2019 tax season brings with the roll-out of new tax laws this year.

4. In hindsight, I wish I had borrowed money to continue my education after I received my bachelor’s degree. I’d like to have an MFA in either creative writing or poetry.

Friendly Fill-Ins is a blog hop hosted by Annie (McGuffy’s Reader) and Ellen (15 And Meowing). Each Thursday they post four partial sentences for participants to complete. The first two sentences this week, from Ellen, represent the Chinese New Year, which begins today. This is the year of the dog. I’m not going to mention that to Kitties Blue.

If you’d like to participate, visit Annie’s blog by clicking on the badge at the top.

The title of this post is a question. What’s your opinion?



Friendly Fill-Ins: Week 92

Each week, Kitties Blue and I like to challenge ourselves to complete Annie (McGuffy’s Reader) and Ellen’s (15 And Meowing) Friendly Fill-Ins blog hop. It often is not easy to come up with interesting and thoughtful completions. This week Cooper Murphy helped me, and his fill-in is the best of the four.

1. The Winter Olympics will be on at our house for the next two weeks. I enjoy watching winter sports, especially figure skating and skiing.                         .

2. I think the most romantic movie (or book) is Titanic with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. (I don’t know that this is the most romantic movie ever, but it’s the first movie that popped into my head as romantic.)              .

3. Cooper Murphy: Recently, I had an odd experience when I was on the catio. Suddenly a squirrel appeared inside. I chased him up the stairs to the top deck. He jumped off and landed in the azaleas about 20 feet below. Sorry no photos.                      .

4. I believe that love cannot really be defined, and that many people confuse passion with love.

A cat blog should have a photo of a cat. As Cooper Murphy completed #3, it seemed appropriate that he should get the honors. And, of course, who can resist a tabby tummy photo? Snorggle or kiss at your own risk!




If you’d like to participate in this blog hop, you can find the sentences to complete each Thursday on both Annie and Ellen’s blogs. To join the hop, click on their badge, which will take you to McGuffy’s Reader where you can enter you link.

And finally…This is our 1,500th post.



Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #91

Friendly Fill-Ins badgeEach Friday we join our friends, Annie (McGuffy’s Reader) and Ellen (15 And Meowing) for their Friendly Fill-Ins blog hop. They each select two sentences for us to complete. I usually fill-in the sentences but this week Mau and the entire gang of Kitties Blue helped with the task. All of us used teal italics for our completions.

If you’d like to participate in Friendly Fill-Ins, Annie and Ellen post them on their websites each Thursday. To join the blog hop, which takes place at McGuffy’s Reader on Fridays, click on the Friendly Fill-Ins badge.

1. Trust must be earned. We have an inside joke at our house: If someone says, “Trust me,” it is a pretty good sign you shouldn’t.

2. Kitties Blue: I We would protest if Mom and Dad brought in another cat to live with us. Eight IS enough!

3. Mau: I have been in love with Allie since our first date. On November 5, 2013, I asked her to be my girlfriend. I asked her to marry me on April 29, 2016. It was on her birthday. We married on July 23, 2016, in a beautiful ceremony at Cat Scouts.


Friendly Fill-Ins

Our Engagement Photo

Friendly Fill-Ins

One of Our Wedding Photos


4. Right now, I am praying that once Cooper Murphy is done with treatment, we have seen the end of the eye “icks,” and that Misty May’s eye ulcer will be improved or gone when she goes to see Dr. Neel this afternoon.

We’ll see you again tomorrow with some Caturday Art.



Kitties Blue Health Update

It was my turn to be stuffed in a SleepyPod and hauled off to the vet on Wednesday. Yep, I got the eye “icks” too! I made the humans aware of my displeasure all the way there and most of the way back with loud protestations and tinkling in the SleepyPod.

The humans are getting better at recognizing this persistent and spreading infection. I had no fever and did not require an injection or any oral meds. But I am getting that goopy eye ointment. I have an ulcer on my eye as well. No one else has one of those. I knew I was special! It will probably take longer to heal than the infection will take to clear up, and I have to go back to the vet for a re-check. Again, special me! None of the others got to do that. Though we were told scar tissue may form, it should not occlude my vision.

Mau has two more days of meds and eye ointment, and his eye is looking good. We just need a few more purrs and prayers asking that I am the end of the line for this infection.

Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #90

Now that I am done with the health update, I am going to do the fill-ins. It is my compensation for being maligned so badly in the post, “Mini Rant on Tuxie Tuesday.” My fursibs were unkind, and they hurt my feelings. If Mom and Dad think the new collar with cute pandas is remuneration enough for that post as well as the trip to the vet, they are delusional.

My completions are in teal italics.

1. The flu shot is something Dad and Mom get every year. It hasn’t stopped them from getting the flu every year, but Mom can only remember a couple of times getting it in the last 35+ years. We kitties are wishing some type of vaccine existed to keep us from passing around the icky eyes.


Misty May protests her trip to the vet.


2. I think everyone should take time to nap daily.

3. I (almost) always sleep on Mom’s pillow, because I can! 

4. I (almost) never am nice to Astrid, because it is so easy to assert my authority over her and make her scream.

Friendly Fill-Ins is a weekly blog hop hosted by Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Annie (McGuffy’s Reader). They each provide two incomplete sentences to be filled in by participants. You can find the sentences on their blogs every Thursday. To participate in the blog hop, click on the Fill-Ins badge. You will be taken to Annie’s blog to enter your link.

Purrs and paw-pats, Misty May