I have reported often that Astrid is our bag lady as well as shared many photos of her curled up in a variety of these receptacles. She discovered some brown packing paper on the kitchen counter and immediately burrowed into it. It was apparent she found it every bit as satisfying as any bag. While snuggled in she decided to take some selfies to share with you today.




To Astrid’s disappointment, her paper habitation was short-lived. As soon as she completed snapping her selfies, she began shredding the paper into confetti and depositing it on the floor. Being the “mean” mommy, I removed her from her newly-acquired, paper abode and transported it to the recycling bin.

She was less than pleased but, to my great relieve, said that she still loves me! She then returned to her rightful place in my lap.



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Stay warm and have an Easy Sunday.

p.s. Astrid is sending her boyfriend Sampy kisses for every Sunday that has passed since the beginning of time.