Lisbeth Easy Sunday

Lisbeth loves to sleep in this spot on our bed whether just for a nap or for the entire night. I assume she thinks we can’t see her as her tuxie furs blend purrfectly with the Panda-design pillow. And, of course, it is just the right size for a kitty. If you look closely to the left of Lisbeth, you will see Lily Olivia snuggled next to her. Lisbeth is the only cat Lily will sleep near. You also can see them together in the post, “Conjoined Twins?

Image 1-002

Sorry this second photo is a little on the fuzzy side.

Hope all our furiends are having a great Easy Sunday.

Please join us tomorrow for “Monday Meowsings” where I will have a recap of Calista Jo’s birthday celebration.