Astrid was out for the count in one of her favorite snoozing spots when I tried to sneak up on her for a photo or two. I managed one photo before she woke up.

Astrid Easy Asleep

Astrid Asleep

Look at those adorable toes and the paw over her face. Who could resist taking a photo or two?

Astrid with one eye partially open: "Hey Mom. You woke me up."

“Hey Mom. You woke me up.”

Even though Astrid still has her paw over her face, you can see she has opened her eyes slightly.

"Hi Mom. Now that I'm awake, can we play red dot?"

“Hi Mom. Now that I’m awake, can we play?”

I would have been happy to play with my sweet Astrid, but she ended up turning over and going back to sleep. After all, it’s Sunday, and she is taking it easy as she should be.

Astrid asked me to send kisses and purrs from her to her beau, Sampson (Kitty Cat Chronicles), and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I cannot refuse that cute face anything.