Easy Like Sunday


Sunday Selfies: Week #165

Yippee…we have a guest host this week. That meant all of us got to just hang out all day yesterday with no camera or phone shoved at us. Supposedly this fellow not only volunteered for a selfie but also a Tocktober photo. Mom says she’ll share that on October 20.

We are astounded that our humans had to go all the way to California for this photo. We have plenty of these guys hanging out in our yard. Go figure!


Squirrel takes it easy after gathering and burying acorns.


What a ham! Mom says this guy was burying acorns right in front of her and Dad without the least concern for their presence. He seems to have needed a big “easy” after running up and down this large oak tree numerous times to detach the acorns from the tree.

That’s our host for today. Who’s going to represent your blog today? We are anxious to see.

Blog Hop

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Petretary has promised she will spend a major portion of tomorrow and Monday taking us visiting. We miss you all so much.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


Sunday Selfies: Week #59

I headed for Giulietta’s and my bed last night after dinner just like I do most nights. I found it occupied and not by my sisfur. It was that huge man-cat, Mauricio, again. This is getting to be a bit of a habit with him. And not one I like. You may recall this post, Is That Stinky Goodness on Your Face?.

But I digress…I had to scrunch myself up in order to fit on the bed with him. When Mom came in the room she thought we looked so cute that she demanded we take a selfie for today’s post. She likes to call these shots “groupies.” We have given them a new name: Two Furs! What do y’all think?

Mom let Mau take the photos.


two furs


We hadn’t quite gotten coordinated on where to look in this first photo.

 two furs


We did a little better in our second photo. After that, I left the bed to Mauricio and went in search of Giulietta. We always sleep together.

Cat4-001 We had a few less entries in last week’s hop with 50 purrticipants (including ourselves). We did have a few unusual anipals joining us, including a faux rhinoceros from Katnip Lounge. Also joining in were a llama from Kitty Cat Chronicles and a Tawny Nosed Frogmouth bird from PepiSmartDog. That was the coolest looking bird. If you didn’t see it last week, drop over to PepiSmartDog’s blog to check it out.

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Can’t wait to see what y’all have for us this week.

Purrs and paw-pats, Fiona






I’m a lovely grey-furred beauty.
Of that there is no doubt.
Mom used my “good” selfies,
Which makes me dance and shout!
But whether yours are good or bad,
Please show us what you’ve got.
You can enjoy your easy Sunday
After you’ve joined our blog hop!
I hope Clooney thinks I’m pretty
And leaves a comment saying that.
‘Cause I think he’s super handsome,
I’m sending him kisses and a paw-pat.


So this is it…the day you look forward to every week. The day when you get to join Kitties Blue for our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. Your continued support and participation makes our kitty hearts feel all warm and happy. Thank you.

We just have a couple of requests: 1) Please try to visit some of the participants’ blogs. 2) If you decide to use the code below so the entries will post to your blog, please link back to The Cat on My Head and/or display our badge.

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And, just as a reminder, Kitties Blue are not readily available to visit and leave comments for all our friends at this time. Please do not think we are ignoring you. We promise to be back soon.

Purrs and paw-pats, Fiona



I have reported often that Astrid is our bag lady as well as shared many photos of her curled up in a variety of these receptacles. She discovered some brown packing paper on the kitchen counter and immediately burrowed into it. It was apparent she found it every bit as satisfying as any bag. While snuggled in she decided to take some selfies to share with you today.




To Astrid’s disappointment, her paper habitation was short-lived. As soon as she completed snapping her selfies, she began shredding the paper into confetti and depositing it on the floor. Being the “mean” mommy, I removed her from her newly-acquired, paper abode and transported it to the recycling bin.

She was less than pleased but, to my great relieve, said that she still loves me! She then returned to her rightful place in my lap.



This is our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. We look forward to seeing your submissions. As a reminder, if you have animals in search of forever homes, this is a great way to showcase them.

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Stay warm and have an Easy Sunday.

p.s. Astrid is sending her boyfriend Sampy kisses for every Sunday that has passed since the beginning of time.


bad sunday selfie MauSo, Mom wanted me to do a Sunday Selfie today to show y’all my fat lip. I was having none of it. I refused to show myself not looking my best. Just before she clicked the shutter for me, I turned my head. Not only did I ruin the selfie, but I made the photo turn out blurry as well. Double win! I was pretty certain she wouldn’t post that crummy photo, but here it is. She is totally untrustworthy!

Mom has noticed a few other blogs now doing Sunday Selfies. She’s had a suggestion to make it a blog hop, which she had already been considering. She’s in the process of trying to figure out how to do it using Linky Tools. If anybody can help her with step-by-step instructions, we’ll ask her to send you some prezzies. So, next Sunday we hope to start a Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. If that is going to happen, she promises to let y’all know ahead of time so you can pawticipate should you choose.

As far as today goes, I told Mom if she wanted to feature me, I would only do it spending an Easy Sunday! How’d I do?

bad sunday selfie Mau
Wishing all our furiends an Easy Sunday as well.

Purrs and paw-pats, Mauricio


Our New Kitty Quilt

Our mom won a 2014 BlogPaws Conference commerative quilt in the auction for Katnip Lounge‘s The Baby. These quilts are handmade by Ms. Stella O’Houligan’s (on a more personal note) Mom Stacy and are imbedded with catnip. And they are made for cats…not humans! But as reported to y’all in our post, Monday Meowings: Prezzies, our thoughtless and selfish mom decided she was keeping it for herself as a memento of the event.

Thanks to the comments of our faithful readers, however, who chastised her for depriving us, she felt guilty enough to order us our very own quilt. She chose some Laurel Burch kitty fabric for the center and Mom Stacy took it from there.

It arrived a couple of days ago, and Astrid almost ripped the package open all my herself. As soon as the quilt was exposed, Astrid claimed it…rolling and rubbing herself all over it!

astrid quilt 3-001

Stacy was so kind and made the quilt extra-large for us. Two or three of us could snooze on it together. Yeah right, that’s never going to happen! Once Astrid finished having her way with it, Mom folded it and draped it over the antique, dough bowl Astrid and Lily take turns using for naps. In fact, at this point, only Astrid and Lily Olivia have enjoyed its nippy goodness. The remainder of us are waiting for it to be relocated to a spot we all like to use.

If you don’t have one of these niplicious quilts, visit Mom Stacy’s Etsy Shop.

Fabulous Feline Flag Giveaway

Feline FlagAs a reminder, the opportunity to be eligible for our giveaway of a colorful, appliquéd kitty, garden flag, ends tonight at midnight EDT. To leave a comment, which will automatically enter you in the giveaway, please click on the flag.

Petties Awards

Nominations for the Petties close on Monday, June 30. We have been nominating all our favorite blogs and hope y’all have been doing the same. If you’d like to nominate us, that would be terrific. You’ll need our url: https://www.thecatonmyhead.com. Click on the badge to enter your favorites.

See y’all tomorrow with the announcement of the winner of the kitty flag. And Mom has a little something special for the last day of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo



Lisbeth Easy Sunday

Lisbeth loves to sleep in this spot on our bed whether just for a nap or for the entire night. I assume she thinks we can’t see her as her tuxie furs blend purrfectly with the Panda-design pillow. And, of course, it is just the right size for a kitty. If you look closely to the left of Lisbeth, you will see Lily Olivia snuggled next to her. Lisbeth is the only cat Lily will sleep near. You also can see them together in the post, “Conjoined Twins?

Image 1-002

Sorry this second photo is a little on the fuzzy side.

Hope all our furiends are having a great Easy Sunday.

Please join us tomorrow for “Monday Meowsings” where I will have a recap of Calista Jo’s birthday celebration.




Astrid was out for the count in one of her favorite snoozing spots when I tried to sneak up on her for a photo or two. I managed one photo before she woke up.

Astrid Easy Asleep

Astrid Asleep

Look at those adorable toes and the paw over her face. Who could resist taking a photo or two?

Astrid with one eye partially open: "Hey Mom. You woke me up."

“Hey Mom. You woke me up.”

Even though Astrid still has her paw over her face, you can see she has opened her eyes slightly.

"Hi Mom. Now that I'm awake, can we play red dot?"

“Hi Mom. Now that I’m awake, can we play?”

I would have been happy to play with my sweet Astrid, but she ended up turning over and going back to sleep. After all, it’s Sunday, and she is taking it easy as she should be.

Astrid asked me to send kisses and purrs from her to her beau, Sampson (Kitty Cat Chronicles), and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I cannot refuse that cute face anything.


If any kitty in the Blue household knows how to take it Easy on Sunday, it is Mauricio. He put the letter “M” in the word BUM (Biggest Underachiever/Useless Mauricio). He has many humans and cats bamboozled (with his Cat Scout activities and Lion Rank) into believing that he is an active, helpful and resourceful cat. But as evidenced by the photos below, he is nothing more than a Bum in cat’s fur.

Mauricio the Bum 1

Mauricio Bum 2

Mauricio Bum 3

Mauricio Bum 4

We are not complaining about Mauricio being a Bum. In fact, the only time we get any peace and quiet is when he’s asleep. When he’s awake, he never stops talking, complaining and whining. So we are hoping that he spends plenty of time being extra bummy today.

We suspect many of our furiends are taking it Easy today as well. Just don’t sleep your lives away. Try to spend some time playing with your humans, nomming treats and watching birdy TV.

Finally…thank you friends and furiends for all the well wishes, purrs and prayers you have been sending our mommy. She really needs them. She plans to tell you a little more about the scorpion sting and what’s been going on with her in our “Monday Meowsings” post.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


Misty May has always considered herself a princess. I’m pretty sure that is why she believes she can sleep on my head, my face or just about anywhere else she pleases.

Recently Misty May has commandeered my back support pillow atop the headboard and turned it into her own personal throne. From there she can keep a watchful eye on her minions humans and what she considers to be her inferior resident subjects (felines) as they sleep beneath her on the bed.

Easy Sunday with Misty May

I can feel her hovering above me. And though she does appear to be taking it Easy, I know she is waiting for the exact moment my guard is down or I have fallen asleep so she can spring down onto my head and settle in for the night.

The princess rules her kingdom with a watchful eye and a pouncing paw.

Wishing all our friends and furiends an Easy Sunday as well.